‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Aidan & Carrie Finally Meet?

The sixth episode of And Just Like That Season 2 was about all the leading ladies battling the bomb cyclone and accomplishing the work assigned to them rather successfully. Che and Miranda break up because there is no point in dragging this out when the two of them have two different mindsets. Lily’s revelation does shock Charlotte and Harry, but as a mother, she was the first to come to terms with her daughter becoming older and letting her make life choices.


Spoilers Ahead

Carrie And Aidan

Episode 7 of And Just Like That begins with Carrie receiving an email from Aidan regarding him being in town and wanting to meet her. Everyone out there who has been a fan of the original S*x and the City knows the significance of Aidan Shaw in Carrie’s life and how things never worked between them, even though they seemed perfect for each other. A lot has happened since they last met and kissed during their surprise meeting in Abu Dhabi. This time, they are scheduled to meet on Valentine’s Day. His meeting her on this day would mean he is not dating anyone, and this could potentially change things for the two of them. Carrie’s anxiety is palpable because, even though their breakup was amicable, the two were extremely heartbroken. Meeting up after almost 10 years will bring back old memories.


Miranda’s Dilemma.

Miranda and Charlotte are excited for Carrie, but this is the first time in many years that Miranda might be on her own during this season of love. The woman is confused about her sexuality since her breakup with Che. She is not sure about the spectrum on which she will categorize herself. Even though the breakup was amicable, she is trying to look for avenues, read books, and go on dating sites to understand what invigorates her. This is a long road ahead for her, and she has plenty of options to choose from. Miranda’s state of mind is muddled now, and rightly so because every person goes through a phase where they are full of questions about their life choices from here on and the mistakes that are bound to happen.

Miranda runs into Amelia Casey, an audiobook star she has been listening to for quite some time. This comes across as a surprising revelation to the viewers because there was never any mention of Miranda finding an audiobook narrator to be enticing enough for her to approach them. The setup was done for the viewers to understand Miranda’s arc. It will be interesting to watch if she will date men or women from this point on.


Miranda’s friend and roommate, Nya, is currently happy with her divorce proceedings going smoothly, and she is keen on spending some time alone on Valentine’s Day while her friends try to make her seem comfortable. It is endearing to watch the show celebrate single women all through these years, as Samantha did in the older show. Nya is owning her spinster life, and she couldn’t be more content because she finally understands how liberating it is to make decisions only for oneself and not worry about anybody else. She spends her Valentine’s Day preparing a decadent chocolate souffle with a glass of wine and cherishing everything she has achieved so far, professionally and personally.

Charlotte and Lisa’s Family woes

Charlotte juggles between getting Rock to audition for new modeling assignments, handling Lily’s newfound teenage life, and wanting to go to a decent fine dining restaurant on Valentine’s Day with Harry. As she ages, she does more things for people around her than for herself. Charlotte and Harry are not complaining, but their kids are. A subplot added just for viewers to get an idea about Charlotte might be reaching a breaking point soon.


Lisa, on the other hand, does not like her son’s new girlfriend and her tendency to indulge in vulgar public displays of affection with him at school premises. Lisa is a concerned mother, and her reaction seemed normal because, as a parent, she carries an instinct that many teenagers, just like her son, do not appreciate. Lisa, just like Charlotte, is having a hard time dealing with her kids and is wondering what could be done to make them see things from a practical perspective.

Ending Explained: Will Aidan and Carrie finally meet?

Miranda is invited by Amelia to her apartment for a date, and she couldn’t be happier to be spending Valentine’s Day with a prospective partner. By going out there and taking charge, Miranda’s acting like the old-school version of herself who loved being at the forefront and doing things that made her happy, back when she purchased an apartment in the city, followed by becoming a partner at her firm. Just like in the past, Miranda was excited about the date until all of it came crashing down the moment she walked into Amelia’s messy and tiny studio apartment. It is judgmental of Miranda to expect Amelia to be a certain way only because of the alluring quality of her voice. This behavior of Miranda has come up many times in the past, and she has managed to get away with it several times. This time Miranda leaves Amelia’s home because she would rather be alone than go on a crappy first date. She probably thinks she owes it to herself after her last two breakups to have a good time.


Charlotte, on the other hand, is having a tough time handling her grown-up kids and their drama. Her rising tension about the situation led to her feeling dizzy, nauseous, and slurring on her date with Harry. On reaching the hospital, the doctor confirmed it was not a stroke, but something she ate that was laced with psychedelic drugs that led to her feeling her sensations all heightened up. Her perceived brush with death led to Charlotte finally deciding to take up the job offer from the gallery she had received from Lisa’s acquaintance. Charlotte is not done being a mother, but she is done taking care of all of them. She can start working on herself now that Lily and Rock have grown up and can fend for themselves. Harry will never say no to Charlotte because she has spent way too much time inside the four walls of their home, and it is her time to soar.

Carrie’s anxiety is at its peak when she is waiting at the restaurant for Aidan, who is almost 40 minutes late. She wonders if he will ditch before meeting her because of their history, but she also knows that Aidan is a nice guy, and he probably will have good reasons for the delay. Carrie’s worrisome demeanor is highly relatable because she is not sure where they stand after all these years. Aidan is a divorcee, and Carrie is a widow, and the two of them falling in love all over again will only suffice if it is Aidan who is the love of her life and not Big. The two of them complete a full circle of life and coming back to each other after whatever they have been through shows there are some lingering feelings.


It turns out Carrie was at the wrong restaurant, and when the two finally met, it was as if nothing had changed over the years. The two reminiscing about their lives and where they stand at this moment was a crucial experience they both wanted from each other. On reaching her apartment after dinner, Aidan is taken aback by the fact that Carrie still lives in her old apartment. He fears being hit by a rush of old memories of their breakup and the apartment might bring up topics he does not want to discuss, especially tonight.

Aidan’s fear stems from the fact that a lot has happened in that place, and he is afraid it might force him to consider not being around Carrie anymore. Carrie understands his stand and does not force him because she feels some memories cannot be forgotten. Carrie is equally upset because of her predicament as she didn’t realize Aidan was still affected by their past. It looks like the two are on the verge of splitting with no hope of them ever coming back together, but Aidan pulls it through and decides to head to a hotel instead because he does not want to give up on her after all these years.


And Just Like That episode ends with Carrie stating that Aidan and she were on the same page, which could mean they will start dating. Carrie perhaps wanted this because, apart from Big, Aidan was the only one who knew her well. Their getting back together will be the third time they give themselves a chance to make this relationship work. Only time will tell if this works because neither of them are getting any younger, and having a partner till death do them part is kind of bittersweet.

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