‘Barry’ Season 4, Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does The Last Scene Mean?

It was an emotional rollercoaster watching Barry episode 4. In previous episodes of Barry, we saw Barry manage to escape the prison during the mayhem when the assassination attempt on him failed, and it ended up slaughtering all the Feds present in the room. However, things immediately turned grim in episode 4, as one of our favorite characters was killed off. But it wasn’t enough; Gene Cousineau once again made a bone-headed decision that caused him a personal loss. Overall, episode 4 is a thrill ride that will eventually make you laugh, cry, and be amazed by the most perplexing cliffhanger in all of the Barry episodes. Let’s look into it.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Gene’s Son Dead? Who Killed Him?

The fourth episode opens with the warden beating poor Fuches. He has just been through a lot. He is once again entangled in Barry’s mess. The warden asked Fuches whether he knew how the assassins got into the jail, but Fuches grunted in pain from the assault. Let’s give Fuches some credit, though; since the start of Season 4, he has shown a startling degree of empathy for Barry, despite the fact that it was Fuches who initially put Barry in this situation. It almost seems like he’s making up for his previous mistakes. Or he could simply be too terrified of Barry, thinking that he would hurt him. However, he was powerless to harm Barry even if he tried; on the contrary, each time, he had been washed up by the cops. Now it’s totally uncertain what Fuches’ destiny will be. Will he ever get released, or will he wind up behind bars for a long period of time?


Gene Cousineau, in the meantime, had been brought securely to a secluded cottage, and we see that his son drove him there. He had been completely isolated because, as we all know, if Gene had the chance to conduct another performance about Janice Moss’s murder, he would not hesitate to do so. It was Jim Moss who arranged Gene’s isolation to shut his mouth and keep him safe, but little did he know that even in isolation, Gene would cause trouble for himself. Gene was frightened to death after getting informed that Barry had escaped from the prison. He sat directly in front of the door and pointed a gun at it. He was positive that after Barry got out of jail, he would come looking for him. Therefore, before Barry can do anything, Gene decides to kill him. As someone approached the door slowly in the evening, a tall shadow of a man fell on it. The shadow appeared to be Barry, which scared Gene to such an extent that he hastily fired a bullet at the door, knocking the man down. Gene was so terrified that he didn’t even open the door to see who it was. But, as we see the man, it turns out to be Leo, Gene’s one and only son, who had come to his father with dinner from Gene’s favorite cafe. The episode did not reveal if Leo died or had a chance of survival, but given the bullet wound in his chest, it appeared that he might not make it. Let’s see what the future holds for Leo in the next episodes of Barry.

Did Sally Make Any Changes In Her Career?

Sally was seen completely abandoning all hope she had for her acting career. She seemed on the edge of going insane, considering that she would never have a chance to excel in the industry. For the time being, she serves as Kristen’s acting coach. She arrived on the set of “Mega Girl,” an action picture starring Kristen as a superhero. Sian Heder, whose 2021 release Coda was a smash hit, makes a cameo as the director of the film. Sian Heder was, however, not at all content. Seemingly, making a superhero movie was below her after she’d produced a movie like Coda, but she was compelled to do it because it would pay the bills. My guess is that this scene was an attempt to make a mockery of superhero franchises in a very subtle and hilarious way. Kristen once again struggled to recall the lines, so Sally stepped in to demonstrate how it was done. But when she was delivering the line to Kristen, she seized the opportunity to wow Sian with her acting skills. Sian was moved by her performance, but she was clear that she wanted Kristen to do a similar performance because it would make her a lot of money. Sally was disappointed since she didn’t want to work as an acting instructor for the rest of her life. Even though Kristen’s manager promised her a sizable sum of money, she wasn’t very thrilled. The manager reassured her that he was going to try to find her some suitable jobs, but Sally was now too terrified to take any further action because she had already experienced the worst of Hollywood.


How Did Cristobal Die?

