‘Allegiance’ Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: What Happens To Ajeet Sohal?

In the previous episode of Allegiance, we witnessed Constable Sabrina Sohal and her other subordinates in the police department trying to solve a crime involving auto theft. Constable Sohal put herself at risk to apprehend the gang leader known as “G,” who is behind these auto thefts. Additionally, Constable Sohal has been trying to secure the release of her father, Ajeet Sohal, from prison along with their lawyer Max. She was deeply disturbed to see her respected father being beaten in confinement. Will she and her lawyer be able to serve justice for her father? Meanwhile, a new case emerged involving a gunman on a university campus, leading to severe consequences for a student on the brink of suicide. How and why did this happen? These questions will be answered in the fourth episode of the series, Allegiance.


Spoilers Ahead

How Was Eddie Involved In Making 3d Guns?

There is an armed suspect in the university area who could potentially attack the library, plunging the entire campus into terror. The police, along with Sabrina and Sohal, went to investigate. Police cars covered the campus and adjacent areas in response to the gun call. Sohal and her colleague entered the library, as it was the location of the last sighting of the suspect, described as wearing an orange puffer jacket and black pants. They attempted to evacuate everyone. However, as they were doing so, they spotted a man in a black puffer jacket with an orange collar, suggesting he was trying to disguise himself. The police commanded him to stop and show them his hands, but he quickly pulled out a gun from his pocket and took a hostage, threatening to shoot her. However, upon reaching a car, he released the hostage and drove away. The hostage was safe, and police pursued the suspect. However, upon stopping the car after following him, they discovered that the man had escaped, but the gun left behind was a fake 3D printed gun. The police realized that someone had been making these fake guns to intimidate people and decided to close the shop. There was a boy named Eddie at the university whom they wanted to question about the gunman. However, he claimed to know nothing, showing no signs of deception or aggression when asked. However, Sohal observed Eddie being bullied for his clothing by his classmates. They later discovered that a company named Swiftfire was actually manufacturing these 3D guns in the college itself, using a high-end new model called the VX30, which had been donated to the library. Those with library cards could access it, but the gunman was not on the list of users. Eddie, however, was. Upon questioning, he initially claimed to have been making a tree with the 3D printer the previous night, but Sabrina noticed his nervousness. Further questioning revealed that he had made the gun for a gang member named Junior, who had forced him to do so. Eddie’s mother vouched for his character, saying that he was a good kid who had never wanted to be involved in such activities.


Why Did Eddie Want To Commit Suicide? 

After investigating Junior, he revealed that he was not the one who’d asked for the gun. Instead, Eddie approached Junior to sell him the gun for three thousand dollars. This confused the police, as Eddie was perceived as a quiet kid, making it hard to make sense of the situation. Then, Eddie’s mother called and informed the police that Eddie had withdrawn a substantial amount of money and had fled home, not answering her calls. The police suspected that Eddie might owe money to someone, leading to this situation. After speaking with his mother, it became clear that someone was pressuring Eddie, and he didn’t have any friends to support him, making him vulnerable to exploitation. Someone is messaging Eddie about the money, prompting him to attempt to withdraw it from the ATM. However, he encounters difficulties in doing so. So he asks for an additional day to repay the debt. However, they insisted on getting the money that day, threatening to send his parents his private photos if he didn’t comply. This terrified Eddie, as he feared the pictures would be leaked onto social media, affecting his reputation and future prospects. Feeling cornered, he thought of committing suicide from the university terrace. Officer Sohal and her colleague talked to Eddie, calming him down. Just as he was about to jump, they grabbed him by his legs, preventing him from harming himself. