‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Episode 3 Recap Summary: Why Was Frederick Livid At Clara?

Belgravia: The Next Chapter episode 2 ended with Clara trying to find out more about Frederick and his brother, Reverend James. The butler at their home did not reveal much, but at the dinner the previous night, hosted by Clara and Frederick, she revealed that James had saved a woman. Frederick claims James was the reason why their father never got along with him. Clara was determined to find the core issue between the brothers in the hope of reaching a truce and bringing the family back together.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Clara Contact Reverend James?

Clara and Frederick are a happily married couple, and the former uses this opportunity to make things right for Frederick and possibly change his mindset towards his immediate family. She learns of Reverend James’ parish through their maid, Davison, and heads there to have a look at her brother-in-law. Reverend James turns out to be a lot nicer than Frederick described. This was a pleasant surprise, as he spent a lot of time on the welfare of the people. He was especially kind to Clara’s mother, as the elderly woman was drowning in her grief over having lost her spouse. He also offers help and prayers for Nell in the hope she finds peace. Clara and Davison had formed a good opinion of James, and she began to look for a suitable time for him to visit her new home.


Was Frederick Successful In Wooing Marquise?

Frederick’s colleague was not sure if Marquise would be interested in investing in their business. Frederick decides to woo her by making her believe in him and his business. Frederick was successful in making her interested in his business, yet the rich woman was playing hard to get. Frederick’s vision for his steel company that would produce rail tracks also impressed Marquise. She revealed that her father, growing up, never took care of the money he earned, and that was the reason for her taking over her husband’s business after he became sick. She claimed to have learned about money and business on the job and eventually became one of the richest women in Paris and London. Marquise finally chose to invest in Frederick’s business, which helped him expand his portfolio. Frederick gave credit to Clara for the success of his business deal. Clara was glad she could contribute to his professional life so far.

Why Was The Duke Of Rochester Against Dr. Ellerby’s Treatment?

The Duke of Rochester, unlike his wife, was a man with an old-world thought process. He did not believe in modern treatments for his son Peter, who was suffering from mental health ailments. The Duchess, on the other hand, was open to treatment ideas and wanted to check out the center started by Dr. Ellerby and his peers. The Duchess’ only concern was the well-being of her older son, and she remained positive about the potential of holistic treatment. The Duke tried to be supportive of his wife but lost hope almost immediately upon reaching the treatment center, unwilling to trust any treatment that could possibly cure his son.


Was The Duke Of Rochester Ashamed Of His Son?

The Duchess was livid at her husband for not considering the wellbeing of their eldest, who needs help at this point. The Duke, on the other hand, was more worried about his legacy than the health of his offspring. The Duke was an elderly man who was having a hard time accepting Peter and was in denial about his deteriorating mental health. The man does not want his son, or, by extension, his family, to be a subject of mockery in society. As the Duchess claims, he stayed away from Peter and did not involve himself in any conversation with him. The Duke had a brief talk with Frederick about having to deal with a sick older son that could affect his legacy and the lives of other children as well. The show was set at a time when there wasn’t any discourse on mental health issues. The Duke’s concerns could be legit because of the kind of values he was raised with. Frederick, as the older son of his father, was not very fond of the Duke’s opinion of Peter and could sympathize with the boy because of his abusive childhood. Frederick could not come to terms with the Duke’s idea of what constitutes his legacy and family and not making Peter a part of it.

Does Clara Meet James?

Reverend James did meet Clara at her behest and began sharing letters that were sent and received discreetly without letting anyone in the mansion know about the communication established between brother-in-law and sister-in-law. James was quick to clear the air between him and Clara. He informed her about Frederick’s misconception about what went wrong between his brother and their father. Clara was willing to hear him out to find a middle ground that would help the brothers reconcile. Clara was hoping for the relationship to mend, which could pave the way for Emily, who was showing interest in James. James claimed to have tried to make amends, but he never received any response from his brother. James’s version of the conflict was different from what Fredrick had informed his wife about. Clara was not angry at her husband at this juncture.


Why Was Frederick Livid At Clara?

Reverend James visited Clara and Frederick’s home at her invitation. The butler, Mr. Enright, was surprised by Clara’s move but chose to invite him in on the lady’s request. Mr. Enright has so far followed the orders of Frederick, but with Clara being the lady of the house, he had to follow her rules as well. He wasn’t sure why James was at Frederick’s mansion but was hoping there could be some reconciliation between the two brothers. Enright was the only man who was a witness to Frederick being emotionally and physically abused by his father all through his childhood, and so far, James has been ordered to be kept at bay.

James and Clara were caught conversing by Frederick as he barged into his home. Clara’s move upset him because Frederick had made up his mind about not wanting to ever reconcile with this brother. Frederick was livid at his wife for going behind his back and colluding with his brother to make this meeting happen. So far, he believed that his wife understood his pain and the reasons to keep James away from his life. After this incident, Frederick will have a hard time trusting Clara.

Clara, on the other hand, stood her ground and refused to apologize. She was under the impression she was helping James and Frederick become family again, but she misjudged Frederick’s idea of what constitutes a home. Frederick angrily asked his brother to leave, and he himself left, leaving Clara on the verge of tears. This could be the first spat Clara and Frederick had as a couple, and hopefully they will find their way back to loving and understanding each other eventually.

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