‘As The Crow Flies’ Season 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Asli?

The Turkish Netflix series As the Crow Flies tells the story of the constant power battle going on in the corporate world. The series released its first season in 2022, and now, in 2023, Netflix is all set to release the second season of the series. As the Crow Flies talks about the power struggle and the struggle to survive in the corporate world, where every ordinary person’s dream is to achieve huge success at once. The main antagonist of our show, Asli Tuna’s main goal in life is to become a successful and famous TV personality like the renowned news host Lale Kiran, but to achieve that dream, Asli must eliminate anyone who stands in her way. Let’s see what Asli Tuna can do to secure her position in the media world and if Lale Kiran can stop her from doing so.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What happens In The Series?

Lale Kiran, a renowned TV personality and news correspondent working for a broadcasting channel, MON5, is a strong, confident, and powerful woman who was married to a man named Selim and had two little girls. On the broadcasting channel MON5, Lale used to work with her ex-boyfriend, Kenan, her best friend Muge, as well as their manager, Gul. Lale Kiran was almost like a celebrity and a role model for every aspiring journalist. One of them was Asli Tuna, a student journalist, who joined MON5 as a new intern. But Asli didn’t only aspire to be like Lale; her true intention was to grab Lale’s position shortly and strategically so that success and fame could easily come her way without her even having to work hard.


Asli met Lale Kiran at her college, where Lale attended a seminar as a lecturer. When Asli stumbled upon Lale at the washroom, she exaggerated her love for Lale, like a fangirl, and also talked about her aspirations to be like her, but Lale rudely responded to Asli’s overenthusiasm, saying that Asli should be chasing real news more than chasing Lale Kiran. From that day on, Asli began to develop a competitive mindset towards Lale, but she knew that it was an unequal battle for her. Therefore, Asli found a strategic way to replace Lale Kiran on her broadcasting network. After joining MON5, Asli found herself in competition with other interns who were even more hardworking and passionate than she was, so Asli eventually got rid of all of them and managed to secure her position as an employee for MON5.

Did Lale End Up With Selim?

Asli tried to defame Lale Kiran in several ways, like by creating a lot of fake social media accounts and posting on Twitter against Lale Kiran, accusing her of promoting fake news. But Lale managed to handle the situation and salvage her reputation every time. After that, Asli decided to break Lale Kiran from within. Not only in her professional life but also in her personal life, Asli aimed to destroy Lale’s peace of mind. Kenan, who was still obsessed with Lale and wanted to get her back in his life, became Asli’s next target. Asli lied to Kenan about Lale’s feelings for him so that Kenan would try to win Lale back, causing a significant problem in Lale’s married life. But Lale told Kenan the truth: they were over and she was not interested in pursuing a relationship with him, which eventually broke Kenan’s heart.


Why Did Asli Hurt Lale?

Asli Tuna was desperate to climb the ladder of success by any means necessary, even though she wasn’t talented or passionate about her work. By creating social media accounts and defaming Lale on Twitter, she was trying to make Lale’s position in the network fragile so that Lale would have to resign from her post one day. Asli tried to utilize Lale’s personal assistant, Ozge, in order to achieve that, which caused a misunderstanding between the two close friends. But after Ozge got fired and suffered an accident, Lale came to the hospital to meet her friend; however, Asli interfered and asked Lale to leave as Ozge didn’t want to see her anymore. After Ozge’s recovery, on the day of her wedding, she decided to invite Lale but didn’t expect her to come. However, as Lale attended the wedding and talked to Ozge about her refusal to meet Lale at the hospital, both of them got a reality check on Asli. Lale discovered that it was Asli who’d tried to get rid of the employees in MON5, so Lale should take a vital step to remove her. Asli was finally caught, but Lale didn’t fire her. Instead of worrying about Asli’s future, Lale assigned her to gather knowledge in field reporting, but Asli wasn’t interested in the assignment as her main objective was to ruin Lale’s career in order to take revenge on her.

