‘Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura’ Ending Explained & Anime Recap: Did Tokita Ohma Win The Battle?

Crossovers between different fictional universes began in the first place for the simple fun derived from matching up characters against their equally formidable counterparts, which is why crossovers are more common in fighting-based narratives. Some of the most popular fighting games, like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter, have often brought their iconic characters together for battle royales, much to the fans’ amusement, and this time Netflix has wisely adopted the same strategy. After acquiring the rights to the anime adaptations of two of the most well-regarded fighting manga, Baki the Grappler and Kengan Ashura, Netflix took the time to build a fanbase among the viewers through multiple seasons. Eventually, just as both anime are on the verge of reaching their peak, Netflix has decided to pit some of the best fighters of both universes against each other in the recently released Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura movie. As if Deathbattle and fanfiction writers were delaying with their speculations, Netflix decided to arrange the best anime matchup of the year by themselves. 


Little over an hour long, Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura wastes no time in exposition or explanation and gets straight to the adrenaline-pumping, no-holds-barred battles pretty quick. There is ample fan service to keep fans of both fighting universes hooked on the screen, surprising fighting results, and well-animated action sequences—and to top it all off, future battles have been teased during the final moments of the movie as well. The overall spectacle is awesome enough that we can no longer wait to dive into the engaging, thrilling matchups and discuss them in detail with readers. 

Spoilers Ahead


What Is the Common Factor Between the Two Tournaments?

Soon as the movie begins, we find the lead protagonists of both series, Baki from Baki Hanma and Tokita Ohma from Kengan Ashura, jogging through the streets of Tokyo, when all of a sudden, they notice each other and exchange glances from opposite sides of the road. As if it were a premonition of their upcoming battle, a tremor suddenly shakes everything in the nearby vicinity.

Fans of both of these fighting animes are surely aware of the respective tournaments associated with each universe. In Baki Hanma, there is an underground tournament that determines the strongest fighter in the world, while in Kengan Ashura, the Kengan Tournament acts as a ladder for private companies to assert their dominance in the market by pitting their best fighters against each other. It turns out that both tournaments take place in the same universe, to begin with (which skips the unnecessary world/universe change shenanigans), remaining discreet enough to never get acquainted to each other—until now. The present chairman of the Kengan Tournament, chief of the Metsudo family, Katahara Metsudo, expressed his wish to his friend, Mitsunari Tokugawa, chairman of the Underground Tournament, to organize a combined tournament to test the mettle of their fighters. However, this is not the first time that fighters from these tournaments have squared off, as we later learn in detail.


Tokita and his manager, Kazuo Yamashita, reach the underground fighting arena beneath the Tokyo Dome, and the duo are surprised to learn from Secretary Kaede that the histories of both tournaments are more connected than previously assumed. The creator of the Underground Tournament was Mitsukuni Tokugawa, the Vice-Shogun of the Edo period in Japan, whereas the Kengan Tournament was founded by the seventh Shogun, Ietsugu Tokugawa. With both fighting contests having a common root in the Tokugawa clan, the historical significance adds much depth to their shared lore.

Ohma asks Kaede about the reason for Kengan participants being the away team in the upcoming matchup, and she reveals that, previously, brawlers of the Underground Tournament had been the visiting team. As the focus shifts to Shinshinkai dojo members, which include prominent brawlers of the Underground Tournament: Sea King Retsu, Katsumi Orochi, Grandmaster Kaioh Kaku, and Kiyosumi Katou, we learn that Doppo Orochi, the head of Shinshinkai, had fought in the previous combined tournament. The battle was fierce enough to send even Orochi into a half-year-long rest, which conveys the stakes of such battles against Kengan brawlers. Doppo Orochi had battled against Saw Paing’s father, but the victor of the match remains unknown.


Who Won in the Battle Between Saw Paing and Kaoru Hanayama?

As the brawlers in both tournaments gradually learn about each other, a number of intriguing interactions take place. The security of the tournament arena is entrusted to Kengan’s blind assassin, Jizenga Muteba, and psychopathic mercenary Gaia, who belongs to the world of “Baki.” Two of the strongest men from each of the tournaments, Julius Reinhold (Kengan) and Biscuit Oliva (Baki), try to one-up each other by sharing their insane training regimen. Master Gouki (Baki) meets the callous yet insanely talented brawler, Hatsumi Sen (Kengan). Even medicos from each universe, Dr. Hanafusa (Kengan) and Dr. Kureha (Baki), meet and greet each other, and it is revealed that they are old friends. 

