‘Bad Cop’ Episode 1 Recap: Were Karan And Arjun Shot?

Bad Cop is a new Hotstar special starring the amazing Gulshan Devaiah in a dual role as twin brothers fighting crime in their own way. This was not the first time Gulshan Devaiah had acted as twin brothers. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota had Gulshan in a similar avatar, on two opposite spectrums of life. Bad Cop, however, is a story of switched identities and how one of them manages to escape and hide as a crime follows him.


Spoilers Ahead

Were Arjun and Kiki crooks?

Set between Pune and Mumbai, the show began with Kiki entertaining a rich man in a hotel room, and this act was interrupted by Arjun, who walked in as a raging husband and used a fake gun and pretended to kill his wife. He asks the rich man for all his money, cards, and his expensive watch to avoid him falling into trouble. The rich man soon learned he was mugged by Arjun and Kiki, who were a couple. They were seasoned thieves who were used to looting the rich under the guise of the woman seducing the men. 


What happened to Arjun while escaping from the hotel?

On their way out of the hotel, Arjun was a witness to a man being murdered. In his bid to save the man, Arjun’s DNA ended on the man who died of stab wounds. To escape the police investigation and jail time, Arjun and Kiki changed their cars and clothes and left Pune immediately. The only way out was to contact Karan, his older twin brother, who worked with the Mumbai Police. The brothers had not been in touch for years, which made it hard for Arjun to contact the man over the phone. He wanted to approach Karan discreetly and in person, hoping to ask him to help him with the case.

Who was investigating the death of journalist Anand Mishra?

CBI officer Arif Khan was given the charge of investigating the death of journalist Anand Mishra, the person Arjun tried to save. Anand and Arif were good friends, and the latter was shaken by the news of his friend’s brutal death. This mission was personal for him, and he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter to find the killer. Arif Khan was initially removed from the case because of his friendship with the deceased. Arif was adamant about wanting to find the killer, and his first response was to send the sample found on the deceased for DNA testing. The hotel staff was sure the killers were Arjun and Kiki. Arif Khan was quick to find out the DNA found on Anand Mishra’s body belonged to Arjun Chavan, and he received the image of the said person as well. 


What was the relationship status of Devika and Karan?

Devika was Karan’s superior at the police station. They were also a married couple who kept constantly arguing and bickering about her promotion over him. Karan complains of her changed attitude towards him. This was typical of the male ego, as he claims to follow the orders of Devika at work yet shows concerns regarding it while at home. This double standard bothered her, and it came to the point where they were both contemplating divorce. Both had begun to sleep in different rooms, and the argument that night ended with Karan walking out of the house to work on a case regarding an illegal shipment reaching the docks. 

Who was Kasbe?

Kasbe was a local mafia don who had a large stronghold in the city and was known for his many illegal activities for many years. He was in prison for crimes he’d committed, the exact nature of which was not disclosed. However, he was living a lavish life in prison, running his syndicate, and having many people working for him. Kasbe’s informant was arrested by Karan, who had let the police officer know of the shipment arriving after sundown. Kasbe, just like any other mafia don, was known for his ruthlessness, but he was still an influential person in the city.


What was Karan and Arjun’s childhood like?

Karan and Arjun were probably named after the famous Rakesh Roshan film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. The twins were raised in an orphanage. While Karan was the quiet kid, Arjun was a nuisance. Both always stood up for each other growing up, which was why many years later Arjun was back asking for help, hoping Karan would be there to get him out of trouble. 

Why was Karan at the docks?

Karan was at the docks on the basis of information shared by Kasbe’s man, who gave him a tip about the arrival of the illegal shipment at the docks. They wanted to make some key arrests as well and make sure some important links connected to Kasbe were also arrested. The docks were empty on their arrival, which they found strange. As they were looking around, searching for anyone, Karan ran into his twin brother Arjun. Karan was shocked to find him there and asked him to leave the premises as soon as possible. Arjun wanted to share the trouble he had fallen into, but before he could converse with Karan, the shootout began. 

Were Karan and Arjun shot?

Karan requested Arjun multiple times to leave the premises during the shootout as it was dangerous. Karan and his team were ambushed by Kasbe’s men, and there was no end to the gunfire. In the process of combating Kasbe’s men, Karan’s colleague Rahil was also shot dead. This shootout was unexpected, and this was Kasbe’s men retaliating and protecting themselves. The illegal shipment was nowhere to be seen, but this was the beginning of the fight between the mafia and the police. Karan was after Kasbe and his men, and this would be the right moment for his glory, but he was obstructed by Arjun.

Arjun had picked the wrong time and place to discuss the incident in Pune, but there was no other way to get in touch with Karan. Arjun was not on good terms with his sister-in-law, Devika, because of the life of crime he had chosen for himself. The younger twin could not have been wrong about following his brother to discuss the matter. Karan gave everything in his power to save Arjun from being injured or, worse, killed at the hands of Kasbe. Both were cornered by Kasbe’s men by the end of the episode. As they were headed to jump into the sea to save themselves, Arjun was shot in the shoulder as he turned, and Karan was shot multiple times in the back, and they fell into the sea. This was the only way to save themselves, but unfortunately, both got shot, and there was no clarity on who survived the gunshots. Arjun could not find time to share his concerns, and things around him would probably go out of control post-this event. No one at this point knew Arjun was with Karan, and that might add to the confusion.


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