‘Barry’ Season 4, Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Was Gene In Warner Brothers’ Production House?

Barry’s character has been a little off-center since Barry season 4 premiered. We pay a lot of attention to supporting characters like Gene, Sally, Hank, and Cristobal, but Barry steals the show in episode five. The sole shocker is that Barry makes a long eight-year time jump in this episode, which was already hinted at in the fourth episode’s conclusion. Prior to that, in episode 4, we saw two young boys get into a brawl over “Call of Duty.” Travis, a young boy from the neighborhood, and Jon, Barry’s son, are the two. After Jon returned home, Barry and Sally were revealed to be his parents. Episode 5 clarifies a lot of what’s going on in Barry’s new beginning, as well as his and Sally’s mental and financial situations, but we’re still puzzled as to how they wound up there in the desert, which seemed quite familiar to us. Let’s delve into the narrative and see how Barry is doing in his new existence.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Are Clark And Emily?

Episode 5 picked up just where Episode 4 left off. Barry has adopted a new identity as Clark, while Sally is now known as Emily, and we find them at a desolate location that we may have seen in one of Barry’s recurrent flashbacks of his childhood. We see Barry, a.k.a. Clark, bringing his son Jon to Travis, a buddy who started an argument just because Jon wasn’t familiar with Call of Duty. Clark asks the two boys to reconcile. Jon is homeschooled, and his father taught him basic subjects. Jon wasn’t permitted to leave the house, but he could play with other boys nearby. Going out was also impossible for Clark. Although he went by a different name, the “Barry Berkman” case was still well publicized, which made him suppress his impulses to mingle with other people. He always worried that he could get caught at any time. Sally, on the other hand, primarily looked after the family. She worked at a restaurant under the name Emily and wore a dark wig. While working at the restaurant, her coworker, Tina, invited her to a gathering, but Sally, aka Emily, refused, claiming that she would have to care for Clark’s mother. Sally, who had just given up on her acting career goals, decided to pursue acting as a means of daily subsistence. She took on the persona of Emily and acquired a Southern accent in order to work at a restaurant where no one would be able to identify her. However, a little tiredness and a sense of sorrow are visible on her face. Every now and then, she gives Clark and Jon a dead-eyed look because her job prevents her from being with her kid adequately. At other moments, it appeared as though she regretted her decision to wed Barry and have his child. When she was watching a culinary show on YouTube and the showrunner said how marriage is a horrible decision, equating it to black licorice, her mind felt weighed down by regrets.


Clark, in the meantime, was teaching his kid about historical heroes who faced criticism throughout their careers, like Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. Despite their popularity, both of them had dark sides that has been mentioned by several historians. Clark recognized parallels to his own life in the topics he was discussing with his kid. In this case, Clark, who had purchased a book about Abraham Lincoln, was just as naive as Jon. Although Clark initially admired Lincoln, he subsequently learned that he had certain Native Americans put to death, which diminished his regard for him. The same may happen to Jon in the future, as he may grow up and learn that his father, whom he once admired and adored, was a wanted criminal and a fugitive. For the time being, we see Barry doing everything he can to protect his son. A sudden knock on the door might raise suspicions among him and his family. He sometimes stood in front of his house all night with a gun to protect his family. When Jon noticed the collection of medals his father had, he realized his father had been a former marine. When given a chance, Clark eagerly bragged about his previous experiences in the military and presented his story in such a manner that Jon might see him as a hero. In the middle of the night, as Jon dozed off on his father’s side, he expressed his love for him. Barry had waited his entire life to hear such words from someone. He was, in fact, looking for love, but neither Gene nor Sally nor even Fuches could provide it to him. However, his kid, who was young and had no idea who his father truly was, gave him the affection he so desperately needed.

Did Emily Kill Bevel?

A guy called Bevel started hitting on Emily at the restaurant where she worked. He had some crazy fantasies about Emily, which she may or may not have liked. She was frustrated a lot in her life, and she frequently gave the impression that for a little happiness and serenity, she would do things she would later regret. Though I feel that re-engaging with Barry was the worst mistake she ever made, she might have quietly continued her life as an acting instructor, but we may presume that her choice to go with Barry was prompted by her remorse about killing the biker assassin. However, she may have believed it would be nice to have a married life at the start, but it soon became monotonous and stressful for her. She takes a risk on Bevel, inviting him to a bathroom to make out, but we witness her choke him as soon as she begins. Bevel resisted Emily in self-defense, but the wig fell off her head. He had an intuition that Emily wasn’t the person she appeared to be, but he remained out of it since probing more into Emily would have been perilous for him. Emily spared him, but later she confronted the manager and forced him to dismiss Bevel, accusing him of taking money from the account.


What Was Gene Doing In Warner Brothers’ Production House?

Eight years had passed, and Gene Cousineau had grown a beard like Dumbledore. In the meantime, he entered Warner Brothers’ production facility in an effort to speak with the boss. The secretary struggled to identify him, but Gene’s self-assurance was surprisingly unwavering. He cleverly told the secretary that he would still speak to the head because it appeared that he had an earlier appointment. We finally understood Gene’s purpose for being at WB at the end of episode 5. During one of Emily’s favorite shows at night, she received a notification from a Google search. According to the article, Gene Cousineau and the WB had teamed up to make a film on Barry. She shouted Barry as soon as she saw the news. Clark ran towards Emily, only to discover that a movie about him was being made. Barry, nicknamed Clark, said he would have to murder Gene Cousineau.

Final Words

Barry episode 5 concludes with us still puzzled about what happened in the previous eight years. We have a lot of unanswered issues, including how Barry and Sally obtained fraudulent passports, social security numbers, and even addresses. There are so many unanswered questions; perhaps the next Barry episodes will address them. Up until then, all we had were the best assumptions, including the possibility that one of Sally’s acquaintances may have helped them get there. Barry had lost contact with everyone, but Sally still had some of her friends, like Kristen or maybe her acting agent. However, there is still a large amount of uncertainty because there is a gap of eight years. Let’s see whether future episodes offer any helpful justifications.


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