‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does John Paul Williams Finally Die?

“Going Rogue” is the penultimate ninth episode of the show as the writers are heading towards the end, where the audience will finally get to know how John Paul died and, most importantly, who was responsible for his death. Released on October 7th, “Bad Sisters” is just one episode away from the season finale and revealing the big answer that has had the audience hooked on the show.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 9 ‘Going Rogue’ Recap

“Going Rogue” begins with where “the cold truth” had ended. Becka reveals to Eva about JP’s visit to JP’s mother’s home and trapping him inside the frozen chamber in the attic. The sisters are now waiting for Grace’s call, but to their horror, John Paul and Grace show up at Eva’s residence. Becka has a meltdown because she is sure it was Minna (John Paul’s mother) who showed up at the attic and that she has locked Minna inside the frozen chamber. Becka runs to Minna’s home to check if she is fine. John Paul ends up coming to his mother’s place. To his horror, he finds her frozen body. To cover his tracks, he places her dead body on her bed in her bedroom and informs the police of her death. The Garvey sisters are now horrified at the turn of events and have started suspecting that John Paul has caught onto them and is suspecting they are somehow involved in his mother’s death. John Paul starts intimidating Eva, which frustrates her, and she becomes panic-stricken. Roger, their neighbor, comes by Grace and John Paul’s home to pay his respects and soon starts wondering if John Paul was the one who called the police and told on him.


The story moves to the present day when Matt confronts Becka and tells her he knows there is her involvement in Minna and John Paul’s deaths. Becka breaks down and informs Matt that Minna was not just her customer but a good friend whom she adores. Thomas’s heavily pregnant wife tries to help him but ends up in the hospital after a seizure. Finally, Matt decides to help his brother.

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Does John Paul Williams Finally Die? 

The pace of the show has finally picked up as it is reaching its crescendo. With just one episode left to know how it all ended for John Paul, Episode Nine, “Going Rogue,” sets the tone for the season finale, which will be released next week. In this episode, John Paul, to hide his tracks, throws his father’s body into the water near his home so that nobody would suspect him. He also starts intimidating Eva and gets into her skin, but does not blackmail her, for he is also not sure if Eva and his three sisters-in-law are aware of his secret. He does what he is good at, egging them on and pushing them to the edge through manipulative tactics. Eva finally decides to take it upon herself to eliminate him on or before Grace’s birthday. Bibi, Ursula, and Becka refuse to be a part of it because they don’t want to ruin Grace’s birthday. Meanwhile, Becka is wrecked with the guilt of killing Minna by mistake and starts taking solace in alcohol. She is found near Minna’s grave in a drunken state and brought back to Eva’s home. Eva is horrified to see Becka in this condition and would be equally tense if she said anything to the police who brought her home. As Grace’s birthday approaches, Grace and John Paul head to the cabin that was set on fire in the first episode. Roger reaches the cabin to confront John Paul, for he is now aware of the fact that it was John Paul who informed the police and concocted a lie that Roger was a pedophile. Roger leaves the premises angry, which does not bother John Paul.


The sisters stay at a hotel close to the cabin; Eva disappears after the check-in, and Becka heads to the local bar for a quiet time. The next morning, as the Garvey sisters are heading towards Grace’s cabin, they see an ambulance and come to know about John Paul’s death from a hysterical Grace. As Thomas and Matt Claffin have everything to lose, Matt comes across proof that will help them indict the Garvey sisters. The next day, Matt heads to the bar where John Paul was last sighted and learns from the bartender that Becka was at the same bar that night. This proves the story concocted by the Garvey sisters that they were all together the night John Paul died was false.

From the beginning up until now, writers Sharon Horgan and Ailbhe Keogan and director Rebecca Gatward have set up the season finale perfectly. From the beginning up until now, they have kept the audience hooked onto the show. Even with minor roadblocks in the form of screenplay inconsistencies, the last two episodes, along with the performances of the actors, kept the show afloat. Though this episode also has plenty of suspension of disbelief, the goofiness projected by Becka, the forever panicking Eva and Ursula, and the sorted Bibi make the show interesting. And who doesn’t like a good villain? John Paul Williams’s character is well-written, and his nastiness and craziness reach to a point where the audience realizes he can’t get any worse. He manages to pull a stunt with Eva, which visually disturbs her. Her decision to take it upon herself to kill John comes from years of nasty, manipulative behavior towards Eva and her sisters, including Grace, and Eva losing her promotion because of his interference. “Going Rogue” is the amalgamation of all the suspense that is being created to know how John Paul died. Even though the insurance agents are catching up on them, there is a 50/50 chance they might get caught. When John Paul finally died, the big question of how he was killed and who killed him remains unanswered. The humor, along with the whodunnit drama that ensues, is fun to watch in this episode.



Two theories stand out. Eva is somehow responsible for killing John Paul without involving any of her sisters. Roger, Grace, and John’s neighbor, was visibly upset to learn of John’s involvement in his arrest. He also has a motive to kill him.


“Going Rogue,” the ninth episode, turns out to be excellent, and it sets up the perfect path for the season finale. The narrative has now reached its peak, and I am waiting for the tenth episode and hoping the show will end with a bang.


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