‘Barry’ Season 4, Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Barry Escape The Prison?

Being a rabid fan of SNL skits for years, this third episode of “Barry” season 4 made me unexpectedly happy. With back-to-back cameos in episode 3, the creators once again showed why “Barry” is regarded as one of the best shows on the air right now, as it keeps surprising and delighting us. Previously in “Barry,” we saw Barry in prison, where his mental health deteriorated to the point where we could only see the evil within him. Especially in episode 3, the complexity of his character became more evident and raised doubts about whether he was ever a good person. Let’s see what made us think this way.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Hank In A Dilemma? Who Is Toro?

The third episode begins with an unexpectedly spectacular cameo by Guillermo Del Toro as a “charming” mafia lord who approaches Hank and Cristobal to discuss Barry Berkman. In the previous episode, we saw Hank get a text from Toro, who turned out to be none other than Academy Award-winning director Del Toro in the role of a criminal gang boss. Toro assured Hank and Cristobal that his assassins would eliminate Barry, leaving Hank with nothing to worry about. But the only problem is that the assassins had a podcast channel where they discussed unusual gadgets. Hank was dubious because these assassins were social media performers and might be identified at any time, but Toro reassured them that it was just a podcast and that no one genuinely knew what they looked like. Hank accepted the bait even though he wasn’t sure how much Toro could be trusted. However, he made fun of the podcast saying that he had no idea the devices they were talking about even existed. Toro responded by advising him to click on the description’s link to learn more about the devices, indicating that he really endorsed the podcast and was very serious about it.


We see the excitement among Hank and Cristobal’s guys as they prepare to sell high-quality sand, but Batir, Hank’s former Chechen boss, shows up in the meantime. He issued Hank with an ultimatum, warning him that his elders would soon be eradicating him if he didn’t stop working on his new venture with Cristobal and return to the Chechens. Hank is currently in a difficult situation because he doesn’t want to rejoin the Chechens and give up his new hopes, goals, and the love of his life. But those were not the only conflicts he had been dealing with. Making the choice to kill Barry was an extremely difficult one for him.

Will Sally’s Career Work As An Acting Coach?

Sally Reed’s career hung in the balance. She went back home, but she didn’t feel comfortable there; instead, her mother’s continual criticism made things worse. Gene gave her the chance to make the comeback she needed. She made the choice to become a teacher in Gene’s acting classes at his suggestion. But in the third episode, everything really went south. Prior to making her introduction to the class, she asked the students to be honest with her. She questioned how many of them only attended the class because Sally was an entitled “C” girl and the cop killer’s girlfriend. Since the market for sensational rumors is stronger than the market for talent, she wanted to be upfront about who was merely there to see her and pass along their criticism. She nonetheless continued with the lesson. Some of the students weren’t particularly talented actors or artists, but Kristen was one of them who was terrible at it. She appeared to be simply another Barry who happened to be in the class and had nothing to do with acting. After Kristen’s terrible dialogue delivery, Sally adopted Gene’s technique to get her back on track. She humiliated Kristen and made her feel bad, which made Kristen incredibly mad at her. But she eventually succeeded in delivering the movie lines with proper emotion. Even though Sally was able to bring out the actress in her, other students didn’t really like the idea of method acting because it wasn’t exactly a well-liked performing technique. While the other students left the room, Kristen stayed. She told Sally that she had recently gotten a job and requested her help because, whatever the method, only Sally was able to bring out her inner artist. We don’t know if Sally’s career as an acting coach will pan out, but it seemed like Kristen and Sally would build up chemistry with the progression of the narrative.


What Happened To Lon O Neil? What’s The Future Of Gene Cousineau?

Gene’s life is in serious danger. His lawyer warned him not to disclose anything to the media since Barry or his guys might suddenly decide to harm Gene. But, as we all know, Gene had opened his mouth a little wider already. He revealed to his agent, Tom, that he had already spoken to Lon O. Neil. In a three-hour solo performance, he portrayed his interactions and conversations with Barry Berkman, as well as how he got him arrested. Tom lost control of his vehicle after learning that’s how Gene dug his own grave. The only thing he could think of was to prevent Lon from publishing any kind of story about Gene or Barry. But Lon had already strayed too far. He went right up to Barry in jail and informed him that Gene had mentioned Barry killing Moss. He couldn’t control his rage and started to yell in front of Lon, making it obvious that what Gene had said was true. However, Lon wasn’t done yet. After Barry, he approached Jim Moss directly, which was the worst decision he had ever made in his life.

