‘Barry’ Season 4, Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Captured Sally And John?

In episode 7 of Barry, the storyline takes a dark turn while still maintaining its trademark humor. In the previous episode, we saw Barry return to Los Angeles with the intention of killing Gene, and tensions rose as Sally tried to protect her son but began experiencing disturbing nightmares that suggest she may have been delusional. However, just as Barry was about to carry out his plan, he was unexpectedly captured by Jim Moss, who took him to a secure location and tied him up. In the seventh episode, the turn of events leaves viewers wondering about the fate of Barry and whether Jim Moss will be the one to end his life. The question remains: will Barry manage to escape once again, or will Jim Moss ultimately succeed in killing him? Let’s find that out.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Jim Moss kill Barry?

Episode 7 opens with Barry praying to God for mercy, but his prayers are interrupted by Jim, who questions if Barry has become a man of God. Barry was actually wearing a virtual reality headset that showed Gene Cousineau having dinner with Jim Moss. Seeing Gene, Barry started screaming and begging to set him free, and he talked about the $250,000 that he had given Gene. Jim was shocked to learn about the deal between Gene and Barry and felt that he needed to talk to Gene before taking any further steps. After Jim left, Barry fell asleep and woke up to find himself restrained. He managed to grab a knife and accidentally cut himself while trying to free himself, causing him to bleed out and faint in the kitchen.


Meanwhile, Gene was adamant about not allowing Warner Bros. to make a film about Barry and their lives. However, a man named Matt approached Gene with an irresistible proposal. He revealed that Daniel Day-Lewis would be playing Gene’s character in the film, which excited him. Additionally, Mark Wahlberg would be producing the film and playing the role of Barry Berkman. Gene was thrilled, but Matt told him about Mark’s concern about playing a cop killer. Gene saw an opportunity to see the big stars playing out his life on the screen; thus, he wanted to emphasize Barry’s sympathetic side so that Mark Wahlberg would continue considering the film. Gene agreed to meet with the rest of the team to finalize the movie contract.

Matt took Gene to a secret location, where Gene realized that Matt was not from any production house but was a puppet of Jim Moss. The Daniel Day-Lewis and Mark Wahlberg offer had been a trap to lure Gene to Jim Moss. When Gene arrived, he found Jim and his attorney waiting for him. The attorney was upset that Gene had taken a large sum of money from Barry without disclosing the information. Jim revealed that Janice, when she was alive, had discovered a dead body and a significant amount of cash in the acting class, which made her suspicious of Gene. Gene had intentionally brought Janice to Barry’s country house to provoke Barry’s inner demon and get rid of her. Barry fell into the trap and killed Janice.


Gene denied any involvement in Janice’s death, but Jim believed he was responsible. It became difficult to determine whether Gene truly wanted Janice dead or if it was just an assumption made by Jim. The endgame of Barry would probably reveal the truth behind Janice’s death and Gene’s intentions.

Was Hank Alive?

Meanwhile, Hank was growing increasingly sinister. He hired four hitmen to assassinate Fuches. However, they failed, and Fuches’ men killed those hitmen and sent their severed heads to Hank as a gruesome message. Despite being terrified, Hank refused to back down. He took his assistant with him, and together they attempted to blow up Fuches’ location, but their plan failed. Fuches’ men captured them, resulting in the death of Hank’s assistant. Nevertheless, Hank managed to escape the attack. It became clear that Hank was determined to eliminate all his enemies, be it Fuches or Barry. He decided to visit Gene Cousineau’s place, hoping to find an opportunity to confront Barry. However, upon they arrival, Hank discovered something even more valuable to Barry. He kidnaps Sally and John, using them as leverage to gain access to Barry.


Who Captured Sally And John?

Sally had been struggling with her inner turmoil, causing her to gradually lose her grip on reality. Seeking solace without Barry, she made her way to Los Angeles, where she hoped to find support from Gene Cousineau, as he was the only one who could truly understand her situation and offer her a place to stay. However, when Sally arrived at Gene’s house with her son, John, she discovered that he was not there. She noticed a police officer and approached him for help, but as he got closer, she realized that her mind was playing tricks on her, as she saw the officer’s eyes were bleeding. Sally recognized that these were hallucinations and made the decision to take control of herself and care for her son on her own.

Unfortunately, Hank had arrived at Cousineau’s house during this time and discovered Sally with her son. He kidnapped them both and contacted Barry. As Barry regained consciousness and attempted to escape from Moss’s house, he received a call from Hank, who informed him that he had taken Sally and John hostage and demanded to meet with him. Now, in the eighth and final episode of “Barry” season 4, we will witness what actions Barry takes to save himself and his family.


Final Words

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the approaching end of the amazing franchise Barry, which has captivated audiences with its unique and refreshing storytelling. This series goes beyond what is seen on the screen, leaving us with countless possibilities for story progression, character development, and psychological nuances. The morally ambiguous characters presented in Barry constantly keep us on our toes.

While it is saddening to bid farewell to a series like Barry, it is also commendable because the creators understand when it is time to conclude a story instead of dragging it on unnecessarily. In the upcoming and final episode of the last season, we anticipate a climactic ending that will determine whether Barry will live or die. We eagerly await the resolution of Gene Cousineau’s fate as well as the outcomes for Sally and John. Additionally, we are eager to learn the fate of the film that aims to depict Barry’s life. Will it proceed as planned or be postponed indefinitely? All these questions will be answered in the final episode of Barry.


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