‘Behind Every Star’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap And Ending: Who Gets The Role In Director Byun’s Movie?

“Behind Every Star” is a 2022 Korean comedy-drama streaming on Netflix. It is an adaptation of the 2015 French series “Call My Agent!”. Directed by Baek Seung Ryong, the Korean series stars actors like Kwak Sun Yeong, Lee Seo Jin, Seo Hyun Woo and Joo Hyun Young in leading roles.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Yeo Jeong Come Back To Method Entertainment?

Kim Jung Don is an artist manager at Method Entertainment, and he arrives hurriedly at a shooting location. Actor Cho Yeo Jeong is late for her photoshoot, and Jung Don lies that she is stuck in traffic. Yeo Jeong has been taking horseback riding lessons for her upcoming project and tells Jung Don she is getting good at it, even though she cannot even get on a horse yet. She arrives a little late for the shoot but gets it done quickly. The production manager asks about her secret new project, and Yeo Jeong reveals to her that it is a movie with a prominent Hollywood director.


Yeo Jeong is excited about this new role, but Jung Don gets a message from the director’s manager that they cannot cast Yeo Jeong anymore because the script has changed, and she is too old for that role. Jung Don doesn’t know how to tell her this news because he knows that she will be deeply hurt by it. Jung Don informs his CEO, Wang Tae Ja, and he tells him that he cannot tell that she lost the role due to her age because, for any middle-aged actor, it would be a matter of pride.

So Hyun Joo is a young woman who has come looking for the director of Method Entertainment, Ma Tae Oh. The receptionist tells her that they don’t hire new actors, but Hyun Joo requests that she just call and give her name to the director. Tae Oh takes Hyun Joo outside the office to talk. Tae Oh and Hyun Joo seem to have some sort of relationship, and Tae Oh doesn’t want her to work with him. She wants to work as a manager; instead, Tae Oh tells her to go back to her hometown.


Hyun Joo goes into the office again and encounters a chaotic scene. A new employee quits her job on a whim because she cannot tolerate the work environment anymore. Team leader Cheon Je In is frustrated because now she has to find a new employee and train them again. Hyun Joo sees the chance and takes it. She gives her resume to Je In, and Je In hires her as a temporary employee. While giving her a tour of the company, her senior, Jin Hyeok, tells her that Yeo Jeong has lost her role because of her age.

Jung Don has been ignoring Yeo Jeong’s calls, and hence, she shows up at the office. He manages to sneak out of the office, and Jin Hyeok covers for him. While leaving, Yeo Jeong runs into Hyun Joo, who tells her to cheer up. Only then does Yeo Jeong find out that she has lost the role. She sees Jung Don having lunch at a restaurant and asks him about the Hollywood project. Jung Don tells her all kinds of lies, which makes Yeo Jeong mad. She tells him that she will end her contact with the company and leaves.


Jung Don comes to the office in a bad mood and asks who told Yeo Jeong about the lost role. Hyun Joo keeps quiet and doesn’t confess. Director Ma Tae Oh convinces the Hollywood director’s manager to give the project back to Yeo Jeong under certain conditions. Tae Oh has decided to start his own entertainment company with Yeo Jeong, and his colleagues are not impressed—certainly not Jung Don. Tae Oh has convinced Yeo Jeong to do botox to look young, and she has agreed to it, though hesitantly.

Tae Oh tells Je In that Hyun Joo broke the news to Yeo Jeong, and Hyun Joo gets fired immediately. However, she comes back to give Je In an important document that she wanted. Hyun Joo asks for another chance and gets it. On the other hand, Jung Don is upset about Yeo Jeong leaving, but he still visits her before her procedure. Jung Don takes her to the skin clinic, but Yeo Jeong doesn’t go through with the procedure. She rejects the project and joins Method Entertainment again, but she wants to grow old naturally.


How Do Hee Jun And Sun Kyu Reconcile?

Method Entertainment’s CEO, Wang Tae Ja, passed away while on vacation in Brazil, and the entire company mourns his loss. The company was built by Wang from scratch, and he had built a good relationship with the old actors. One of them is Lee Hee Jun, who saw Wang as his mentor. After Wang’s sudden demise, Hee Jun is deeply hurt and wants to take a break. However, he has a new project on the way and has already signed a contract.

Director Tae Oh has taken over responsibility for the company as the next immediate supervisor and distributes work to his colleagues. Tae Oh is now going to manage all of the artists that Wang had managed, and Hee Jun is one of them. However, Je In wants to manage Hee Jun and says so to Tae Oh. She informs Tae Oh that Hee Jun is refusing to do the film, but Tae Oh asks her to solve this issue herself since she wants to manage him.


Je In was worried about convincing Hee Jun, so Jung Don helped her. He talks with another actor, Sun Kyu, and tells him about director Byun’s script. Sun Kyu likes it and accepts the role. Je In finds out from a senior that Hee Jun and Sun Kyu are rivals, and she decides to use it in her favor. She meets Hee Jun and tells him that Sun Kyu has been offered his role by director Byun, and Hee Jun immediately accepts the role again.

Jung Don had not informed director Byun about Sun Kyu yet, but Sun Kyu called the director himself and thanked her for offering him the role. Now, both actors have agreed to do the role, but only one of them can actually work in the movie. It will be a huge blow to the company’s reputation if two actors from the same company fight against each other. At Wang’s funeral, Hee Jun and Sun Kyu cross paths even when their managers try their best to prevent this from happening.


They eventually find out that both of them have been chosen for the same role, and a fight breaks out. Tae Oh is not happy and scolds both Jung Don and Je In. However, the issue resolves itself soon. Sun Kyu starts singing for Wang while bidding him farewell, and Hee Jun joins him. Both of them have been friends since college and have worked together on stage as well. Wang was a mentor to both of them, and they resolved their fight for his sake.

‘Behind Every Star’ Episode 2- Ending Explained

Jung Don and Je In propose the idea of two men falling in love instead of a man and a woman. The director loves the idea and is ready to cast both Hee Jun and Sun Kyu in the movie, but the producer is not ready because of the artist fees. Tae Oh interrupts their meeting and promises them that he will handle the issue of artist fees. Hyun Joo has been working diligently at her work and has made friends with actor Ko Eun Gyul. However, a big surprise awaits her.


Director Tae Oh’s wife visits the office along with her son because they have dinner plans with Tae Oh. Tae Oh’s son is none other than actor Ko Eun Gyul, and he introduces Hyun Joo as his friend. Hyun Joo knows that Tae Oh is not going to like it, so she refuses his wife’s offer to have dinner with them. Tae Oh comes following her and tells her not to get involved in his family. It hurts Hyun Joo to hear that because she is also his family. 

“Behind Every Star” Episode 2 ends with Hyun Joo left in a  state of despair as the man who seems to be her father doesn’t think of her as family, and her new friend, Eun Gyeol, is also upset because he doesn’t understand why Hyun Joo doesn’t want to be his friend anymore.


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