‘Barry’ Season 4, Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Gene Want to Kill the Movie?

In the universe of Barry, where Barry and Sally had begun a new life as Clark and Emily, their very survival was threatened once more. This time, Gene Cousineau was to blame for the issue because of his association with Warner Brothers Production House to make a movie that would depict Barry’s life from Gene’s point of view. Barry would surely receive a demeaning portrayal in this film. Recognizing the implications this could have for his son, Barry quickly decided that he needed to get rid of Gene in order to disrupt the film production. Barry was anxious to shield his image and save his kid from the anguish of knowing his father was a killer. But the question remains: how far would Barry go to shield his son from this truth?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Fuches? Is Hank In Denial?

The sixth episode opens with Emily, aka Sally, and Clark, aka Barry, getting ready to make their next daring move. Barry’s drive to murder Gene became stronger, but Sally became confused and dissatisfied. She couldn’t see why Barry thought killing Gene would stop the movie production. Barry indicated that as long as Gene was alive, the film would depict Barry’s life and wrongdoings from Gene’s point of view. Barry thought that by removing Gene, there would be no material for the film to explore. Despite her reservations, Sally grudgingly consented to Barry’s idea. Barry saw his world crashing down around him. He even went so far as to tell Sally that if they didn’t kill Gene, they would have to leave their son John in an orphanage and then commit suicide. As his impulsive nature took control, Sally hesitantly agreed to the murderous plot since she didn’t want to go to such lengths. Barry bid John farewell and went out to Los Angeles to complete his unfinished business.


The following scene showed Fuches, who had changed after eight years and was now a fearsome criminal boss covered in tattoos. After getting out of jail, he wasted little time finding a cafe where he met a barista and took her along with him. They traveled together to “Nohobal,” a renowned high-quality sand business established by none other than Hank. Hank stayed mostly unchanged over the years, keeping the painful events he had with Christobal a secret. It’s possible that he had negotiated with the Elder Chechens, who had finally allowed him to establish the sand as his merchandise. Hank dedicated the entire company to his deceased lover and even erected a statue at the entrance in his honor. Hank welcomed Fuches with open arms, but Fuches’ arrival was focused on Barry. He still desired to capture Barry and punish him. However, Hank’s response was indifferent. He suggested it was better to move on from Barry since it had been eight years, implying that it was possible Barry might have lost his life while on the run. Despite Hank’s apparent certainty, there were still questions about his genuine convictions. It was unclear if he truly believed Barry had passed away or if he was secretly preparing to exact his revenge on him.

Fuches grew quite drunk and started asking Hank improper things as the evening went on. By implying that Hank was accountable for Christobal’s death, he agitated Hank. Hank had a hard time accepting this charge. It was made clear in a previous episode that Hank was aware of Christobal’s impending doom, rendering him as accountable for the murder as the Chechens. Eight years later, it appeared that Hank had given into denial and was unwilling to accept responsibility for Christobal’s passing.


What Did Sally’s Dream Signify?

While Barry was out searching for Gene with the intention of ending his life, Sally stayed at home with John, their son. Sally attempted to spend time with John, but he longed for his father’s presence. Sally struggled even to make a simple sandwich for him and offered him a sip of wine. Drunk, John eventually dozed off on the couch, and Sally decided to take a nap in her room. However, as soon as Sally closed her eyes, she heard a ruckus coming from the dining room. She hurriedly went to investigate but only found the wind gusting into the house. As she closed the windows, we saw a black-masked figure standing behind her. Startled, Sally quickly entered her room, but the masked person followed and forcefully slammed the door behind her. Sally once again heard chaos erupting as she saw a jeep with people on it began smashing her house. Terrified, Sally realized that John was still sleeping peacefully. The house was in disarray, with items scattered everywhere. Sally tried to contact Barry, desperately needing him to come home as soon as possible.

The entire situation was both creepy and confusing, as it remained unclear whether Sally was experiencing reality or if it was all a figment of her imagination. If the chaos truly occurred in Sally’s house, it could be assumed that Bevel was seeking revenge on her by scaring her. However, if it was entirely a figment of Sally’s imagination, it suggested that she was gradually losing her grip on reality. The prolonged game of hide and seek that she and Barry had played over the past eight years was taking its toll on her mental state, leading to these imagined frightening scenarios. To add to the confusion, John finally woke up from his sleep and found his mother sobbing on the floor. The uncertainty of his being alive heightened our concerns and led us to fear that he might have passed away. However, his awakening reassured us that the entire situation might have been a product of Sally’s troubled mind.


Why Did Gene Want To Kill The Movie? Who Captured Barry?

Barry finally arrived in LA, and during his journey from the airport to Gene Cousineau’s doorstep, he listened to a podcast discussing sins and murders. He attempted to calm his mind, despite feeling immense guilt over his decision to kill Gene. The drastic decision was weighing on him, but he knew there was no going back. It was what it was.

On the other hand, Gene was heading in a different direction. He and his agent, Tom, met with the secretary from Warner Bros. During the discussion, the secretary noted that while Barry would be depicted as the villain, his character would be the protagonist. Gene immediately expressed his desire to cancel the film, insisting that the studio should be informed of his disinterest. However, the secretary informed him that once Warner Bros. made the decision to proceed with the film, it would happen with or without Gene. There could be two possible reasons behind Gene’s desire to close the film: he didn’t want Barry’s life to be the focus of the movie, preferring the spotlight to be on himself, or he was afraid that if the film went ahead, Barry might come and kill him.

Gene met his son, Leo, who miraculously survived the previous events. However, Leo had become distant from his father due to what Gene had done to him. While Gene was inside the house, trying to convince his son that he mistook him for someone else, Barry was waiting outside, hoping for a sign to enter. However, upon seeing Leo’s son enter the house, Barry experiences another pang of guilt. He couldn’t help but recall the face of his own son, John, which saddened him deeply. Nevertheless, he did not back down from his mission. Barry received his long-awaited indication in the evening when Gene was alone in the house, and the door was slightly ajar. He took a careful step forward, intending to enter the home and shoot Gene. However, before he could act, someone came up behind him and covered his face with a hood. When Barry opened his eyes, he discovered that the person who had abducted him was none other than Janice Moss’s father, Jim Moss.

Final Words

Episode 6 of Barry concluded with the highly anticipated confrontation between Barry and Jim Moss, leaving Barry’s fate hanging in the balance. It is a critical moment in Barry’s life where his survival is uncertain. Jim Moss, driven by revenge for his daughter’s death, may kill Barry as expected, or he may have something more cunning planned. Despite Barry’s efforts to stop the film by WB, it appears like the film will still go ahead.  This means that Barry will continue to face significant concerns and challenges related to the portrayal of his life on screen. . Meanwhile, Sally is falling towards insanity, which not only affects her own life but also has consequences for her son. Personally, I find both Barry and Sally to be selfish and impulsive individuals, and their decision to have a child in such a precarious situation is frustrating. However, it seems that the series intentionally portrays that these characters will always end up doing something wrong, thus never being free from danger. They are constantly pursued by threats, some external and some created by their own actions. As we move into the fourth and final season of “Barry,” it remains to be seen how the story will unfold and whether it will provide a satisfying conclusion. Hopefully, the series will tie up all the loose ends and give the characters and the audience closure.


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