‘Badbudaar’ Ending Explained & Short Film Summary: Did The Protagonist Kill His Son?

Streaming on JioCinema, the short film Badbudaar portrays the dilemma of a crime scene cleaner. As he tries to go on with his life, he is constantly reminded of his dark past whenever he enters a crime scene. The trauma of his own crimes comes to haunt the protagonist, and it is doubtful if he will be able to live with it for the rest of his life. Shivam Kothari and Rahul Dagur, have done an excellent job, playing their roles efficiently in the short-film. Will the protagonist be able to overcome his traumas over time? How will he react when he sees a gruesome crime scene? Let’s see what the film has in store for us!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In The Short Film?

The protagonist comes back home after cremating his own son, which is exposed when his wife expresses her grief as she sits with her child’s toys. The next time he goes to clean up a crime scene, he starts hallucinating. He felt as if someone had been trying to come out of the drain and haunt him. Maybe it was some guilt that had been following him after the death of his son. 


Later, when he goes out after cleaning the scene, he blames a co-worker for not having helped him in the cleaning. The co-worker seems to be more experienced than the protagonist when he says that the protagonist hasn’t seen half the things that he has seen in his entire life. The co-worker hinted at the fact that a gruesome crime scene has a long-lasting impact on the cleaners and continues to haunt them for the rest of their lives. He promised the protagonist that he would definitely help him with cleaning the next time they went to any scene. 

When the two men go to another scene, they are thoroughly interrogated by the policemen, and their IDs are asked to be shown. The co-worker feels insulted when the policemen ask him not to steal anything from the scene. The lack of respect that the workers at the grass-roots level face is a matter of concern, as there is almost no one present around them to encourage or give them a pat on the back.  


When the two men step inside the room, it is a complete mess! The floor and bed sheets are completely stained with blood, which triggers the protagonist’s trauma. While cleaning, when he checks under the bed, he sees a boy lying there, making him immediately leave the room. It is evident that his past trauma had been triggered, as he had been acting fanatical when he came out. He was reminded of the day when he had been looking for his son, only to find his child lying by the side of the street. When he went near his son, he saw that the child was gravely injured and had been suffering. Being a father, he couldn’t see the child suffering and decided to end his life by strangulating him. 

Later, when the coworker came out, he started complaining that their profession had no respect at all. When he saw the protagonist hyperventilating, he said that the crime scene might have affected him badly. However, after a while, he blamed the protagonist, saying that he was happy to do all the small chores while he himself had been cleaning up the bigger messes. This angered the protagonist, and he tried to kill his co-worker as well. The crime scene had completely left him crazy, and he was seen going to the spot where he had killed his son. He tried to take a dip in the pond near him but came out after a while, shivering! 


Did The Protagonist Kill His Son?

Maybe it was his conscience that had been triggering him to think that he was his own son’s murderer. He was probably regretting not being able to prevent the accident or save his child from such a gruesome death. The guilt in him was killing him, and whenever he saw a crime scene, that guilt would be aggravated. It could have also been the case that he had murdered his own son and then regretted it. He must have thought that instead of killing his son to stop his suffering, he could have been taken to a hospital where he could have been saved. 

Why Did His Past Haunt The Protagonist?

The past had come to haunt the protagonist in ways that he could not even imagine. Every crime scene that he went to clean reminded him of his son’s death. Possibly, the lack of monetary strength to meet the medical expenses (to save his son) had driven him to the brink of ending his life. This brings out the sad state of reality and the awful living conditions of the workers in India, along with the lack of medical facilities, driving a father to end his own son’s life. He had wanted to end his son’s suffering but did not realize that it would later become such a burden on him. 

Why Did The Protagonist Take A Dip In The Pond?

The protagonist had probably taken a dip in the pond to get rid of the blood stains that he thought tinted his body and soul. He must have tried to take the stench of blood from his own son off his hands! There is also a possibility that, unable to bear the guilt of his son’s murder, he tried to kill himself. He might have wanted to feel the helplessness that his son must have felt when he had been killed. However, the protagonist did not have enough courage to be able to kill himself and came out of the water body after a while. 

Final Words

The short film Badbudaar directed by Kanishka Pal has multiple layers to it! The 22-minute short film is dark and delves deep into the psyche of the protagonist. The characters of the short film are not even given names, which makes it a story of the universal struggle of the laborers. The film does not display the story of just one man but talks about the numerous deaths due to a lack of medical facilities. The helplessness of a father watching his son die is more grave than anyone could ever imagine. The foul stench of the dead bodies affects the man severely, stirring his guilt and making him look down upon himself! 


Debjyoti Dey
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