After Kenan realized that he had no chance of getting back with Lale Kiran, Asli took a chance on him. Asli wooed Kenan, who finally slept with her, but even Kenan realized that it was a mistake, so Kenan had to end things with Asli and fire her from the network. Asli was furious, so she hurried to Lale’s house and lashed out at her. Asli even went so far as to hurt Lale by throwing a mirror at her and knocking her down. However, even after that, Lale didn’t take any drastic decisions to ruin Asli’s career by dragging this incident to the media.


Why Did Lale Resign From The Network?

In the end, it turned out that Asli wasn’t the only one who wanted something bad to happen to Lale; Lale’s best friend, Muge, and the manager of the network, Gul, were also covertly trying to defame Lale. As Lale was the best of the best in the network and became the renowned face whom everyone adored and respected, Muge became jealous of Lale, thinking that she might have deserved the same glamour that Lale was receiving at the time, so teaming up with Asli and Gul, Muge fed Lale false news to present in front of the camera. However, Lale Kiran wasn’t born yesterday. Lale had strengthened her feet on her own without using any short cuts. Rather, it was her hard work and her loyalty to journalism that had made her the most renowned news host. So, Lale Kiran could easily comprehend that it was fake news, which was going to ruin her career, so while presenting the news, without any hesitation, Lale admitted that she had been pranked by her colleagues to promote fake news. Muge, Gul, and Asli were shocked to learn that Lale was aware of their prank, so they hurriedly asked the camera to go off, but Kenan stood in their way and told the cameras to roll on. Finally, Lale Kiran, who had just told the truth, continued saying that she was a famous journalist and TV personality only because she had always loved this job. Without love, passion, and hard work, no one could achieve their goal, so Lale believed anyone who’d want to become the next Lale Kiran must have that passion and faithfulness to true journalism inside their minds. While Lale Kiran continued giving her speech, her words triggered Asli, who never wanted to become a true journalist, but only wanted an easy way to become famous. Lale Kiran decided to resign from her post, as she was tired of this conspiracy and extremely devastated to see how her best friend Muge had backstabbed her. Finally, after resigning the job, Lale became a hero in people’s eyes, who began to laud her decision to leave the network for the sake of true journalism. Muge, Gul, and Asli could have never have imagined that their plan would backfire this way.

What Happened To Asli?

In the concluding scenes of season 1 of As the Crow Flies, we saw Muge and Gul had made Asli their new face after Lale Kiran. Asli’s dream was fulfilled, as she had always wanted to conquer the position Lale once had in MON5, but while facing the camera, she couldn’t gather the confidence that Lale had. She felt she was not yet ready to be a TV presenter as smart and confident as Lale was. Throughout her time in MON5, Asli had never actually learned anything about journalism, as most of her time was spent only getting jealous of other people and plotting to destroy their careers, so no matter how Asli had achieved her dream, it remained unfulfilled for her as she couldn’t become the next Lale Kiran.


When the camera started rolling, Asli looked at the interns and the employees of MON5, who were looking up to her work, but this time Asli couldn’t feel sure enough that she could really have anything to offer the interns. We saw the camera start rolling, but Asli remained silent as she kept staring at the camera. On the other hand, we saw Lale Kiran dealing with her internal conflicts after resigning from her post, but she was finally happy to give quality time to her family. Lale put all her awards in a drawer and went on to enjoy her free time with her family. It was probably a tiny break in Lale’s life, which was also necessary for her. In the upcoming season, we’ll probably see Lale Kiran back in business, facing adversities in the media world.

Final Words

In the upcoming season of As the Crow Flies, we hope to see Lale Kiran back in the game, as the trailer says. We also saw how Asli made some changes in the broadcasting network after replacing Lale, but will these changes be appreciated by the network or would Lale have to enter the game to fix everything up? Let’s see how things unfold in As the Crow Flies Season 2.


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