The combined tournament will consist of three matches, and before the commencement of the first match, expert brawlers from each side take up the responsibility of analyzing the battle for the viewers. On the Kengan side, viewers meet Jun Sekibayashi, Cosmo Imai, Adam Dudley, and Kaolan Wongsawat, while Shinshinkai masters represent the Underground brawlers. With enthusiastic commentary of Jerry Tyson (Baki) and Sayaka (Kengan), the first matchup is announced to be commenced between Kaoru Hanayama (Baki), the second in command of the Yakuza clan Hanayama-Gumi, and Saw Paing, the Howling Fury from Myanmar. 


The battle begins with the younger opponent, Saw Paing, landing some fearsome blows on the Yakuza leader—strong enough to break a man in half—but Hanayama’s rock-solid physique barely feels the attacks. As Hanayama starts unloading his viciously fast and strong fists, he almost gets an upper hand. Hanayama’s vice grip deals nasty damage to Saw’s hand, exposing his bare muscle right off by tearing the skin in an instant. However, the champion Lethwei fighter Saw Paing uses his superhuman endurance and takes the barrage of punches right on his skull, consecutively one after another. Hanayama’s fingers get wrecked, and despite that, he continues the onslaught, just as Saw takes it right on his skull. Despite showing an indomitable spirit, Saw eventually suffers concussions after taking too much damage to his brain, and his stubbornness costs him the fight in the end. As the winner of the first matchup, Hanayama acknowledges Saw Paing’s strength and bravery. 

Who emerges victorious between Raian Kure and Jack Hammer?

After the first match, during the short break, Oliva and Reinhold decided to test their strength by engaging in arm wrestling. However, as Hatsumi and Gouki break off the contest, we don’t get to know who is stronger between the two. The next match-up is between two crazed titans. Representing Kengan brawlers is Raian Kure, the hulking elder son of the Kure assassin family, whose incredible genetics are the result of multi-generational planned selective breeding. Raian is perfect and one of the strongest fighters in every regard, thanks to his lethal battle prowess and genetics. Challenging him is the elder son of Yujirou, Jack Hanma, aka Jack Hammer, who has modified his physique to unthinkable lengths to become the strongest fighter of all time. Both of these fighters’ obsession to become the strongest has messed up their psyches, and to say they can display occasionally deranged behavior is an understatement. 


The battle between these two powerhouses doesn’t go on for long, and a short, vicious, fierce brawl takes place between them, which shocks the entire arena. As both brawlers begin pummeling each other to oblivion, Raian initially has the upper hand but gets knocked back as a battle-hardened Jack takes no time to respond. Soon enough, Raian activates the secret lethal technique of the Kure clan, ‘Removal,’ which allows him to access the full capacity of his brain and takes off the mental restraints imposed on his physical capabilities. An empowered Raian ragdolls Jack for quite a long time, and Jack responds this time by making himself a leaner, faster brawler by literally vomiting profusely in the arena. In his new state, Jack attacks and begins his iconic assault by biting off chunks of Raian’s flesh from his body. Soon, it becomes clear to the spectators that this battle might produce a final result with one of the contestants’ death. However, eventually, Raian emerges as the winner by choking Jack unconscious. But moments later, Jack again begins his assault, not knowing or caring about the fact that he has been beaten already.

All of a sudden, Pickle, the prehistoric monstrous human from the “Baki” universe, breaks inside the arena and tries to goad the fighters into a battle. The sight of a gigantic, feral primitive shocks the Kengan brawlers as well, and the spectators anticipate a bloody outcome. However, Ohma and Baki decide to step in as Baki breaks off the fight between Raian and Jack, and Ohma successfully communicates with Pickle to instruct him to leave the arena. 


Who emerged stronger between Baki Hanma and Tokita Ohma?

Finally, the stage is set for the most anticipated matchup of the tournament; the best clashes with the best as Tokita Ohma squares off with Baki Hanma. The last user of the Niko fighting style, Tokita Ohma is one of the most skilled fighters in the Kengan Tournament, while Baki, son of the Ogre Yujirou Hanma, is unmatched in battle strategizing. As soon as the battle begins, Baki attacks within a fraction of a second, which catches Ohma off guard. After getting his grip, Ohma uses the indestructible technique of Niko style to defend against the fast-paced attacks of Baki. Both fighters use exceptional skills to counter each other’s moves, and soon, it becomes clear that both of them are equally matched.

