‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending Explained – Why Does Ursula Join The Conspiracy And Planning?

“Bad Sisters,” the brand-new Apple TV Original, dropped their third episode, “Chopped Liver,” on Friday, the 26th of August, and it is all juicy and tender, just like the name of the episode. A quick recap: “Bad Sisters” is a story of five sisters: Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka, who are closely knit as siblings and constantly look out for each other. John Paul Williams, a control freak narcissistic person, is hated by Grace’s siblings for all the right reasons.


The Story Up Until Now

“Bad Sisters” Episode 3, titled, “Chopped Liver,” begins with the aftermath of the cabin mishap that blew up the entire property in flames without John Paul Williams in it, ruining the plan hatched by Eva and Bibi and placing them on the back foot, for they had all things planned to eliminate John Paul. As the episode progresses, Eva and Bibi try to be patient. Eva regrets what they did, but Bibi is adamant about hatching another plan.

In the current scenario, post-John Paul’s death, insurance investigators Thomas Claffin and Matt Claffin reach Ursula’s home to cross-check with her. A quick flashback reveals that John Paul found out about Ursula’s affair with her photography teacher and threatens to reveal her affair to her husband Donal if she doesn’t end it. Initially unperturbed by his threats, Ursula realizes he is not to be messed with and decides to join Eva and Bibi’s conspiracy, which Ursula initially refused to be a part of.


Spoilers Alert

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 3: Ending – Does Ursula’s involvement help?

Matt Claifin, one of the two insurance investigators investigating John Paul’s death, is attracted to Becka, the youngest Garvey sister, and the feeling is mutual for Becka as well, completely unaware of the complications they will be falling into later. Eva and Bibi inject an undetected poison, provided by Ursula, into the liver meant for John Paul to consume. Eva at Grace’s home switches the actual meat with the poison inflicted, and all the sisters now wait for the inevitable news. Someone does end up dead, but again, it is not John Paul Williams. (Of course, the show is 10 episodes long, so he won’t die so soon). Grace’s family dog, Oscar, ends up eating the meat, suffering heart failure because of the poison in it, leading to his untimely demise. The sisters are horrified by such a horrible turn of events again, but they don’t lose hope.


In the current scenario, all three of them are now worried that Becka would reveal anything to the insurance investigators, and the last shot of the episode is Becka and Matt sharing a passionate kiss at the end of their date. The show’s makers do a pretty good job of developing a character like John Paul Williams, who is a control freak and narcissistic abuser. This is a classic case of a heterosexual male chauvinistic man who seeks pleasure in controlling women around him. It will be interesting to know what exactly John Paul did to Becka that pushed her to join the conspiracy.

“Bad Sister” is creating a picture of a marriage that can be abusive without physically harming your partner. The dark comic narrative of the show so far has remained consistent, but again, too soon to say anything as at least 7 episodes are remaining before the show ends; hoping by the end of the show, the narrative doesn’t slip away.



On the road which the narrative of this show is taking, Eva, Bibi, and Ursula will not stop at two failed attempts on JP, and with Becka joining the gang, it will be interesting to watch what their next plan is.

  • One theory of John Paul’s death would be that he died of natural causes.
  • The next theory is that John Paul consumed one too many “performance-enhancing drugs,” which caused heart failure.
  • The third theory is that John Paul was killed by his wife Grace slowly for putting her through emotional abuse for years.


The storytelling of “Bad Sisters” has remained stable and simple so far, not digressing from the genre or the story they are developing, and hoping the style of the narrative remains the same until the end of the Season 1.

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