‘Behind Every Star’ Episodes 3 & 4: Recap And Ending: Does Tae Oh Leave Method Entertainment?

“Behind Every Star” already has a lot of drama as Tae Oh’s illegitimate daughter Hyun Joo has joined his company and has become friends with his son, Eun Gyeol. When the three of them came together accidentally, Tae Oh was shocked, Hyun Joo was surprised, and Eun Gyeol was confused. Hyun Joo told Eun Gyeol that they couldn’t be friends anymore, which left him wondering what he had done wrong.


Spoilers Ahead

What Offer Does Tae Oh Get From Star Entertainment?

Kang Hee Sun, the receptionist at Method Entertainment, is an aspiring actress and has been practicing dialogues when the veteran actress, Kim Soo Min, arrives and completes the dialogue that Hee Sun was reciting. Tae Oh welcomes Soo Min, and right after her, Soo Min’s daughter-in-law, Seo Hyo Rim, arrives as well. However, both of them have meetings with different people.


Tae Oh shows a script to Soo Min, in which she gets the main role and has a lot of screen time. Soo Min has not acted in a long time, and this is a great script for her comeback. However, Tae Oh tells her to keep it a secret. On the other hand, Manager Kim has brought the same script for Hyo Rim, in which she plays the lead role with Soo Min, but neither Soo Min nor Hyo Rim is aware that they have the same script until they see each other walking out with it. Both of them are surprised, and while Soo Min is happy, Kim knows that Hyo Rim is not happy about it, as it shows on her face.

Tae Oh puts an envelope on Hyun Joo’s desk during lunch break, thinking everyone is out of the office, but Yoo sees him. She tries to open the envelope, but others return at the same time. The envelope has a VIP ticket for a movie screening and an apology letter from Tae Oh. Yoo is suspicious, and when she sees Hyun Joo get shy as she looks at the envelope, she asks her about it right away. Hyun Joo gets intimidated and tells Yoo that she was born out of wedlock and Tae Oh is her father’s friend. Yoo assumes that Hyun Joo’s father is the actor in the movie that Tae Oh has given her a ticket to.


The company has just managed to pull together after the CEO passed away, but the problems won’t stop coming. The receptionist, Hee Sun, got an audition by lying that she was signed to Method Entertainment. Manager Kim cancels her audition and tells her that it is fraudulent. Hee Sun hopes that someone from the agency will notice her talent and sign her someday, but nobody cares. She has asked Kim to attend her plays so many times, but he has never attended any of them. She hands him a ticket to her last show and asks him to attend this time if he cares.

A bigger issue arises for Method Entertainment as the National Tax Service officers raid the company. The employees think that their rival company, Star Entertainment, has reported them. Manager Cheon gets attracted to an officer as soon as she sees him and only later finds out his purpose for visiting the office. Still, she starts flirting with him. She thinks that she has seen him somewhere but doesn’t remember where. The company cannot afford to lose clients because of the raid, and hence, Tae Oh urges Kim to sign the new drama with Soo Min and Hyo Rim faster. Kim is caught in a pickle here because Hyo Rim has refused to do the drama because it is stressful for her to work with her mother-in-law.


The writer of the new drama wants to have a meeting with Soo Min and Hyo Rim, but Hyo Rim doesn’t understand how to decline the offer because her mother-in-law might get hurt. Jin Hyeok has been listening to their conversation and suggests Hyo Rim do something that will make the writer reject her. The writer has a one-on-one conversation with Hyo Rim in which Hyo Rim mentions extreme demands and tires out the writer.

The writer is already tired because of Hyo Rim, and her mother-in-law brings more drama. Soo Min pretends to see and talk to ghosts. Both Soo Min and Hyo Rim make sure that the writer rejects them, and they find out later that both of them have lost the project. When Kim finds out that Soo Min also sabotaged the project, he runs after the writer and tells her the truth. He asks her to give him another chance to Hyo Rim; however, the writer is adamant about both of them working together. They have another meeting together, but it doesn’t work out because the writer calls Soo Min, a selfish mother-in-law, jealous of her daughter-in-law, and Hyo Rim doesn’t like to hear it either.


Hyun Joo is still a rookie and doesn’t have to worry about the clients and their tantrums yet. She goes to the VIP screening, and Tae Oh introduces her to the director of another entertainment company. Tae Oh wants Hyun Joo to succeed, but not in his company. He tries to get her a job through his connections, but the man turns out to be a creep and tries to harass Hyun Joo. Tae Oh has no idea what happened with Hyun Joo when she creates a scene at the screening and leaves.