Baki uses his whip attack technique by relaxing his muscles, which penetrates Ohma’s defense. Ohma uses his martial arts expertise to counter Baki’s flow, but as Baki mimics his techniques soon after by changing his stance, Ohma realizes he might be facing his strongest opponent to date. Baki similarly acknowledges Ohma’s incredible techniques, and both fighters seem to have much appreciation for each other. However, the battle soon elevates to the next level as Ohma initiates his strongest technique, the ‘Advance’ or god possession, which pushes his physical capabilities to extreme limits and enhances his strength immensely. Baki manages to hold his own against the barrage of attacks, and eventually, both fighters get thrown on their backs by each other. 


Suddenly, an ominous aura gets hold of all the present brawlers in the arena as Yujirou Hanma, aka the Ogre, the strongest man in the world, decides to step into the ring. Even the fifth Fang of Metsudo, Kanoh Agito, seems terrified of the menacing aura that Yujirou emanates. Yujirou demands a place in the matchup as it has piqued his interest, which is a compliment in its own regard to Baki and Ohma. Yujirou even recognizes Ohma’s master, Tokita Niko, from the similarities in their fighting styles. Soon enough, another dominant presence emerges from the shadows, and it’s the master assassin, the Devil’s Lance, Gensai Kuroki (Kengan), who has become curious about Yujirou after noticing his dominating presence. Infuriated at the invading duo, Baki and Ohma, respectively, attack Gensai and Yujirou, to no avail, as there is a level of difference in skill between them. 

However, the sudden interference spoiled the plans of the chief organizers, Metsudo and Mitsunari, who had arrangements to pit Gensai and Yujirou against each other later. Irritated out of their wits, they ask the veteran brawlers to leave the arena for now and await their turn at a later date. However, getting a momentary glimpse of the nature of the power they just faced, Baki and Ohma both lose interest in continuing their present battle and decide to call off the contest for the time being. They now know that they need to train harder and go beyond their present capabilities so that Ohma can match up with Yujirou if the chance arises, and Baki can duke it out with Gensai if need be. The combined tournament ended with no clear winner; in the Kengan and Underground tournaments, both sides won a battle, and the decider was forfeited. The organizers decide that, eventually, another such event will be organized, where a clearly defined winner will emerge. 


The scene shifts elsewhere outside the Tokyo Dome, as we see the justice-obsessed Kengan brawler Akoya Seishu witnessing some shady activities being conducted by a group of miscreants. Baki Hanma fans will surely recognize the group of miscreants as the infamous Death Row Convicts, which includes legendary fighters, deadly assassins, and escapists who have evaded death by breaking free of their captivity. Seishu prepares to take them on, but we know that he alone won’t be able to put a scratch on them, and it will take the combined might of both tournament brawlers to capture these criminals. This remains an important plot point that will be explored in the upcoming sequel to this crossover. 

At their home, Ohma and Baki train themselves rigorously as they prepare to improve themselves to their best level before their eventual rematch, which will be highlighted in the sequel to Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura. In a funny mid-credit sequence, Adam Dudley and Chiharu are locked in a standing contest even though the duo went for a loo break. 


With the end of what seems to be the first of multiple installments of the Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura movie, we can’t help but notice the influence of the Baki Hanma art style and fight detailing, as the movie somewhat lacked the methodical delineation of Kengan battles. For the upcoming continuation, all eyes will be fixed on the prime battle in which Yujirou is going to participate, as it will take the strongest Kengan fighter and then some to even come close to the strength of the Ogre. Among the present brawlers, viewers might have already chalked up their favorite line-ups. For example, we think Kaolan Wongsawat will be a great matchup for master martial artist Kaiou Kaku. Katsumi Orochi needs to be tested in a battle with the Fifth Fang of Metsudo. A brawl between Biscuit Oliva and Julius Reinhold has already been teased, and it will hopefully take place in the sequel. With Pickle’s surprise appearance, it will be interesting to see which Kengan brawler will be daring or strong enough to challenge the prehistoric strongman. Kiryu Setsuna, the deranged rival of Tokita Ohma, was notably missing in this movie, and viewers will surely want to see him engaging in maniacal shenanigans in the sequel. Lastly, the commonality in the background of both of these tournaments can be explored through a glimpse into the past, which could make for an exciting storyline as well. 

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