‘And Just Like That’ Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect To See Next?

The second season of the series ended on a bittersweet note. There was still a ray of hope that the makers added so that we could come back to the next season with some optimism. We collectively agree that the second season of the show was better than the first one. The arcs given to most of the lead characters were far better than their narratives in the previous season. Now that the network and the producers have announced that And Just Like That has been renewed for a third season, we would like to speculate on the narratives of several characters we wish to see in the next installment.

The second season ended with Carrie and Aidan deciding to put a five-year hold on their relationship. Aidan wants to focus on his teenage son, Wyatt. For that, he will have to stay incommunicado with Carrie. It seems a bit harsh on her because this arrangement deprives her of meeting other potential men who could make her happy. Carrie seems to be terrified of losing Aidan, which is why she accepted this agreement in the hope that nothing would go wrong in the next five years.

Charlotte asks Harry to buck up and take on the responsibility of running the household in her absence because she is not planning to slow down on the professional front. Harry finally accepts that he needs to support her. Because Charlotte spent most of her life taking care of him and the kids. Miranda seems to have taken her job seriously. She gives an interview on behalf of Human Rights Watch to the BBC, which is a big step for her career. Seema finally believes in commitment and can convince herself that Ravi is not planning to break up with her at any juncture because of his demanding job. Lisa and Herbert are on the path to becoming a loving couple who help each other in times of adversity. Dr. Nya finally has two reasons to be happy. She is not only elected to be a part of the prestigious American Law Institute, but she and Chef Toussaint Feldman end up having a good time with each other at Carrie’s party.

As we start writing about what we expect and want to see in the next season of And Just Like That, we should let you know that this article is based on speculation. We could be right or wrong about the scenarios. Carrie will have a hard time being away from Aidan. She might pretend to be okay in the early part of the season, but her best friends will be able to see through her pain. Since the two will not be communicating with each other, the situation will frustrate her. Carrie will soon realize that she is holding onto something impossible. A long-distance relationship was also not an option.

Carrie might end up flying to Virginia in the hope of making things right and trying to rekindle their relationship. Aidan will not be impressed with her gesture because he was clear about his boundaries. She might give him an ultimatum, just like he gave her when they were engaged. If the relationship has reached a point where she must resort to demanding his time, they better break it off. Carrie might have to face an impending heartbreak. Season three might end with Carrie being content with remaining single for the rest of her life, surrounded by her friends.

Charlotte, in And Just Like That Season 3, may soar as a working professional. She will gain success back-to-back, which will probably boost her confidence as well. Despite Harry’s promises, she might face a setback on the home front. There is a possibility that one of her kids will go through a life-changing experience that will force Charlotte to take a step back from her work all over again. She will question the family’s expectations of her. Charlotte will set an example for Lily and Rock so that they always choose financial independence over anything else. She is not a selfish woman, but she has given enough time to her family on the home front. Now that the kids will be adults soon, she must fall back on the things that make her happy. Her job at the art gallery gives Charlotte a purpose.

Miranda might succeed professionally as well. She is most likely to spend her free time with Brady, helping him with college admissions. She will not be interested in pursuing any relationships now. Her two painful breakups left a scar that will probably take time to heal. Miranda will also take time to figure out which sexuality spectrum she falls into. She will try to experiment by dating several people eventually in the third season in the hope of understanding who she is. There is a possibility that Miranda might lose Steve this season. She and Brady most likely spend most of the time together, trying to recuperate from the loss. Che will only briefly appear to acknowledge the fact that they are now exes.

Lisa’s career might go through another high as well, but she will be expected to be there for Herbert in the upcoming elections. For the first time in the entire two seasons, there will be friction between the two. As viewers, we do hope to see them on opposite sides of an argument. So far, they have come across as a perfect couple. The tiff between the two might last a whole season. In such a case, Harry and Charlotte might be asked to take sides. It will be unfortunate to see Lisa and Herbert on bad terms, but as viewers, we want to see these characters make mistakes and learn from them.

Fans were elated to see Kim Cattrall reprising her role as ‘the bold and beautiful’ Samantha Jones. We hope to see more of her in the next season because, after a long absence from Carrie’s life, she established contact with her. The two of them kept texting each other in the first and second seasons, but this was the first time we saw them talking to each other over a call as old friends. We want to see more of her because Carrie is incomplete without Samantha in her life. Another cameo would suffice, too.

We are guessing And Just Like That Season 3 will be the last season of the show as there is nothing much that could be churned out further from this flagship HBO show. Sex and the City has been rebooted enough, and many fans at this point do not want Darren Star and Michael Patrick King to stretch the narratives and the characters. The legacy of this show needs to be retained at this point.

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