Andre And His Superpowers In ‘Supacell’ Explained: What Happens To His Son, TJ?

Andre in Netflix’s Supacell shows the heartbreaking image of a father who is desperate to care for and protect his son, TJ, but is unable to do so because of the tough hand he’d been dealt in life. Andre was just a regular guy, happily married with a son. But everything changed when he got sent to jail, and it wasn’t even his fault. Actually, one day he gave a ride to a friend who hid drugs in his car without Andre knowing. When the police found the stash, Andre took the fall while his friend walked free. Andre’s strong morals kept him from snitching on his friend, and he ended up in prison for a crime he didn’t even commit. Coming out of prison, he found his life had changed. His ex-wife had moved on with a wealthy man, and Andre lost custody of TJ. He could only see his son if he contributed financially, but finding a job was nearly impossible, despite the fact that he was a hard worker. Andre’s driving force was his love for TJ, and he would do anything to take care of him. But what did he actually do? And did he succeed in providing for TJ in the end? If not, what can we expect from Andre in the future? Let’s dive into his story to find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Andre? 

Andre worked at a call center, but they fired him when a background check revealed his prison history. He hadn’t told them because he knew it would cost him the job, and that’s exactly what happened. Then he tried to find another job and made the mistake of telling the full story about his wrongful imprisonment. But no one wanted to take the risk, and he felt utterly helpless. Without money, he couldn’t see TJ, and it broke his heart because he knew his son loved him and wanted to be with him too. His moral compass was strong; he wanted to be a good father and a good person, but life kept throwing him tough choices. 


How did Andre use his superpower? 

Andre’s superpower was his incredible strength, which let him bend or break any hard object, like a human version of the Hulk. But Andre didn’t know about his power at first. He’d never wanted to be a superhero in the first place; all he wanted was to be a super dad to his son, TJ. One day, desperate to take TJ to a movie, Andre checked his bank account and found barely enough money for food. In frustration and anger, he punched the ATM and discovered his super strength when he broke the machine, and money spilled out. Andre took the money, thinking it would help him and TJ have some good times together. His desperation was so real, and discovering his superpower only added to his conflict. He didn’t want to use his power for wrong, but he felt pushed into desperate actions. In some scenes, you could really see his protective side as well. I would say that being this protective father was his superpower as well. He warned the drug dealers who used to hang around with TJ to stay away from him, as he was determined to keep his son from ending up in prison like him. Andre knew how damaging that life could be and wanted to do anything to prevent it for TJ. But then tax collectors showed up, demanding payment for his debts. Just as Andre was about to use his strength to drive them away, he saw TJ, who tried to help his father by offering the officers his own phone. Andre couldn’t let his son suffer for his mistakes. He handed over the money he took from the ATM, even though he needed it so badly. Andre’s situation kept getting worse. Desperate again, he learned about a drug dealer named Krazy with a safe full of money. With his newfound superpower, breaking into the safe seemed easy. But when he broke into it, he found no money. His power seemed useless until he was abducted by men working for Ray.

Why did Andre work for Ray? 

Ray, a notorious figure in a secret organization, was known for abducting people with powers to exploit them for his own benefit. He saw Andre as the perfect tool to help him capture the other four—Sabrina, Rodney, Michael, and Tazer. Andre wanted to say no, but he didn’t have a choice. He was desperate for money to see his son, and Ray took advantage of that. Ray promised Andre a steady job so he could earn enough to support TJ and see him often without having to worry about money. Even though Andre knew about the other four, he didn’t snitch on them when Ray asked. Maybe, deep down, Andre sensed that Ray was not a good man. Ray claimed he wanted to train the four to use their powers responsibly and wanted to paint them as potential threats and himself as a savior. But Andre had doubts about Ray’s true intentions. But as he had no other option, he went along as a black-hooded agent to abduct the four. His enemies became his allies when he met Michael and the others. Michael revealed the truth about Ray’s exploitation and urged Andre to join their cause instead of working under Ray. Andre decided to flee with Michael and the others, especially after witnessing Krazy, Ray’s supervisor, kill Dionne, Michael’s girlfriend, right before their eyes. This shocking event made Andre realize the true nature of Ray and how he was using people with powers. Despite his desperation, Andre’s moral compass wouldn’t let him be used like that. He chose to stand up against Ray, which showed that even in the darkest times, his integrity remained strong.


What can we expect next from Andre?

In my opinion, Andre’s character has a lot more to offer. I expect him to continue fighting for his son and what’s right. He has shown he’s willing to go to great lengths to protect TJ, and I believe he will keep pushing forward by using his strength and morals to defeat Ray and ensure a better future for his son. But what does Andre’s future hold? Well, I think there will definitely be some consequences for turning against Ray. We saw how Krazy failed in his mission and ended up dead, so maybe the same could happen to Andre. But then again, maybe not. When Michael met his future self, we saw Andre there too, busy defeating his enemies. This hints that he might join Michael to bring down Ray and stop his awful crimes of capturing people with powers. Even if Ray eventually kills him, Andre will die a true superhero for his son, as he will end up doing the right thing instead of siding with the bad people. But as desperate times call for desperate measures, it’s possible Andre might pretend to join Ray again only for money, but in this way, he will work as a spy to gather information and use it against him. But there’s a sad part. In A Town, a turf for prostitution, drug dealing, and all sorts of illegal activities, we see TJ working there. We hope Andre, as the protective father he is, will come to his senses and rescue TJ from this terrible place. Maybe once the organization is demolished, a town will be too. After all, Andre is a father who won’t let his son be lost in this cruel world.

Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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