Did Nina Make It To The Symphony Orchestra In The Netflix Film ‘Beyond The Universe’?

Life is full of surprises, but sometimes they can put you through pain and agony. But having faith in yourself is the best way to get past everything! “Beyond The Universe,” aka “Depois Do Universo” on Netflix, is a 2022 Brazilian romantic drama film that revolves around the life of Nina, a young and cheerful girl whose life takes a different turn after she’s diagnosed with Lupus. It is an auto-immune disease that affects the tissues and organs of an individual’s body. Nina is a master pianist, and she began playing at the age of eight. Well, throughout her whole life, Nina wanted to be a part of the Symphony Orchestra, one of the best orchestras in Latin America. But, amidst one of her performances, Nina was struck down with blood flowing from her nose, which caused her to faint. After she gained consciousness, Nina had to discover the ugly truth about her life, and she had to carry this disease with her for the rest of her journey. But, things took a different turn after Nina was diagnosed with kidney problems. The Lupus reached her kidneys, and she had to get a kidney transplant to prevent any health concerns. Until then, Nina had to continue with hemodialysis every day. At first, things were going fine until Nina’s professor had to terminate her contract with the conservatory that she studied and worked for. Nina completely lost all hope until life introduced her to Gabriel.


Nina’s dialysis would last up to four hours, and this caused her to miss classes. Moreover, her hand had an AV fistula, which was caused by her treatments. Her professor claimed that these scars scared the children, and she was asked to terminate her contract. But life had other plans; Nina accidentally met a young man on the street who was driving his bicycle at the highest speed. He bumped into Nina while she was playing the piano and fell for her instantly, and guess what? Fate brought them together again; Gabriel was a resident at her hospital and often handled her cases. He was devastated to know that Nina had a very negative outlook on life. So, he wanted to add more happiness to her treatments. Gabriel was known to be a doctor with a huge heart since he fulfilled all the wishes of his patients and brought them everything they needed.

This time it was Nina, and she was already looking forward to auditioning at the Symphony Orchestras; this was her only chance to become a solo pianist at the Symphony. So, Gabriel offered her a piano to practice her sessions. Despite all the struggle, Nina managed to practice for several hours a day, even though the hemodialysis caused her tremendous pain, and these efforts helped her to ace her audition! But Nina had a long way to go; her kidneys were failing, and she needed an urgent transplant. So, Gabriel decided to donate his kidney, but the tests were negative, which made him unbefitting as a donor. Gabriel’s father warned him about his working patterns since he went beyond his professional capability to help a patient. But Gabriel abruptly left his father’s place. Meanwhile, Nina was unable to pick up anything since the dialysis had weakened her arms, but she had a big audition coming up!


But Nina had to face her biggest fear; she fainted with a nosebleed again and was admitted to the hospital. The next morning, Nina woke up and was shocked to know that she had suffered an alveolar hemorrhage. Well, Nina was completely devastated by her current condition, and on the other hand, the hospital was revoking Gabriel’s contract of residency since he had broken the ethics of conduct. Gabriel had broken the rules by establishing a relationship with his patient, but Nina accidentally read his mail. Nina decided to break off her relationship with him since their alliance caused massive problems for Gabriel. He tried his best to convince her, but Nina didn’t change her mind. She purposely left hateful comments to hurt him. But at the last minute, Nina decided to barge into the hospital committee meeting to save Gabriel’s job at the hospital.

Nina expressed her views and informed the authorities that Gabriel was always respectful towards her and requested them to consider her statements. Well, her plan worked as the hospital didn’t terminate his contract, and he was back to working his shifts! Gabriel didn’t contact her directly and decided to invite her to the chapel through Nurse Mundinha. Gabriel and all the other patients of the hospital decorated the whole chapel and helped her perform in front of them! Nina gave her best shot and performed like a master pianist! For the first time, Gabriel’s father was very proud of him since he helped Nina to regain her confidence! But Gabriel had a huge surprise for her: one of the jury members from the Symphony Orchestras was present at the chapel, and she was very impressed with Nina’s skills!


Nina was granted one more audition by the Symphony jury members! Nina apologized to Gabriel and took back everything she said to hurt him! Nina confessed that it was her fear that landed her in that position since she was afraid of ruining his career. Gabriel promised Nina to take care of herself since he was going to summit Universe Point Mountain to honor his mother’s love for that spot, and it was his dream to climb it on his birthday. But, things took a catastrophic turn when Gabriel lost his balance trying to reach for his mother’s picture that flew and got stuck at the mountain’s edge. As per the doctors, Gabriel suffered from Subdural Hematoma, a severe head injury. Gabriel needed urgent brain surgery, but the surgery didn’t work, and he lost his life.

Nina established a strong connection with Gabriel’s father, Alberto, and the two started spending more time with each other. For Alberto, Nina’s company brought him closer to his son, and soon, Nina found a donor for a kidney transplant, and her life got back on track. She attained all her dreams and became a solo pianist with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. The movie ended on a good note as Nina closed her grand performance with a tribute to Gabriel. Even though Gabriel wasn’t there, he left Nina with a huge lesson. From the very beginning, Gabriel noticed her capabilities and always motivated her to become the best version of herself, and now finally, Nina began to experience her life through Gabriel’s way of living, and nothing ever felt better than this.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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