‘As If It’s True’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Gemma And James?

As If It’s True is a Filipino movie that follows the story of Gemma Stone, a social media influencer who gains fame by sharing relatable content about her struggles with her boss, who exploits her and doesn’t pay her enough. Gemma’s followers relate to her as she navigates the challenges of adulthood, along with her partner Yara, who joins her in sharing their personal lives online. However, after their breakup, Gemma faces ridicule and struggles to maintain relevance among her followers. Desperate to regain attention, she meets James, a musician, and decides to fake a relationship with him to boost her online presence. Initially just a prop, their fake relationship gradually turns real as they develop genuine feelings for each other. The movie highlights the dangers of sharing too much of one’s personal life on social media and the consequences it can have on relationships. It ultimately suggests that it’s better to keep certain aspects of your life private, as oversharing can lead to negative outcomes.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Her Initial Interaction With James Like?

After the viral video featuring Gemma’s boss, her popularity soared alongside that of her partner Yara. They gained millions of subscribers. But things took a downturn when Gemma split from Yara and got a new boyfriend, Antony. People started leaving hurtful comments, questioning her character and loyalty. Gemma felt more awful when she noticed Antony’s lack of attention towards her and caught him with another girl at a nightclub. When she confronted him, Antony claimed the other girl, Cielo, was better than her and less toxic. He also told Gemma that he felt suffocated around her because of her constant running for fame and attention. Cielo was very down-to-earth and that’s why he loved her. Hurt by his words, Gemma ended things with him, realizing she was better off without him. At the nightclub, Gemma met James, and they instantly clicked as she saw him in a similar Halloween costume as her. They shared laughs and danced together. When the photographer from the press asked if they were a couple, they jokingly said yes. As they danced, James revealed he found Gemma beautiful and recalled seeing her first viral video crying about her boss, finding it funny. During their dance, James unexpectedly said he loves her. Gemma says that to prove his love, he must punch Antony as revenge for the humiliation. James agreed and made Gemma promise to buy him a MacBook. In the end, James fulfilled his promise and punched Antony. Feeling grateful for James’s loyalty, Gemma grew closer towards James and became intimate after heading home together. Gemma was finally happy to have found someone who cared for her and stood by her side, and as promised, she bought him the Macbook as well.


How Did Gemma And James Use Their Fake Relationship?

Gemma and James had a conversation where James realized Gemma wasn’t just a vlogger seeking attention. Her first video, about her boss, went viral, and she gained a million subscribers by making relatable content about the challenges of adulting faced by twenty-something girls. Wanting to help James gain relevance in his music career, Gemma suggested they pose as a couple. They decided to share pictures together without revealing it was a fake relationship. They debated what to call each other, settling on the boyfriend-girlfriend label to attract more followers to James’s music. While James questioned if the world needed a musician like him, Gemma encouraged him to pursue his dreams despite his doubts. They began making affectionate vlogs and reels, pretending to be a couple, and gained popularity. Gemma even visited James’s house and met his mom to form a connection and learn more about him. However, when asked about her own family, Gemma felt uncomfortable and hesitated to share. James assured her of confidentiality, and Gemma eventually confided in him, showing she trusted him with her personal issues. James composed a song for Gemma, and Gemma created videos of them together with that song. She shared it on social media, gaining more popularity as a couple. Soon, James also began gaining a significant number of followers.

What Ultimately Led To Their Breakup?

Soon, they found out that Antony and Cielo were engaged, and Cielo started flaunting her ring in the nightclub, suggesting that James should give Gemma a better ring by competing with them. This irritated him and led him to the restroom to cool off his mind. Meanwhile, Yara arrived, and this was her and Gem’s first meeting since the fued, and this ignited old sparks between them. This made James jealous. Additionally, Cielo asked Gem and Yara to make a video of each other as clickbait, which broke James’s heart when he saw that on YouTube. Gem assured him it was just for content, but it made James wonder if everything Gem did was solely for content. This caused James’s mental health to deteriorate, leading him to consider medication. Gem suggested they could advertise his mental health struggles as an underdog story to gain fans. This further left James confused about her intentions. The next day, James saw Gemma packing to leave his house, which disheartened him as he didn’t want to lose her. Gem expressed how she felt unappreciated, leading to a heated argument. As James was on the verge of a breakdown, suddenly, Gemma revealed it was all a prank. This revelation was devastating to James, as he realized their relationship was only for public attention. He decided to leave, and though Gemma offered to go with him, James refused. He questioned if he was just a prop for her to get momentum on social media. This angered Gem, who dismissed his feelings. Hurtful words were exchanged, and James went home. Gemma began to miss him and arranged a romantic picnic to apologize. She waited all day for James, finally confessing her love and denying seeing him as a prop. However, James expressed how he felt worthless and useless, no longer feeling love for her due to her manipulation and exploitation of his mental health and career. He also admitted to initially using her for her money and celebrity status, but then he realized that he was actually falling in love with her. This realization made her actions towards him even more hurtful for him to bear. They both decided to break up after they went home.


During As If It’s True‘s ending, Gem uploaded a video admitting their relationship started fake but turned real over time. She expressed genuine love for him, clarifying that her feelings were authentic. This moment reflects the complexities of modern social media relationships, where initial pretenses can evolve into genuine connections. It highlights the blurred lines between real-life and online personas, showing how authenticity can emerge in unexpected ways.

Sutanuka Banerjee
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