Back at the office, the tax officers still haven’t left, and manager Cheon hasn’t stopped flirting with one of them. The officer finally agrees that they have met each other before on an online dating website, but Cheon has sent him rude messages. She tries to get him to talk to her more, but he just leaves without responding to her. Upset by it, Cheon refuses Kim’s offer to have drinks and decides to go home. Kim remembers that Hee Sun has a play and attends it instead. He gets so engrossed in Hee Sun’s acting that he offers her the contract that she has been waiting for.


Method Entertainment has done so well so far because Tae Oh has managed to keep it together. However, he gets an unexpected offer from their rival company, Star Entertainment. The owner of Star Entertainment wants Tae Oh to not only work with them but also take ownership of the company after him. However, there is a condition – he has to bring Method Entertainment’s actors to Star Entertainment, which would equal Method Entertainment’s fall.

Why Does Soo Hyun Get Arrested?

Tae Oh still hasn’t made a decision and is busy managing his artists and keeping the company intact. Actress Soo Hyun wants to make a comeback after her pregnancy, but she is looking for action roles that will still keep her image as a young and fit actress rather than a mother of one. Soo Hyun is living alone in Korea as the rest of her family stays in the USA, and she has come back to work in the Korean film industry. She finds it difficult to handle her work commitments and care for her baby at the same time, but she is confident that she can still work.


Tae Oh invites the director of an upcoming action series, who has already finalized the cast members, and convinces him to cast Soo Hyun as she is more suitable for the role. Soo Hyun is happy about it, but she still hasn’t resolved the issue of hiring a nanny, which bothers her. For her meeting with the director, she brings along her baby because the nanny quit the job all of a sudden. Tae Oh and other employees take care of the baby while Soo Hyun talks with the director. However, her attention is more on her baby than the director.

Tae Oh is constantly moving and has no time to rest. He meets with the late CEO’s wife, who tells him that a Chinese company is willing to buy Method Entertainment. Tae Oh’s behavior changes after the meeting, and his colleagues find out the reason soon. Tae Oh forgets his mobile phone in his cabin, and Yoo accidentally reads the message from Star Entertainment’s CEO. Rumors about Tae Oh joining Star Entertainment spread throughout the company like wildfire.


Back at home as well, Tae Oh cannot catch a break as his wife keeps getting intrigued by Hyun Joo and asks Tae Oh about her. She thinks that Eun Gyeol is dating her. The next day, Manager Cheon sends Hyun Joo with Eun Gyeol to his home to collect his childhood pictures for a project, and Eun Gyeol’s mother insists on having Hyun Joo for dinner because Tae Oh is out for a meeting and is going to come home late. However, he shows up earlier and scolds Hyun Joo while seeing her off. Tae Oh’s wife and his son have both noticed his strange behavior with Hyun Joo.

Soo Hyun misses the reading session of her new drama script because she has to take care of her daughter, which gets her on the bad side of the director and producer. Tae Oh asks Soo Hyun to consider her decision again if she cannot dedicate herself fully to work. To clear her mind, she takes her daughter for a stroll and encounters a bunch of high school students who try to hurt her daughter. She fights back against them and gets arrested for assaulting minors. The police didn’t charge her because she didn’t touch any of the kids, but they faked getting assaulted. However, Soo Hyun ends up losing her project because of this scandal.


‘Behind Every Star’ Episode 4: Ending

Tae Oh gets welcomed with stares and silence in the office as everyone believes that he is going to Star Entertainment. One of his longtime colleagues slaps him, and manager Cheon asks him if he reported the company to the National Tax Service, to which he replies yes. All the employees are mad at Tae Oh, but they will get good news soon: the Chinese company has refused to buy the company because they don’t want a company without Tae Oh as the director. This makes Tae Oh’s colleagues wonder if he did everything on purpose.

Soo Hyun’s video of her fighting with minors goes viral again, and she starts gaining appreciation for saving her daughter so bravely. Even though she has lost her project, she starts getting commercials. Method Entertainment has saved itself from some big troubles, but Manager Cheon has bad news for them. Cheon has learned of the amount of embezzled money from the tax officer’s document, and the fraud is enough to bring the company down.


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