‘As the Crow Flies’ Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Selim Want To Leave Lale?

Turkish Netflix series As the Crow Flies came back with another season, shedding light on the aftermath of Lale Kiran’s resignation from her broadcasting channel MON5. Season 2 of As the Crow Flies is all about the constant competition going on between Asli and Lale Kiran, which takes a toll on both their professional and personal lives, but at the end of this unequal battle, Asli learns that karma is a terrible thing.


In the previous season of As the Crow Flies, Lale had resigned from the network, and Asli secured her position as a new TV anchor for the network’s program “The Other Side”. However, the public didn’t appreciate Asli as much as they used to love Lale when she was the host of the show, so to make the show more captivating to the audience, Asli restructured the entire program while also changing the setup. But even after this, the question remains: would Asli be able to salvage her and her show’s reputation? Or would she be defeated by Lale Kiran in the race for TRP? Let’s find that out.

Spoilers Ahead


What Happens In Season 2?

After Lale left the network, Asli Tuna took over the program “The Other Side,” but her style and charm didn’t come close to Lale’s ability to attract others. Asli’s show became dull and a daily topic of criticism for the people on social media, which was concerning for the network. The manager, Gul, and the editor-in-chief, Muge, who were very dissatisfied with the show’s ratings, were planning to bring on a new face to replace Asli Tuna. However, Asli could sense that Muge and Gul were planning something against her, so she came up with the idea of changing the entire program structure along with its setup. Asli told the set boys to remove the desk, as she was going to present the news standing up from then on. Asli also changed the old ways; she decided to read the most trending and discussed events on social media, which made a mockery of journalism, according to Lale. Meanwhile, Yusuf, whom we knew from the previous season as an informer working for MON5, entered the big picture in season 2. Asli also enlisted Guliz’s help to thrive in the network, but Guliz, who was the daughter of a prominent media personality, soon took over MON5 by firing the manager, Gul. After Guliz took the reins, she continued to back Asli in her every decision, but only to keep her in control. Asli also had her suspicions about Muge, so she ended up firing Muge from the network as well.

Lale Kiran, on the other hand, dealt with unemployment and spent most of her free time cooking for her children, but Selim realized she was not happy. Selim contacted Kenan and asked if he could do something for Lale to get her into their network, and Kenan agreed. Kenan, who was working for a different network named Gunce TV, hired Lale as the new TV presenter. Lale accepted the job and restored her mental stability, but she couldn’t compete with the highly-rated show hosted by Asli Tuna, who remained at the top of all the news broadcasting channels. But Lale never gave up hope and was determined to elevate her show to the highest rank.


What Was Nazli’s Plan?

Nazli, a newly introduced character who was a new employee at MON5, became Asli’s personal assistant. Nazli was just like Asli Tuna when she first came to this network. Just like Asli, Nazli also wanted to employ shortcuts to rise to fame and success and planned to defame Asli Tuna to finally replace her. However, Asli, who was familiar with this scheme, caught Nazli very easily, but Nazli, who was even more cunning than Asli, faked an assault by pouring hot tea on herself and blaming Asli for it. Nazli even filed a complaint against Asli, accusing her of assault. However, Lale Kiran came to Asli’s rescue and helped her by providing a lawyer, who eventually cleared Asli’s name from the criminal records. Lale never wanted to take revenge on Asli, but her decision to help her out was Lale’s way to kill her enemy with kindness. But Asli wasn’t even a little bit grateful to Lale, because Asli was simply a human being devoid of sympathy, remorse, or any kind of human emotion except for rage and jealousy.

Why Did Selim Want To Leave Lale?

