‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Carrie And Seema Stop Being Friends? 

The seventh episode of And Just Like That Season 2 ends with Carrie and Aidan finally meeting after a decade and deciding to get back together. This means the love between them never faded, even though a lot happened in their lives since their last meeting. Charlotte has a health scare, which makes her decide to finally take up the art gallery job now that her kids are grown up. Miranda’s first date since the breakup with Che goes for a toss, and she realizes she must work on herself before putting herself out there.


Spoilers Ahead

Carrie and Aidan

Episode 8 of And Just Like That Season 2 begins with Carrie and Aidan together in bed, and it is as if time stood still for them. They connect on a deeper level, and there is chemistry between them that has not disappeared. It is always Aidan who visits the city, and it feels like nothing could go wrong this time. The two of them getting back together sets in motion a lot of theories, including whether they were the couple who were meant to be together. The love they share exudes passion, understanding, and maturity, which somehow, they lacked when they were in a relationship the last time. They are an electrifying couple, and the viewers hope this time around, they do not break up. But his not coming to Carrie’s apartment is still a matter of concern. If they wish to live together, Aidan will have to get used to living in her apartment at some point in time.


Miranda and Charlotte are happy to see a luminous and excited Carrie. Miranda, being her old self, shares her skepticism about Carrie moving too fast. Carrie confesses that maybe fixating on Big may have stalled her from getting together with Aidan years ago. It is natural to feel this way, and for viewers who have seen the original show, Carrie unconsciously made a lot of relationship-related decisions while keeping Big in mind. At the moment, Carrie does not want to miss out on anything this time around with Aidan.

Charlotte’s body issues

Charlotte is all set to begin her job at the gallery, and she is keen on purchasing the kinds of clothes she wore years ago as a young art dealer. She realizes the dress she picked accentuates certain body parts, and she feels insecure about not looking like she did decades ago. Charlotte always considered herself a traditionalist and wanted to look perfect as part of her rulebook. Viewers get to see a version of Charlotte who was just like in the original show, where presenting herself as prim and proper is the only way to start her first day at work. Charlotte will hopefully find a solution to her problem, which seems fixable, but it is her fixation that is making it worse.


Miranda’s internship

Miranda lands a job at Human Rights Watch, and she couldn’t be happier because this is the first time in a while she feels important and is going back to being a lawyer. She expected the internship would have her do plenty of lowly jobs, but to her new colleagues’ discomfort, Miranda was assigned high-profile work on her first day. It turns out she was given all important assignments because she has 30 years of experience, and with that, she brings to the table expertise that no 20-year-old intern can replicate. Miranda is finally getting recognized for her work, and it is only her first step towards becoming a lawyer in a field that is completely alien to her. Viewers are happy to see Miranda far away from squabbling over a relationship; she always prioritized her financial independence over anything else, something that her soon-to-be ex-husband is also aware of.

Seema and Carrie

Carrie invites Miranda, Charlotte, and Seema for dinner with Aidan as a way of reintroducing him to the group. Seema will be meeting him for the first time, and it is obvious from her body language that she is not very keen. Seeing her happy with Aidan scares her because she does not want Carrie to have her heart broken at this age. The other scenario could be Carrie considering meeting Aidan’s children in Virginia, which could mean she might leave New York and live with him. The idea of Carrie moving to another city is likely to have made her upset, which is why she was not keen to commit to the dinner date with Aidan.


What Happens Between Carrie, Seema and Aidan?

Carrie asks Che if she and Aidan can occupy her recent apartment turned into an Airbnb space because they cannot spend any of their hard-earned money on exorbitant hotels. This throws light on Aidan, who is still not comfortable going back to Carrie’s apartment, but at some stage, he will have to do that. Carrie is accommodative because she hates the idea of potentially losing him. They move in and bring in some utensils to cook food, which also indicates what Aidan and Carrie want from each other. The two are syncing, and it is a beautiful sight to behold. When Che asks them about their breakup, Carrie’s reaction makes Aidan forget everything that happened many years ago. Their lives have come full circle, and it only means they look forward to making their relationship work. Che is touched by their love.

Seema, on the other hand, avoids Carrie because she can see her friend has big things planned with Aidan, and she would rather not be a part of the charade. Seema probably does not understand the old dynamics that Carrie had with Aidan, which is why she is distant. Seema comes from a school where she is not used to having an old love around. She realizes she is very different from Carrie, and at one point, she lets her know that maybe the two of them should take a break from their friendship and reevaluate. This comes as a shock to Carrie because she figured her, and Seema were always on the same page. This is the first-time viewers have come to understand that both are very different people. This will remind people of two episodes that showcased how different Samantha and Carrie are, but they still show up for each other at the important events of their lives. Seema, despite showing resistance, finally shows up for dinner as her way of letting Carrie know that she gets her and will always support all of her life choices, no matter how different they are.


The episode ends with Charlotte finally accepting her body for what it is at the gallery, for she realizes times have changed, and nobody will body shame her. Her acceptance comes at a time when she has had so many changes in her family, and it only makes sense to embrace herself. Carrie finally decides to take the plunge and head out to Virginia with Aidan. This is a huge step for Carrie because she has always hesitated to head out of New York. Going to meet his family means she is willing to make some adjustments in her life, just like Aidan is doing by flying into the city regularly. This might pave the way for Aidan and Carrie to decide to get married. Viewers cannot wait for what lies ahead in their lives.

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