‘American Gigolo’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained- Are The Deaths Of Lisa Beck And Janet Holmes Connected?

At the end of “American Gigolo” Episode 6, Julian is found not guilty of killing Elizabeth Shannonhouse and is free to go. Michelle tells Sunday about Eduard Panish, who now has cops looking for him. Sunday then goes to meet Isabelle to talk to her about Lisa Beck. At the end of Episode 6, we see Isabelle in Julian’s room, waiting for him as he unlocks the door and enters. “American Gigolo” Episode 7 shows Julian and Michelle dealing with their personal issues that seem to have sprung back up from their respective pasts. While Michelle has to face her husband, Robert, Julian comes across a shocking truth.


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‘American Gigolo’ Episode 7: Recap Summary

Isabelle tries to convince Julian to come back to her, but he clearly states that she was never his home. Isabelle decides to leave, feeling disrespected. At the door, she tells him not to talk to the cops. Julian had mentioned her name to Sunday, who had then come to her mansion to talk to her about Lisa Beck. For a cop to come to her mansion is not good for business for obvious reasons.


Richard and Michelle have an argument, with Richard blaming her for their son’s present condition. He asks her if she has met Julian of late, and though we all know she has, she lies, saying that she hasn’t. From the look on Richard’s face, it is clear that he doubts her. He is as distressed about Colin just as  Michelle is. But Michelle’s apparent worry for Julian is what makes things harder for Richard; a prostitute involved in family matters is unacceptable, let alone the guy seeing Richard’s wife.

Detective Sunday gets printouts of the pictures she took of Lisa Beck’s file from Julian’s apartment. She ran a background check for a woman named Lisa Beck in the local areas before 1997. Meanwhile, her “visitor” from the gym, Paloma Aguilar, pays her a visit, reminding her of the date they were supposed to have. Sunday explains to her how she can’t be with her for the time being as she is overwhelmed with the case at hand. Paloma leaves after telling Sunday that she can call her whenever she wants. It seems that Sunday knows how her work has ruined her previous relationship, and she fears that the same thing will happen again. So she doesn’t want to risk it and hurt Paloma only to have her leave, just like Jane. Only moments had passed after Paloma left the office when Sunday got a call back from Ernie, who had new intel on Lisa Beck.


Julian is in his room, looking at Lisa Beck’s file and reimagining the horrifying moments when he, as a young boy, found Lisa dead in the bathroom at Olga’s mansion. Back at the Stratton household, Michelle can’t stop herself from thinking about Julian. She takes her wig off as she stares at herself in the mirror. This shows how she is trying to come face-to-face with the present and not live in the past. Richard blames her for using the lavish life he provided her with. But for Michelle, the lavish life was nothing more than a prison that she walked into so that their son could have a better life.

Julian and Lizzy are returning from the beach after having a meal when he sees Lorenzo waiting for him near his house. Julian tells Lorenzo about his newfound 15-year-old son, who is on the run and is under suspicion for the murder of a woman he had an affair with. He also tells Lorenzo that he saw the kid being taken by an old man with a tattoo on his hand in an old red BMW.


Eduard calls McGregor and asks him for the location where he needs to head with the $3 million ransom. McGregor and Colin are in a motel somewhere. Colin has his hands and legs tied up and gagged. But he isn’t hurt. From McGregor’s behavior, it seems that he doesn’t have a personal grudge in the matter, and all that matters to him is the money that is coming his way.  

Ernie comes into Sunday’s office and hands her the new intel he found. As she runs through the page, she is taken aback. She immediately dials Julian and asks him to come to the police station right away. Julian arrives and finds out on Sunday that Lisa Beck’s sister is Janet Beck, who later changed her name to Janet Holmes, the very woman whose death led Julian to spend 15 years in prison. Sunday shows Julian Janet’s phone records from a week before she died. It seems that he knows some of the people Janet spoke to. Some worked for Olga, while others were Olga’s clients. Of all the people he knows, he points out a woman, Gail St. John, who was his client. He decides to go and talk to the woman. Lisa is dead because of him, so it is up to him to bring her justice. Later on, as Sunday is going through the documents related to the Janet Holmes murder case, she comes across a witness, Tina Williams. Sunday decides to visit her.


