‘Allegiance’ Episode 5 Recap And Ending Explained: What Happens To The Collins Brothers?

In the last episode of Allegiance, Sabrina Sohal wants her father, Ajeet Sohal, to return home while under house arrest so that he can reunite with his family. However, he is reluctant because he believes he shouldn’t receive special treatment just because he’s a renowned figure. Meanwhile, in the 5th episode of the series, an armed robbery occurs in the neighborhood by the Collins brothers, and Sabrina and her partner, Brambilla, risk their lives to apprehend the robbers. This situation becomes personal for Brambilla as he let one of the brothers, Ben, escape 7 years ago. Will Ajeet Sohal finally agree to come back home? Will Sabrina and Brambilla manage to capture the Collins brothers? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Ajeet Sohal Come Back Home? 

After much persuasion by Sabrina, Ajeet Sohal finally decided to come home for the sake of his children, Sabrina Sohal and Ishaan Sohal. His lawyer, Max, went to take him out of prison early in the morning to avoid the press hovering over his release on house arrest. Max informed Ajeet that he couldn’t leave the house as his ankle monitor was being monitored, along with his computer searches, and only approved visitors could meet him. Ajeet wanted to work on his bill, but Max advised him to stop working and spend time with his family, tasting real food after coming out of jail. He assured Ajeet that his family, along with the level-headed Canadians, were with him and would support him every step of the way. However, as Ajeet stood in front of the house, his neighbors didn’t want to acknowledge his presence and went inside as if he were unsafe for the community. He hugged his son and patiently waited for a shower and to have some tea in peace, anticipating Sabrina’s return after her shift.


Why Did Sabrina And Brambilla Go To Catch The Collins Brothers? 

On the other hand, Sabrina, after a night of partying, had to come to the office despite her father’s imminent homecoming because there was a case involving Ben Collins, who had returned to the city. Seven years ago, Ben and his brother Noah were involved in a robbery spree that ended in triple homicide, with one survivor. Their father turned them in, leading to Noah’s arrest, but Ben managed to escape. Ben was spotted at a bus stop, and Noah was released from jail two weeks ago, raising concerns that they might be teaming up again. Patrolling for this was deemed crucial. Even though Brambilla knew it was important for Sabrina to be with her family, he needed her cooperation. They went to Whalley to post posters of the accused brothers to aid in their capture. However, during their poster campaign, Sabrina and Brambilla encountered hostility from the locals, who felt that justice had not been served since Ben got away. Noah was released from jail, and the police did not do their job. Brambilla wanted to show efforts to emphasize the importance of bonding with Sabrina and doing things right this time by catching the brothers. Suddenly, they heard that someone had attacked a person with a knife to obtain his last $20. When the victim refused, the attacker used the knife to torment him and fled with his money. As the police received this report, they witnessed a man running with a bat and a red bag, pursued by two others seeking to recover their stolen belongings. Sabrina and Brambilla attempted to apprehend the man but were unsuccessful. They called for backup, realizing the fleeing man was Noah, who escaped on a bike. A man named Asad, known to Brambilla, expressed disappointment at the police’s failure to catch the culprit. When Sabrina spoke with Brambilla, she realized Asad held Brambilla accountable and that he was the survivor of the triple homicide, intensifying his frustration at Noah’s return to the local area.

Why Did The Collins Brothers Shoot The Police Officer? 

Sabrina and Brambilla went to a local ravine, where there was a possibility the brothers might be hiding. Upon arrival, they detected a burning smell and discovered Ben’s burned clothes, wallet, and other belongings, along with Noah’s bike, placed on the grass. They realised the burned clothes belonged to Ben, and the bike belonged to Noah, indicating they were in cahoots again. After informing the police station, they learned that the ravine was directly behind the Collins’ house, so they went there to interrogate their parents. Noah’s parents claimed he was innocent, describing him as a good boy, and said that Ben was a negative influence on him. However, Sabrina noticed muddy footprints on the carpet, leading to further interrogation, where they finally admitted Noah had been there, not Ben. Additionally, they discovered a missing gun from the gun cabinet, indicating that Noah had taken it, posing a greater danger to everyone. The father gave Noah’s attire description to the police—denim and a black T-shirt—as they had no other leads. However, before Sabrina and Brambilla could catch them, they heard gunshots nearby. Rushing to the scene, they found Officer Robin bleeding out, shot by the Collins brothers. Sabrina, deeply affected by seeing Robin injured, called an ambulance. Fortunately, Officer Robin survived, but this incident underscored the urgency of ensuring that the Collins brothers do not harm anyone in the community ever again.


How Did They Finally Catch The Collins Brothers? 

The police covered the whole area with guns in hand to protect the neighborhood, instructing everyone to stay inside their homes. However, Asad was still lurking around with a bat, reluctant to go indoors and determined to protect the community. After a conversation with Brambilla, he decided to seek solace in the church for some peace and quiet. Suddenly, gunshots and explosions were heard, prompting the tactical team to move in to apprehend the Collins brothers. Brambilla believed he should be the one to arrest them, given his previous encounter where he could not stop Ben from escaping seven years ago when the robbery and homicide happened. Sabrina suggested informing Asad so he would know the police were after the criminals, hoping to build trust with him. Asad was in the church meeting when the Collins brothers stormed in, wielding a gun and threatening to shoot unless they handed over the church’s fundraising money. Noah seized the money and urged Ben to leave, but Ben started demanding phones and wallets be thrown on the ground while holding a gun to their faces, terrifying them. Sohal and Brambilla, passing by the church, heard the commotion and decided to intervene, fearing it might be too late given Ben’s torment of innocent people. They attempted to reason with Noah, assuring him he was a good kid and not to be influenced by Ben. However, Noah expressed his frustration, feeling nobody believed in him. He pointed out his posters plastered around the neighborhood and his father’s lack of trust in him, leaving him with no choice but to follow Ben’s path. Meanwhile, Asad, fueled by anger, grabbed the bat, intending to strike Ben from behind, believing Ben should die for them to live in peace. Sohal stepped in and assured Asad that the police would take care of everything to keep both him and the community safe. Asad understood and backed off, allowing the police to arrest the brothers. In the end, the police successfully apprehended the brothers, bringing relief to the entire community.

At the end of episode 5 of Allegiance, the community expressed gratitude for Sabrina and Brambilla’s efforts in catching the criminals. They appreciated the bond of trust that had been established as people began to trust the police again, even if it was just a few individuals. Sabrina returned home to find her worried father watching the news about an injured police officer, fearing it might be her. When he saw her, he was visibly relieved and happy. Sabrina was emotional to see her father back at home, and they shared a heartfelt hug. Meanwhile, Ishaan showed something to Ajeet Sohal that triggered his emotions. There was a video of Ajeet going around where he was devastated by the continuous reports of genocide and corruption in his home country, and he said that he is ashamed to be Canadian. We will find out in the upcoming episodes whether this video triggers his pursuit of justice or not.


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