‘And Just Like That’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained

And Just Like That… season one ended with plenty of emotions and new relationships forming. Carrie goes to Paris to immerse Big’s ashes in the Seine River to commemorate their love. She also ends up kissing her podcast producer, Franklyn, to showcase their attraction to each other. Seema gets into a relationship with Zed, which is her way of getting emotionally attached to a man, something she has not done in a while. Miranda flies off to Los Angeles with Che Diaz as support while Che is developing a new comedy series about their lives. Charlotte, by the end of season one, ends up accepting her child for who she is. This is a groundbreaking change for Charlotte, who is known to be conservative. The new season of the show on HBO Max begins where all the stories ended, including the many new characters that have entered the lives of the three OGs.

Spoilers Ahead

Carrie’s Apprehensions

Carrie and Franklyn pursue only a casual relationship with each other. It is her way of not being emotionally attached to anyone as of now because it’s been only a year since Big passed, and she is not ready to be in a committed relationship. Her state of mind makes sense because she doesn’t want to jump into another relationship that might potentially break her heart, and she is at an age where she cannot afford to go through it all over again. To her surprise, Franklyn gives her an indication that he intends to make their relationship serious by introducing her to his friends. She gets apprehensive because she does not want to get rid of the arrangement she has with him.

On the other hand, Carrie insisted on wearing Smoke Lee’s custom-made dress for the MET Gala. She happens to be wife of Bobby Lee, Carrie’s colleague, and she does this because she feels it would be a good way to launch Smoke’s career. If any of you have watched S*x and the City, you know Carrie has a generous nature. The problem lies in whether Smoke lives up to the expectations that Carrie has set in her mind.

Seema Patel was keen on being Carrie’s plus one for the MET Gala, but her plans get derailed as Zed makes plans to meet his ex-wife and his son and requests that Seema join him. By the looks of it, Zed is keen on making his relationship with Seema serious, and just like Carrie, she is not sure about making things official. She has been single for a while, and she never needed anyone to be emotionally dependent on. Her relationship with Zed and everything related to it come across as new to her. That’s why her being Carrie’s plus-one at the MET Gala is a big no.

Miranda’s Doubts

For the first time, Miranda moved out of her comfort zone and surprised herself. Back in “S*x and the City,” she was known as someone who did not adjust well to changes, but this time as a divorcee, and in her new life with Che, she manages to surprise all her friends as well. As Che gets busy with their work, Miranda feels distant from her and starts thinking about whether she made a mistake by moving to Los Angeles. Miranda has always been known to be a practical person, and this nature of hers has always led to overthinking. She feels this way about her current stand with Che because maybe Miranda feels her friends might judge her if this relationship does not work out. Her doubts lay in the fact that being with Che was a good enough reason for her split with Steve.

Charlotte And Lisa’s Dilemma

Charlotte is excited about her MET Gala invitation because she never expected this to happen in her lifetime. She comes across as someone who loves a tad bit of the limelight, and the MET Gala could be her way to come close to contacting celebrities, even though her best friend Carrie is a super popular personality. Her dilemma lies in the fact that she had promised Anthony that he’d be her plus one but learned that Harry assumed he would be the one. This happened because Harry was not much interested in fashion and events around it, but since it was the MET Gala and it was a big deal, this misunderstanding cropped up. Charlotte must decide between her best friend, and her husband.

Lisa, Charlotte’s good friend, is juggling between being a spouse, mother, and documentary filmmaker, and her house runs like a well-oiled machine. Her husband, Herbert, might be missing her because he feels her life is overly scheduled. Lisa is a woman of her own and does not let her husband’s words get to her because she is aware of her priorities. She never lets her financially rich husband walk over her because she is steadfast about her self-respect. Lisa’s husband’s expectation of her comes across as reflective of every man’s belief that, as a wife, she is supposed to give time for him. Their busy lives as working women are never considered serious work because, as a mother and a wife, their priorities must be taking care of the family. Lisa does not let her spouse overwhelm her and does not escalate this into a full-fledged argument because she knows it is not what she and Herbert want.

Nya’s Life As A Separated Spouse

Nya and her husband, Andre Rashad, decide to separate for a while. Their plans to have a child are on hold. Raising a child is a big responsibility, and Nya is not sure if she is up for it. She is leading a quaint life despite having a great job at Columbia University. She is also approached by a handsome man at a bar and chooses to turn him down because she is still married, and she does not want to do anything that would ruin the chance of any reconciliation with her husband.

She ends up getting drunk one night and calling her husband. She did this in the hope of making things right and trying to reignite their passion, but it turned out to be a mistake. He claims to be in his room with a female singer or collaborator. Nya was quick to jump to the conclusion that he was hooking up with another woman when he wasn’t. This happened because they had been separated for a while, and trust issues were bound to happen.

How Do All The Women Finally Manage To Get To The MET Gala?

Seema is appalled to hear that Zed and his ex-wife are still living together. She considers this a red flag because she would not want the involvement of another woman in his life. This is just an assumption she made based on what she was just told about their living situation. It was Zed’s mistake, too, for not speaking about it beforehand. This makes it easy for her to break up with him. By the looks of it, hiding this information made Seema angry, and she was now going to be Carrie’s plus-one at the MET Gala.

Charlotte ends up having to choose Harry over Anthony. She loves both, but Harry will always remain her number one, and this is the first time he has actively shown interest in fashion-related events. This is the only subject that makes them two different individuals. He wanted to be a part of it, hoping he would get some screen time by being on the red carpet without realizing that it is meant for celebrities. Charlotte and the rest of the gang, who are regular folk, would be given a separate entrance. Feeling offended over this, Harry drops the idea of going with his wife, which comes across as a bad decision as a husband because he is supposed to be there for her no matter what. It is not clear if they have put a pause on the argument, but Charlotte finally finds her plus one in Anthony. Anthony has always turned out to be a great friend because she stood by Charlotte through the best and worst of her times.

Che finally addresses their insecurities when Miranda questions their relationship. Miranda, quite early here, feels a distance because she sees Che soaring as a comedian and a writer, and she wonders if it is their popularity that is affecting the way Che views the relationship. Che reveals that the costume department is a nightmare as the team keeps body-shaming them to fit into clothes. This put Che in a bad state of mind, so much so that they did not let Miranda hug them. Che must have faced a lot of these issues while growing up; that’s why their sensitivity is being triggered right now, and it is only reasonable for them to feel this way. They are trying hard not to let it bother them, but that is a long way to go.

In her hurry to be perfect for the MET Gala, Lisa ended up missing a lot of appointments and bookings. It is easy to notice that Lisa is overworking herself, and she is not letting anyone take up her job or at least help her. By the looks of it, even her husband is not helping her juggle between her multiple roles. There is no friction between the two about this subject, but it seems this season, we might see a lot of other super mommy stuff carried out by Lisa, and she would finally snap at the wrong place and the wrong time. The couple ended up walking to the MET Gala venue because she forgot to book a limo. This arc ends with the shot of Herbert holding the trail of her red dress and crossing the street.

Smoke, Bobbie Lee’s wife, ends up wrecking Carrie’s custom-made dress because she never had any experience making custom couture for a celebrity like Carrie. It is implied that her nervous breakdown must have been the reason why the seamstresses were not willing to work with her. Smoke should not have taken on such a big responsibility if she was not going to deliver her work on time. The episode ends with Carrie finally choosing to wear her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress after all these years because this one needed to see the light of day. By wearing that dress, she embraces the pain she has been going through since losing Big, and the dress goes perfectly with the theme of the MET Gala, “Veiled Beauty.” 

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