Lorenzo tells Isabelle about Julian and that he has a son with the Stratton woman. The kid is missing, and Julian recently saw him getting abducted by a man with a tattoo on his hand in a red BMW. She listens to Lorenzo and then tells him to look after some new clients. All by herself, she thinks about the moments when she, as a kid, saw Lisa Beck dead in the bathtub. As little Isabelle was staring at the body, McGregor appeared and gently made her sit. He then took her shoes, their outsoles covered in blood, and left. Isabelle calls a person and asks, “Where are you?” The person apparently has something she wants.

Eduard has arrived at McGregor’s location. While in his car, he receives a voicemail from the LAPD, who wants him to come and confirm some details about the Elizabeth Shannonhouse murder case. After thinking for a few moments, he leaves the spot. We do not know for sure where he is headed; he is probably leaving town with the money in fear of the cops. He is driving when a cop car stops him. He is then arrested and put in handcuffs. McGregor brings food for Colin and takes the tape off his mouth so that he can eat. Colin asks him if he knows who Colin’s “real dad” is, among other things. His questions are far too many, so McGregor puts the tape back. “You talk too much.”


On Sunday, they meet Tina Williams, who is the owner of a real estate company. On the night of the murder, Tina was having an open house near Janet Holmes’s house when she noticed some men in a car. One of the guys had a “weird” tattoo on his hand (of something with wings) that didn’t match the expensive suit he was wearing.

Julian arrives at Gail St. John’s house and asks for her help. He finds out that Janet called her to talk about Olga’s operation, her clients, and the staff. Olga had covered up the death of Janet’s sister Lisa. This is why Janet wanted Gail to go on record about Olga and the others in operation. [Janet wanted to throw light on the matter and try to find out who killed Lisa or how she died.] On his way back, Julian thinks deeply about the people near him who are related to the case, including Olga, Isabelle, and Lorenzo. He then remembers how he passed out in Janet’s bedroom, right in front of her. [He was probably drugged or had received a heavy dose of something. Maybe Janet dosed him to get the truth out of him about the day Lisa died and all else that happened.]


‘American Gigolo’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Does Isabelle Know McGregor?

Julian confronts Lorenzo, asking him if he knew that Janet Holmes was going to be killed the night he sent Julian to her. But Lorenzo apparently knew nothing. In a rage, Julian tells Lorenzo and Isabelle to stay away from him and leaves. [ Julian is fed up with all the new information that he is being bombarded with, and all of it traces back to Isabelle and Olga. Naturally, it is tough to accept that the people he worked for could have framed him for the murder that sent him to prison for so many years.] As he is walking to his car, Julian calls Sunday to talk about the text he sent her regarding the info he found about Janet Holmes from Gail St. John. Sunday, in turn, tells him about Eduard Panish, a guy who has just been arrested trying to leave town with $3 million in cash. He is Richard Stratton’s lawyer and the one who framed Julian for Elizabeth Shannonhouse’s murder. The money is probably for a ransom. But Julian doesn’t know the guy at all. Sunday is yet to find out if Panish knows where Colin is. Julian starts the car and rides off. Sunday enters the interrogation room, where Panish is in handcuffs, and sits in front of him. Panish is about to be interrogated.

Richard and Michelle have been talking about Colin and how he is the only link that connects them. This is when they have a visitor. They look outside and see two guards bringing in Julian Kaye.


McGregor gets a knock on the door. He opens the door, and Isabelle enters the room. She sits in front of Colin, smiling. “He looks just like him,” she exclaims.

Julian must have come to talk to Richard and Michelle to talk about Colin and tell them all he knows about Olga and Isabelle. Meanwhile, Panish will probably open up on Sunday about how he was the one responsible for the death of Elizabeth Shannonhouse. Or he will, at least, tell her that it was Richard Stratton who sent him after the woman. As for Isabelle, it seems that she realized that it was McGregor who kidnapped Julian’s kid after Lorenzo’s description of him. That she called him later proves that she had his contact. This, in turn, means that she has known him for quite some time. “American Gigolo” Episode 8 will throw some light on the darkness surrounding the death of Janet Holmes and probably Olga’s too. At the end of it all, it’s all about Isabelle’s jealousy towards Michelle for getting the love of Julian and not her.


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