Hank and Cristobal gathered their men for a party before Hank showed them the high-quality sand. Unfortunately, this is the last time we see Hank and Cristobal together in Barry. Hank had a strange expression of fear on his face as if he were hiding something from Cristobal. Though it was revealed that they were aware that their assassination attempt had failed and Barry had escaped from the prison, Hank was concerned about more. We must recall that he was already under pressure following his meeting with the Chechen elders. As a result, Hank was planning something to protect himself from the Elders. He invited all of his troops to a celebration and then brought them to see high-quality sand in a hidden chamber. Hank and Cristobal snapped a group selfie before Hank summoned Cristobal outside for a few moments. But Cristobal was too preoccupied with taking selfies with the gang. The sand suddenly engulfed all of them, and no one could fight the sand’s grip to get out of it. Cristobal was also buried in the sand as he began pleading with Hank to help him live. Cristobal appeared to be dead for a brief while, but he was eventually rescued by Hank. This episode played with our thoughts several times by putting Cristobal in risky circumstances where we believe he is already dead meat.

Cristobal may have assumed Barry devised the attack on them, but this was not the case. Instead, Hank accepted responsibility for killing those individuals on the orders of the Chechen elders. Hank knew the Elders would never tolerate him working in a legitimate business, so he devised this ruse to keep the Chechens from wiping him out. Hank’s choice was too much for Cristobal to bear. All Cristobal intended was to start a decent business after abandoning the life of crime, but Hank sabotaged his plans. He was unable to identify the cruel Hank who had slain all those innocent people, and as a result, he lost all affection for Hank. Cristobal made it clear that he would break up with Hank, despite the fact that Hank’s Chechen boss, Andrei, welcomed him with open arms into his business. Hank tried all he could to keep Cristobal from leaving the relationship, but Cristobal was adamant that he did not want to prolong the connection. Hank tried to warn him that he would die if he wouldn’t listen to the Chechens, but Cristobal despised Hank even more for saying this. Even though Andrei had left the house, his guys were keeping an eye on Hank’s every move. Therefore, as Cristobal left Hank, Hank knew he had had his last conversation with the love of his life. Hank came back to his house and cried his heart out. A few moments later, one of the Chechen men approached him, saying that he didn’t want that to happen. Hank opened the door and found Cristobal shot to death. The chapter of Hank and Cristobal’s love story has come to an end, which is quite painful for the fans who have always admired their bonding throughout all of the seasons of Barry.


What Does The Ending Scene Of ‘Barry’ Episode 4 Mean?

We have no clue how to explain the ending of Episode 4 because it ends on a bizarre cliffhanger. Barry’s escape from jail reached Sally via Kristen, who urged her to come and stay at her house, but Sally preferred to return home. She seemed to know where Barry was, or at least where he might have gone after escaping the prison. We saw Jim Moss watching Sally as she made her way home. Jim was also aware that Barry was on leave, so he was unable to assure the authorities that he wouldn’t murder him if they ran into each other.

Sally came home, looked around the house, and called Barry’s name. Barry emerged from the darkness of the room, hinting that he had already encountered Sally shortly after leaving the jail. Before Barry was able to say a thing, Sally impulsively suggested, “Let’s go.”


We saw an unknown landscape where two little boys were arguing about “Call of Duty,” and their uncle intervened. Enraged, one of the brothers stormed into the house. The parents of the child were displayed, which startled us. They were none other than Barry and Sally but with a more mature appearance. The episode finishes on a cliffhanger, leaving the viewer guessing as to what the end truly means.

Final Words

It seems like “Barry” is tricking us once more. Maybe the ending scene is real or just another hallucination in Barry’s mind. On the one hand, it’s completely plausible that Barry was simply daydreaming about a blissful married life with Sally and two cute children. He may have been dwelling too much on his own thoughts, and now his mind is merely playing a prank on him. Or, however, it’s also possible that the show made a huge leap into the future and showed us what Barry and Sally’s lives would be like after they have left their previous lives behind. Maybe they’re hiding out in a foreign country, going by different names, and leading a tranquil, crime-free life. But who knows what the future holds for Barry because just when you think you have Barry figured out, it twists and turns in a new direction. All we can do is cross our fingers and wait for episode 5 to provide us with some clarification.


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