‘Bad Cop’ Episode 3 Recap: Was Arjun Attacked Again?

The second episode of Bad Cop ended with Arjun deciding to find out who Kasbe was and why he’d killed his brother. He plans to take his revenge for the murder of his brother and has to return to Karan’s wife while pretending to be his brother to fetch the letter in which Arjun confessed. He was back to discover that Arif Khan from CBI was on their doorstep. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why was Arif Khan at Karan’s home?

Arjun got back in time to find Devika awake, holding the letter he had left her. In the nick of time, Arif Khan showed up from CBI in the middle of the night, seeking information from Karan about his twin brother Arjun. Arif wanted to know if Karan was in touch with him at all, as his phone records showed the latter had been around Karan’s home. Arif had an inkling Karan could be lying, but Devika stepped in to save her husband some trouble and claimed the brothers had not been in touch for many years. Arjun as Karan confirmed Devika’s words, but Arif was insistent. He hung around the house, claiming to respect the police officers they were, and discreetly planted a bug in the hope of catching some information about Arjun. 


What was the cause of the argument between Arjun and Devika?

As Arif left, Devika was concerned about CBI walking into their homes in the middle of the night. The next day in the office, Devika interrogated Arjun as Karan to find out what made him and Rahil head to the docks in the middle of the night. She was furious because Karan could have lost his life. Unbeknownst to her, Karan was actually no more, yet she could not sense that it was Arjun who was in front of her, which was bizarre. Arjun, as Karan, was responding calmly instead of snapping at his wife, which should have been the first indication. Arjun who is pretending to be Karan claimed the brothers hadn’t met for many years, and he stuck to this particular narrative. 

What happened during Rahil’s funeral?

Rahil, just like Karan, had passed away in the shootout, and the funeral was attended by Arif Khan and his men at CBI. Arjun was disturbed by Arif Khan showing up at the funeral as well. Arjun was wondering if the CBI officer was onto something that made him want to speak to the man about the Anand Mishra case. Arjun approached Arif once again and informed him that he had no clue of his brother’s whereabouts. Since Arif had made the motive very clear, Arjun claimed the officer was hell-bent on proving his brother guilty without looking for any other person of interest who could be involved. Arjun stated, would also look into the matter of Anand Mishra’s death, and hopefully, his brother won’t be found guilty. 


Was Kasbe in trouble?

Kasbe was the gangster now in jail who had fallen into trouble because of the shootout between Raghav and the police. Kasbe was involved in ivory trading, and the shootout had caused a stir amongst the police, who were now looking for Raghav. Kasbe’s client was not happy with the way matters had turned ugly and had asked the mafia don to keep his nephew in check. Kasbe was angry at Raghav for almost derailing the operation in his rage to showcase his prowess as a gangster. Kasbe could be in trouble, but he could not bring things under control from prison. 

What was the plan hatched by Kiki and Arjun?

Arjun had to get out of the faux life he was leading with Devika to find out answers about his brother’s death. He was pretending to be a police officer when he was not one. In his bid to get away from that life, he visited Kiki, who advised him to lean into what Devika expects from Karan as a husband, and to be at home and find answers about his brother’s death. Being good to Devika would only help him further. Arjun, however, was skeptical, as he knew his brother and Devika were on the cusp of getting a divorce, and she had begun to annoy him, thinking he was Karan. Arjun took Kiki’s advice seriously and hoped for the best. 


Did Devika receive an apology?

Devika and Arjun, as Karan, were on the lookout for Raghav, who was Kasbe’s nephew and right-hand man. He had hoped to get closer to Devika to get to the bottom of what Karan was dealing with professionaly and what he was investigating before he was killed. Both had a little chat about how he, as a husband, should have been less insecure and more understanding of her professional commitments instead of turning everything that was happening in the office into a reason to argue. Devika did receive an apology, but that was from Arjun and not Karan. Devika was content upon hearing Karan’s words and wondered if the near-death experience at the docks was the reason behind his apology. Both decided to sort out the matter instead of resorting to arguing. Arjun had to make sure Devika was on his side, and this time he was successful in doing so. 

What was Raghav up to?

Raghav, being the right-hand man of Kasbe, was keen on establishing his power and becoming next in line for leadership, and to prove his prowess, he’d kicked off the mess that happened at the dock that killed Karan. Devika and Arjun were able to locate him and find out what was happening. Raghav was spotted by the duo transferring loads of containers from the train to several trucks, and it was obvious he and his team were involved in illegal smuggling of some contraband. Raghav had been given the task as Kasbe had no one else who could finish them. Raghav could be transporting the ivory collected from elephants being killed, which was seen at the beginning of the show. Ivory was one of the biggest illegal exports from the country, especially to China, something that was shown in Kannur Squad as well. Kasbe was most likely involved in this trade, and Karan, when he was alive, received a tip regarding it. There was a possibility Anand Mishra was planning to write an exposé on the illegal ivory trade and was killed on the orders of Kasbe. All of this could be linked, and it would lead Arjun and Arif to Kasbe. 

Was Arjun attacked again?

Devika and Arjun were able to tackle Raghav and his men. The whole idea behind Arjun going after Raghav was to figure out how he was linked to Karan’s death. Arjun remembered Raghav chasing him and Kiki, as he was under the impression that Karan was alive. This was a case of mistaken identity, and only Kiki and Arjun knew the truth. He formed a connection, and it led to him going after Raghav to find the answers he had been seeking. So far, Arjun was not worried about Arif Khan coming after him in search of information in regard to Anand Mishra’s death. Arjun, however, might find some link to the death of the journalist through Raghav and will most likely be forced to share the same with Arif Khan in the hope of getting rid of the tag of a suspect. However, this chase between Arjun and Raghav was indeed important. The episode ended with Raghav eventually confronting Arjun with a gun, and the last thing we heard was a gunshot. 

Arjun was probably attacked once again, or Raghav might have shot the gun in the air to scare Arjun away. The end was not clear about who got shot and saved. There could be a possibility Devika reached them, and she could’ve been the one who injured Raghav. She may have wanted to save Karan once again, and ever since the apology, she believes the relationship dynamics between her and Karan might have changed. Her instincts may have kicked in, and she injured the man who was trying to kill her partner.


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