‘And Just Like That’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Is Miranda Upset?

The second episode of this season of And Just Like That ended with Carrie and Franklyn amicably splitting up over wanting two different things from their relationship. Charlotte is finally coming to terms with the fact that Lily is growing up, and she will have to let go of things because of that. Nya, on the other hand, finally separates from her husband, and she couldn’t be happier. Miranda comes to know that Che is married and never got a divorce, something they never discussed in detail. How will the stories of the women move from here on?


Spoilers Ahead

Carrie Gives Voice To Her Audiobook

Carrie’s promotion for her book which is based on the life she has led ever since she became a widow, and as a part of it, she will have to record herself reading it for the audiobook that will be released simultaneously. Voicing her book is not as easy as it seems for her because she is unable to read through the portions where she is describing John’s passing. It is only understandable that the grief in her has not faded, and re-reading it only makes it worse. Every woman or man who has lost a spouse goes through various stages of learning to live without their partner, and the pain never goes away. Carrie’s bodily and mental reactions are normal, and hopefully, things will be okay for her, and she won’t have to feel the pain all the time.


Miranda Is Worried For Che

Miranda can notice Che is going through a lot because of this show, and it has started to take a toll on their day-to-day business. Miranda is trying her level best to be there for Che in this time of crisis. Che feels their story is not coming out the way they wanted it to, and that is stressful. They feel like a sell-out who went ahead and jumped the gun when they received an offer from Hollywood, and now Che is losing their mind over the amount of changes brought to the story that originally belonged to them. Miranda, as a partner, is understanding and cheers them up frequently. Their love is going through ups and downs just like any other relationship does.

Charlotte And Lisa Are Excited

Charlotte and Lisa are having a good time together in school when they come across the news that a kid from the school has made a rather unorthodox list about the mothers. This might be unappealing for many parents. Charlotte and Lisa take it in stride because having their name on the list would improve their self-esteem. Being noticed and staying relevant is what they need, and this list comes out at the right time. The scenarios seem like the work of a teenage guy or girl from school who is probably going through a normal phase, and by the looks of it, only Lisa and Charlotte have not taken it seriously because they know kids are just kids as long as there is nothing illegal going on at the school premises. This also throws light on schools being ignorant of teenage tendencies and how they should work on imparting healthy s*x education rather than overreacting over such harmless fun.


Seema Gets Robbed

Seema, on her way to work, gets robbed as her prized Birkin bag gets stolen right in the middle of a crowded street in full daylight, and nobody helps her. It sheds light on the number of robberies that take place in New York City and how people do nothing to help their fellow victims. They will always have to rely on the police to carry out the paperwork, and they will not be sure if they will ever get their stuff back. The same is the case with Seema as well; she only hopes the robber has stolen her wallet and not sold off her very expensive purse because this bag has been her identity for the past many years. The Birkin Bag, for those who do not know, is one of the most expensive luxury accessories  on the market. Rich women consider it to be their statement piece, and losing it in the way Seema does is a travesty.

Is Carrie Finally Able To Record Chapter Three Of Her Book? Why Is Miranda Upset?

Carrie’s state of mind has not improved, and she is still struggling to read and record. She had thought she had moved on, but by the looks of it, her mind and body have gone back to how she initially felt after John’s death. Carrie realizes she has not moved, and she would need time to make herself feel better. Knowing she cannot get the recording done, she fakes COVID to get out of it because she doesn’t want to break down publicly.


Carrie knows she will have her friends back in no time, but this is something she wants to deal with on her own. Her old friend Bitsy also speaks to her briefly about the second year being the toughest because people stop asking questions and one feels farther away from one’s deceased partner as they are no longer with them, cherishing their happy moments. She learns that the void left by John will never be filled, but she can choose to grow around it and live with the fact that her love for her spouse will never go away. This talk, though, makes sense to her, but her mind is still not ready to cope with pain, and she needs time, and she can’t take advantage of publishers based on that. Finally, Seema comes to her rescue and tells her that Carrie should take her time with the grief because everyone has their own way to deal with it, and she will be fine when she feels it.

Seema seems like a replacement for Samantha, who is honest and loving at the same time and comes to Carrie’s rescue the moment she is vulnerable. Seema promises to be with her this time because they had not met when John died. She is the kind of friend everyone would want by their side. Keeping this in mind, Carrie finally faces her pain and records her audiobook without breaking down. It takes strength to do what Carrie did. She realized she could not back out and keep up with the commitment, and maybe facing the words she wrote would help her slowly get rid of the physical and mental agony.

Miranda’s son Brady gets in touch with her in a rather distressing way as he reveals that his girlfriend broke up with him. The boy has probably faced his first breakup, and Miranda wants to be there for him at this time of his life because, as a parent, she wants to guide him through the breakup. Brady and Miranda have been distant lately because of her and Steve’s divorce, but Brady coming to her for comfort means a lot to her, and she would do anything to be by his side. This would mean she would have to leave Los Angeles and possibly miss Che’s taping.

Che has been under a lot of stress, and they were hoping for Miranda’s support, but they act insensitively when Miranda plans to head to New York to be with her son. Che maybe does not understand this because they don’t have a kid, and that’s why their words come across as crude, as does the fact that Miranda, as a parent, would want to handle this situation her way because it is her child. Instead of being supportive of her, Che acts selfishly. This might put a toll on their relationship, and by the looks of it, they might break up by the end of this season. Miranda is just content to see Brady back and breaking down on her shoulder, and as a mother, she knows she is in the right place. The episode ends with Seema finding her bag in the most dilapidated state, but she is glad she got it. To celebrate that and Carrie’s audiobook recording, they meet Australian tourists over drinks, and that is how Carrie reveals that she got COVID for the very first time.


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