‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Episode 2 Recap Summary: Is Lord Trenchard Suffering Losses?

The first episode of Belgravia: The Next Chapter ended with Clara facing an injury as she fell down the stairs. Dr. Ellerby was under the impression it was a case of domestic abuse, but that was not the case, as confirmed by the help at their home. Frederick was coming to terms with his anger around how people viewed him, and Clara tried to clarify the actual truth, which is that people in the city were proud of his achievements. The newlywed couple was trying hard to come to terms with each other, and their marital life had just begun. There was more to come in the upcoming episodes of Belgravia: The Next Chapter.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Lord Trenchard Suffering Losses?

Lord Trenchard, as seen in the last episode, was looking for more investors in his business, and he was keen on expanding his portfolio. Making Clara speak to Marquise d’Atagnac was part of this bigger plan, and a few ideas were brewing in his head. He planned to acquire an iron factory, but for that, Frederick required capital that would need to come from an active investor. He had hoped to approach the Marquise d’Atagnac for the same and was under the impression there would be some progress in his aim to expand his business. Frederick was not suffering losses at this point, but he would not want to drag his business into that position.


Did Frederick And Clara’s Relationship Turn Sour?

Frederick and Clara were seemingly not on speaking terms after the incident that rendered Clara injured. Frederick was livid at himself for dragging himself into this precarious situation. The home they were residing at was filled with chatter around the husband and the wife, while Ms. Davison was trying hard to bring down the gossip about the mistress of the house. However, Frederick and Clara soon came back to talking terms, and as a wife, she started taking an interest in his work as well. There were apologies shared between the two and all as well from that moment on.

Was The Duchess Of Rochester Doing The Right Thing For Her Son?

The Duchess of Rochester was following the advice Dr. Ellerby gave about to her son Peter. The boy was going through spells of anxiety, as the audience inferred from his outbursts. Since this was set in a time where there was hardly any information on mental health, the Duchess was trying to do everything she could by including her husband for the well-being of their son Peter. As a mother, she was asked to let Peter socialize with other kids his age, something her husband did not find enterprising, worrying the boy might cause embarrassment. Dr. Ellerby also visited Peter often to understand his state of mind and share his input with his mother. The Duchess’ concerns remained: how could the boy suffer such agony when there was never a case of these spells in their family? This was a genuine question to which Ellerby only had one answer. Peter needed to be talked to, and given permission to socialize as much as he could to calm his nerves.


How Did Emily Help James Trenchard?

Reverend James was having a hard time taking care of the woman he and Emily rescued from outside of the church. Emily, on the other hand, has a tiny crush on James because of his good looks and generous nature. She tried to help him find shelter for the woman. Emily ends up keeping the woman as house help at her London home, and it turns out to be a mistake. The young woman does not speak, and so far, she has not revealed her name to them. Emily, just like James, was having a hard time handling the young woman as she kept making blunders in the kitchen and while carrying out other chores and errands at home. One fine day, the young woman revealed her name to be Nell, and Emily was beyond elated to have made a breakthrough, and she could not wait to share the news with James.

Was Marquise Interested In Helping Frederick?

Marquise d’Atagnac was indeed interested in investing in Frederick’s business, and she tried to accumulate as much information about him as possible from her business peers and neighbors. She wanted to get a read on Frederick’s business plan and his confidence, and the man was able to display both to her as she had come to the site of his latest business acquisition. She was floored and was happy to see the confident man that Frederick had become. She also appreciated his wife, Clara, for the change in his behavioral pattern and reminded him that women were special. Marquise d’Atagnac had a knack for choosing the right person, and Frederick seemed to be the one.


Why Do Clara And Frederick Go To Glanville?

Frederick was happy with the business deal coming through, and he chose to take Clara back to Glanville, the home where he grew up. The whole idea must have been to let Clara into his real world and possibly share the tale of being raised by a man who caused him trauma throughout his childhood and adolescence. Clara was impressed with the home and they ended up having a good time. Frederick finally opened up about his father being closer to James and always choosing his younger brother over him. He added that his brother was the reason for the animosity between him and his father, which led to a lifelong rift between the pair. Subsequently, Frederick and James never stayed in touch and remained estranged.

What Happens At Dinner?

The couple was back in London after their successful trip to Glanville. Frederick and Clara had a good time, and it felt like they could sustain this marriage after having spent some time in the house that had given Frederick nothing but pain and trauma. The happy couple back in London hosted dinner for their family and friends, which included Marquise d’Atagnac as well. The woman had finally decided to invest in his business, and there was general merriment in the room. Clara learns from Emily about Vicar James and why she adores him. It was not clear at this point in the show if Clara knew James was serving the church, or if she was completely unaware of his personality or existence. Clara was also happy for her husband and appreciated him for being a good host along with her. Clara, as a wife to Frederick and sister to Emily, was trying hard to find a middle ground and help them remain happy with their lives. Perhaps he was an Anglican priest who was allowed to get married without any expectations of celibacy. 


Why Is Clara Trying To Understand Frederick And James’ Relationship?

Clara woke up the next day to find Peter in her courtyard, and the young boy was joined by Dr. Ellerby. She was excited to see a young boy, who was probably just taking a walk around the property for no reason. Unlike the staff of the house, Clara was not afraid or livid about Peter trying to do something different this time around.

Clara turned out to be a much more grounded Lady of the house than anybody anticipated. Clara, as the wife of Lord Frederick, was probably expected to be uptight about her stature in society and keep people off the grounds of her new home. The staff at the house was surprised at the way she took a stroll around the gardens. They never expected Clara to be interested in the workings of the kitchen as well as the wellbeing of the staff. Clara was trying to understand the relationship James and Frederick shared right from their childhood. She inquired from Mr. Enright, the chief butler of the house, about the brothers and what their status was now. Mr. Enright, who had served Frederick’s family for years, refused to speak ill about it. This was probably how he was trained to behave in that era.


The staff were never expected to cross the boundary and speak badly of their masters. Mr. Enright was one of them, and he chose to remain quiet about it. Clara had expected not to receive any information from the staff, and it implied she would try to find out more about James on her own. Clara would want to know the real story and mend the relationship. She wanted to know if the brothers ever shared any happy moments while growing up, but she never received a satisfactory answer. As the series progresses, there will be a definite answer to her queries about Frederick’s family connection.

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