‘Bad Cop’ Episode 2 Recap: Did Arjun Decide To Avenge His Brother’s Death?

The first episode of Bad Cop, the new Hotstar Original, ended with Karan and Arjun, the twins, being shot by Kasbe’s men, and then jumping into the water nearby to get away. Just a while before that, Arjun had approached his brother Karan about helping him get out of a mess he had gotten into. Unfortunately, they were ambushed and had no time to converse.


Spoilers Ahead

Who was rescued from the sea?

As the police reached the scene of the shoot, Devika arrived too. As shown in the last episode, she’d received a tip from her informant and asked for a backup at the docks to save Karan from an ambush. Devika and the rest of the police assumed it was Karan who’d survived the attack, and he was taken to the hospital. But the audience watching the show would notice the injury on the shoulder, indicating Arjun had been rescued while Karan was either missing or dead. Nobody, including Devika, was aware of Karan’s sudden meeting with Arjun, and that it was he who was shifted to the hospital and operated upon. Arjun did not have the strength to reveal that Karan was shot and had drowned in the sea. Devika was trying to patch things up with Arjun, thinking he was Karan. 


What was Arif informed about Arjun?

Arif had the image of Arjun Chavan in his hand, whose DNA matched the samples found on Anand Mishra’s body after he was killed. The Pune police informed him that Arjun was the younger twin of Karan Chavan, who worked for the Mumbai Police. Arif was requested to be understanding of Devika and Karan because both were married and colleagues as well. He was keen to know if Karan had been in touch with his brother, and if any connection was established, the police officer would be in trouble. 

Why is Arjun feeling overwhelmed?

Arjun felt very out of place in his brother’s home. While Devika was recovering from the shock of having almost lost her husband, she hoped to change her attitude, as Karan had mentioned during the fight before he left. Unbeknownst to her, Karan was no more, and it was Arjun she was dealing with. It was bizarre to know Devika, who’d lived with Karan for many years, still could not differentiate her husband from her brother-in-law. Karan, however, had a hard time keeping the news of his brother’s death to himself and had a tough time conversing with Kiki while asking her to decide to leave Maharashtra for good. 


Was Devika informed about Arif’s investigation?

Devika received a phone call about Arif Khan of the CBI visiting Mumbai to investigate the death of journalist Anand Mishra. She was also made aware of Arjun being a prime suspect, with Arif being in town to question Karan and his connection with his twin brother. She confronted her husband, still not knowing he was really Arjun, and informed him of the details of the investigation team coming down to ask questions about her brother-in-law. She made her feelings for Arjun very clear. As Karan lied about not being in touch and his willingness to speak to the police, Arjun and Devika’s conversation proved that Karan had always gone all out to get his brother out of trouble, and she hoped this time Karan would not repeat the behavior.

Was Kasbe angry?

Kasbe was angry at the turn of events at the docks that almost exposed their syndicate. Since a police officer was injured in the process, this would put Kasbe and his gang and their illegal business in jeopardy. He asked his right-hand man to hold back from attacking police officers, as the matter would get worse. His henchmen were set aside, and the man grew livid at the turn of events. He wanted to prove his power and go against his boss’s instructions. 


What did Arjun write in the letter?

Overwhelmed and full of guilt, Arjun writes a letter to Devika explaining everything that happened on the docks and up until then. He also mentioned that he does not have the courage to face her, which is why he was writing this letter. Kiki was, however, not happy with the idea of him writing her a letter, as Devika was a cop as well. Kiki was worried that the letter might be used against him in court, as he was already a suspect in Anand Mishra’s murder case. Arjun, however, revealed that he felt lighthearted after having written everything down, as it would bring closure to Devika and she would be able to move on. He did not think about the repercussions of leaving a letter of that magnitude. 

Who attacked Arjun and Kiki?

On their way to take a boat to reach the Gujarat coast, they were chased by Kasbe’s men, including the henchman. The driver turned out to be Kasbe’s man as well, and this was how he was made aware of the mafia don’s involvement. The attack involved a high-speed car chase, and somehow, they managed to save their lives. Arjun also understood that, just like Devika, they had mistaken him for Karan, the police officer, and they wanted him dead. 

Did Arjun decide to avenge his brother’s death?

Arjun, realizing his brother was probably killed for working against the mafia run by Kasbe, decided to take it upon himself to get to the bottom of this matter and avenge Karan’s death. Their life post-teens, Karan and Arjun had lived differently, which was why they chose two different paths of life. Nevertheless, Karan and Arjun always stood up for each other in good times and bad, which made all the difference. Arjun was having survival guilt, and that could be the reason why he wanted to go after Kasbe and his men and find answers. Arjun was not worried about Arif coming after him, all guns blazing. Kiki informed him of the letter he left for Devika. Arjun would have to race back to her home and destroy the letter before all his secrets were out. Since he had decided to go after his brother’s killers, he would have to be Karan and behave like him. This would also change his relationship dynamics with Kiki and Devika. He had not thought ahead to what the repercussions of his actions would be, but he wanted the people who killed Karan to be dead. 

On reaching Devika’s home, she was holding the envelope that had his letter, and she assumed he had gone to meet Arjun. Devika was aware of the relationship dynamics Karan and Arjun had shared, which made her suspect his moves since she mentioned him being a prime suspect in a murder. However, he got rid of the letter, but at the same time, Arif Khan showed up at the door to question Karan about Arjun. It does not make sense for CBI officers to show up for questioning at odd hours. The makers probably took cinematic liberties. Arif’s presence in the city would mean Arjun’s world might go for a toss, which would further cause mayhem.


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