Jim Moss had made it very clear to Gene that he wouldn’t be sharing any information about Janice’s death, but when Lon came up to him and informed him that Gene had not only spoken about Janice’s murder but had also performed about it in a three-hour show, Jim became very upset. On the other hand, Lon wasn’t home when Gene and Tom broke into his house. Gene learned from Lon’s wife that Lon had gone to meet Jim Moss. Gene rushed to Jim to apologize for his behavior, but Jim had already made up his mind to keep Gene in isolation because he couldn’t be trusted. In addition, Jim had taken such good care of Lon that he had lost all sense of English and had begun speaking in a language he had never used before. As Jim Moss is a very powerful and tricky individual, it is unsettling to think of what he might do to Gene later.


Did Barry Escape The Prison?

Barry was gradually going crazy. He started experiencing spells of paranoia and started seeing things. He would occasionally converse with himself, usually accusing himself of ruining his own life. He was also working with the FBI, which used Barry to learn more about Hank, Cristobal, and the Fuches’ criminal organizations. They pledged to provide Barry and Sally with witness protection. But after speaking with Lon, Barry was quite terrified. He called Hank from prison, begging him to take care of Gene by scaring or killing him, but Hank made it obvious that he wouldn’t be supporting Barry anymore. Hank, who had always sought to protect Barry in the name of friendship, realized that Barry had never considered him a friend. Barry had always been the taker in their friendship, and in return, he had given Hank nothing but the betrayal. But not any longer, as Hank has chosen to get rid of Barry. Hank’s refusal startled Barry and heightened his anxiety. However, he was also aware that Hank knew about his FBI involvement; therefore, Hank could get Barry killed at any time.

In the meantime, Fuches was devastated to see Barry turn against him by collaborating with the FBI. Additionally, his fellow convicts began taunting him in prison, but Fuches still had sympathy for Barry. While watching “Rain Man” on television, he began to second-guess his thoughts as he could relate his and Barry’s connection with Charlie and Raymond’s bonding, causing him to get emotional. All of a sudden, he started yelling that Barry needed protection; otherwise, he would be killed.


Fuches was right, by the way. Although Barry’s end seemed near, it wasn’t that simple to get rid of him. Barry spotted the assassin among the FBI officers. Additionally, Fred Armisen made a humorous cameo appearance as a hapless assassin sent by Toro. The assassin started to tremble and sweat in the middle of the agents as he realized he would have to kill Barry. However, as soon as he pointed his little gun at Barry, it exploded in his hands. Meanwhile, an assassin from the ceiling began to kill each FBI agent one by one, but he was unable to kill Barry since he had shielded himself with a lid. As Barry picked up a gun, he shot the murderer, who was hanging from the ceiling. The assassin started to sob in agony as the killing spree continued, and the warden and police officers arrived on the scene to investigate. But it appeared like Barry had managed to break out of jail during that time.

What Can We Expect From Future Episodes?

Barry might emerge from prison in the upcoming “Barry” episode and reach out to Gene to either threaten him once more or simply kill him. But presumably, he would have to confront Jim Moss first before going up to Gene. We may confidently predict that Jim and Barry’s interaction will be intense and may escalate to violence of any form. It’s probable that Barry’s crude nature might push him to murder Jim Moss. Due to the fact that Hank and Cristobal are also out for Barry’s life, Barry will experience an uphill battle to avoid all of his enemies in upcoming episodes. In addition, once he is released from prison, he might try to make amends with Sally, though it is doubtful whether she would go as far as that. She has restarted her career, so there is no way she would want to jeopardize it once more by bringing Barry back into it. Let’s see what the future holds for these chaotic characters in “Barry.”


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