‘Bad Cop’ Episode 4 Recap: Did Arjun Accurately Describe The Murderer To The Sketch Artist?

Bad Cop episode 3 ended with Arjun chasing Raghav in the hope that he would eventually catch him. Raghav had previously attacked Arjun, assuming he was his brother Karan. Now because of this confusion, Arjun was aware Raghav, and his boss Kasbe were responsible for his brother’s death, but he needed more information about their motive. At the end of the chase, Raghav pointed a gun at Arjun, a gunshot was heard before the episode faded out.


Spoilers Ahead

Why was Kasbe angry?

Raghav was Kasbe’s nephew and the right hand man, and the don was angry at the fact that he was arrested by the police. Kasbe was visited by his sister, who was Raghav’s mother. She was terrified of losing her son to prison time and was under the impression Kasbe could help him get a bail. Kasbe had a complex relationship with his sister, but he promised to get Raghav out. He had to remind her that Raghav was in jail because of a crime he committed, and it would be difficult to arrange for his bail. His explanation did not make sense as Kasbe had kept Raghav around for a long time and the young man had carried out the transportation of the ivory illegally on his uncle’s instruction. 


Was Raghav acquitted?

Raghav was being brutally beaten up by Arjun in the wake of his arrest. In reality, Arjun wanted answers about Karan’s death. Raghav was too arrogant, especially because he was aware that he would be let out in no time. However, Devika was equally ruthless and agreed to acquit Raghav on the orders of a local MLA. She also opened the confiscated truck to learn about its contents. All Devika found were many antique pieces and a large pool table. Devika and Arjun were confused about why they would be transporting a pool table amidst all the expensive antiques. 

Is Arjun enjoying being a father?

Arjun and Devika, after a long day at work, were going back to being husband and wife. It is still appalling that Devika, who had lived with Karan for so long, could not sense any difference between her husband and his identical twin. Karan’s daughter insisted on wanting to hear a new story from her father. Arjun narrated the tale of him and his twin brother, how they’d had to live a large part of their lives in an orphanage, and how fate was unfair to them. Arjun was slowly enjoying taking on the role of a father as it brought him close to his brother, whom he dearly missed. 


What was Devika worried about?

Devika came to meet Arjun at the station and discussed Arif Khan’s investigation into Anand Mishra’s murder case. She was worried that Karan could be hiding crucial details about his contact with his twin brother, who had been absconding ever since the murder charges sprung up. Devika was worried Karan’s name would come up for sheltering the accused. She requested Karan come clean about his contact with Arjun and wanted to avoid an entire scene with the law and order. Devika also mentioned that Arjun had been in touch with a man whose name was on the POTA list. She had to use all of her influence to erase that record, and she was not willing to help Arjun again. 

What did Arif find in Anand’s home?

Arif Khan was keen to find out if Anand was working on any controversial news subjects. He requested Anand’s wife give him access to his study, where he found his friend’s laptop and other objects that could lead him to the murderer. The laptop was handed over to the digital team for them to retrieve all the data stored in it. Arif was not happy to watch his team show little interest in the case. Arif Khan had learned that Arjun was robbing another man, as shown in the first episode, when the murder took place. There was no indication of how Arif received the information, but this particular detail opens up the possibility that someone else may have murdered Anand Mishra, as Arjun could not possibly be in two places at a time. Arif Khan was possibly the only righteous law enforcement officer who was getting into the nitty-gritty of the case to catch the culprit and find the motive behind the murder.


Who did Arif interrogate?

Arif and his team found out the hotel was hosting an ex-bookie’s birthday party attended by many gamblers who claimed to be businessmen and traders. These men were on the radar of the CIB for possible money laundering and gambling charges. Since all of them were at the same party, suspicion fell on them having either facilitated or witnessed Anand’s murder. These bookies were called for interrogation, and since they were high-profile men, the media followed the trail. Most of the businessmen claimed to have been at the party or with their mistresses in their hotel rooms. There was, however, distorted footage of a man walking out of the hotel wearing black clothes. The businessmen had to come clean about their infidelities since this was a murder investigation. The interrogation was also a show of power by Arif Khan, who was serious about getting to the bottom of the case. 

Did Arjun accurately describe the murderer to the sketch artist?

Arjun’s conversation with Devika about Arif Khan going all guns-blazing to get to the bottom of Anand Mishra’s case worried him. Since Arjun was the prime suspect, he was sure Arif Khan would be at his doorstep in no time and reveal his identity to Devika and their colleagues. Arjun could be accused and put behind bars for impersonating a police officer, apart from other murder charges. He had to find a way out, and the only solution was to approach the police-assigned sketch artist. Arjun was able to describe the person he saw at the hotel murdering Anand Mishra, and the sketch artist could draw it exactly as he explained. The plot hole here could be that Arjun only got a glimpse of the killer, and managed to use that memory to come up with an entire mockup of the person who might be the killer. Another inconsistency was Arjun using the police-assigned sketch artist and expecting Devika wouldn’t be notified about this. She would certainly question Karan’s involvement if he was able to describe the killer in such detail. 

Despite the above-mentioned issues, Arjun began planning ways to get himself out of the case. He might share the sketch with Arif, but that does not seem like a plausible situation. The episode ended with the man in the sketch appearing outside the prison that holds Kasbe. This indicates that Anand Mishra’s murder was hatched by Kasbe, and it could be connected to illegal ivory trading. Once Kasbe’s connection was found in Anand and Karan’s murder, Arif and Arjun might join together to avenge the death of their loved ones.

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