Selim and Lale were superficially happy in their marriage, with their two kids, living their idea of a perfect family life, but Lale was no longer in love with Selim. Her heart always reached out to Kenan, her former lover and friend, who’d always understood her. Selim, who loved Lale unconditionally, always wanted the best for her, so when he realized that Lale wasn’t happy in her marriage, Selim decided to leave so that Kenan could enter Lale’s life. Lale never wanted to leave Selim, but her silence was also killing her relationship with her husband. They were only together for the sake of their marriage, while Lale desired to have Kenan back in her life. Selim and Lale ended up on good terms and got a divorce, but while Selim stayed at their house with his daughters, Lale chose to move out to another apartment. On the other hand, Kenan, who wanted to maintain a healthy friendship with Lale, was constantly avoided by her. Lale initially refrained from getting involved with Kenan, which created an unusual distance between them. Therefore, Kenan decided to leave Gunce TV and join his old network, MON5, after Guliz approached him. However, when Kenan learned that Lale and Selim had separated, he didn’t hesitate to take a chance. On his last day on Gunce TV, Kenan finally asked Lale out. Moreover, Lale, who had realized that she needed to move on in her life with the things she actually loved, agreed to give her and Kenan’s relationship another shot.


What Happened To Asli?

Asli’s show became a hit and a daily topic of discussion, but she had never been a true journalist who cared about the facts other than gossip and social media trends. Asli had brought many changes to their program, which brought top ratings to the channel, but deep down she knew that she was a failure as a journalist. After firing Gul, Muge, and everyone she disliked, Asli finally realized that she still didn’t own the network, as Guliz remained the head of the company. For Asli, her pride and ego always came first. Even though she fell in love with Yusuf, it never seemed like she cared about him. When Yusuf was hired by Lale for their network, Gunce TV, Asli tried to pursue a romantic relationship with Yusuf, only to gain knowledge of Lale’s activities. Yusuf’s feelings for Asli were genuine, but he failed to understand how much of a psychopath Asli had become in her greed for power and fame. Asli finally hit rock bottom and gradually lost all the loved ones she had in her life. When Lale Kiran’s program on Gunce TV got the top ratings, Guliz realized that MON5 needed Lale more than anyone. Guliz began to act strangely towards Asli, dropping hints that Asli would have to leave the channel any time soon. Asli understood the hint and found herself on the brink of her career’s end. Asli got drunk and appeared on the set of “The Other Side.” As cameras rolled, Asli began to talk gibberish, cried like a baby, and blamed the entire network for her wrecked career. Asli recognized her fall from grace and understood the strike of karma. When Lale had to quit her job after getting filthily pranked by Asli, Gul, and Muge, she became a hero in the people’s eyes, who lauded her for her decision to leave this network. But Asli couldn’t get a similar reaction from the public or her fellow workers; rather, when she decided to quit the network, people were finally relieved that they wouldn’t have to tolerate her anymore. There was no one in the network who came to stop Asli from leaving the channel, which devastated her mental stability.

Kenan gave Lale an offer to restart her career on MON5, but Lale didn’t want to return to the old network anymore. Lale decided to give that opportunity to Yusuf, who remained a loyal friend in Lale’s life. Lale highly recommended Yusuf to be the news host because he was passionate and focused on his work. Yusuf took over “The Other Side” and quickly became appreciated by everyone. However, Asli wasn’t even happy for Yusuf, proving the point that she had never actually loved him. When Yusuf came to her house to celebrate his success, Asli humiliated him and kicked him out of the door, breaking Yusuf’s heart.

What Can We Expect From Season 3?

In the concluding moments of As the Crow Flies season 2, we saw Asli being approached by Gul, who opened a new network and a talk show hosted by Asli Tuna. Gul was sure that this show would bring them top ratings, thanks to Asli’s knack for discussing the most controversial topics. On the other hand, Lale, who was settling for her new life with Kenan and was finally happy, found that someone had leaked her sex tape on social media to defame her. Season 2 didn’t elaborate on these rumors regarding Lale’s life, probably to set the stage for an upcoming season where this mystery will be unraveled. Even though there is no official announcement regarding the renewal of the show for its third season, we can anticipate this storyline to move further to shed light on what went wrong in Lale’s life.

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