‘Anikulapo: Rise Of The Spectre’ Cast And Character Guide

Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre, a Nigerian Netflix drama, is the continuation of the 2022 film of the same name, directed by Kunle Afolayan. The series follows the aftermath of Saro’s failure to resurrect a dead man, which got him killed. After Queen Arolake gave him the power of resurrection, Saro became so consumed by pride and hubris that he began to overlook his wife’s contribution to his life. He began to marry a lot of women, which broke Arolake’s heart, prompting her to leave him. In this recently released Netflix series, Saro woke up in the realm of the dead and found that he would have to pay off his debts to the Akala bird in order to become a human once again and live on earth. The series has introduced a lot of characters who weren’t part of the film, so let’s take a look at these characters to know a little bit about them.



Portrayed by Kunle Remi, Saro is back in the Netflix series Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre as the central protagonist of the story, but this time, Saro no longer possesses his superpower to bring the dead back to life. And now, he would have to kill those resurrected people to become a human once again and get back to the land of living. Saro’s character arc is filled with ups and downs, as is his conflicted relationship with Arolake. In the film as well, he had made so many mistakes and faced the consequences, but in this series, he may try to redeem himself. In this series, let’s see if Saro and Arolake will reconcile or if their relationship has been scarred forever. 


Portrayed by Bimbo Ademoye, Queen Arolake, who used to be the wife of the King, fell in love with Saro and was gifted with the power of resurrection by the Akala bird. But Arolake gave the power to Saro, who later became the Anikulapo, a person who carried death in his pocket. However, Saro began to treat Arolake exactly the way she had been treated by the king before. When she found that Saro was interested in other women more than her, she couldn’t bear the humiliation. In this series, Arolake, who had been given a new gift of endless wealth, lived with another man named Akin. Let’s see if this new gift of wealth keeps Arolake grounded or if she makes the same mistake that Saro once did. 



Played by Sola Sobowale, Awarun was first seen in the Netflix film “Anikulapo,” the origin story of the Netflix series. In the film, Awarun had a brief affair with Saro, who felt attracted to her, but Awarun made it clear that their feelings weren’t mutual. In this six-part Netflix series, we saw some surprising developments surrounding Awarun’s character as Olatorera, the daughter she had with a palm wine tapper, Karounwi, got married to Saro, who had been granted only three years to live among the humans on earth. Now it remains to be seen if there will be anything going on between Saro and Awarun or if they will have to forget their past connections in order to secure their future.


Played by a veteran actor, Bashorun is the major antagonist of the series. Bashorun is the chief of the king’s oracle, who advised the king to take necessary actions to prevent the downfall of the Oyo kingdom. Teaming up with Fasogun, Bashorun tried to convince the king that the kingdom of Oyo would be freed from the Akala’s curse, but only if they would be able to find Arolake and bring her back to the kingdom to punish her. However, Bashorun definitely bore animosity toward the king, as his previous demands to fund the military had been refused by the king, so he decided to find Arolake on his own, with the help of another man named Adigun. Bashorun also faced consequences for his actions, but his fate was not explicitly revealed in the series, which leaves room for speculation that the villain might return for another season of this saga. 



Akin is a newly introduced character in the series Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre and the new lover of Arolake, who, after receiving the gift of endless wealth, settled down with the man and began to live a happy life. But fate had something else in store for both Akin and Arolake, who became Bashorun’s targets. Akin acted as a protective shield for Arolake and was the only one who genuinely loved the queen. When Bashorun captured her and held her in prison, Akin came to her rescue. Let’s see whether Akin will be the one whom Queen Arolake ultimately decides to end up with.


Olatorera is another newly introduced character in the series, and she is the daughter of palm wine tapper Karounwi and Awarun. Olatorera’s charm caught Saro’s attention after he returned to earth and had only three years to live as a human. During these three years, Saro was given permission to do whatever he pleased, so he married Olatorera, who later became pregnant with his child. However, Olatorera was aware of her husband’s limited lifetime, so she was worried as to how she would be able to raise her child all alone.



Bashorun’s son, Awolaran, wanted to marry Omowunmi, who ended up getting married to Prince Kuranga from the kingdom of Ede. After Awolaran got into a duel with Kuranga and got defeated, he felt humiliated and escaped the kingdom. Bashorun wanted to keep Awolaran from marrying Omowunmi for political reasons, so Awolaran began to think his own father had turned against him. Let’s see if Awolaran will come back to the kingdom of Oyo with a plan to take revenge on his father.

Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre is all about embracing the Nigerian tradition and the Yoruba culture, which has some amazing mythical stories, like the one depicted in the film and the subsequent series. But the poor execution and the overly dramatic performances squandered the charm of the show, which, according to me, should be skipped. 

Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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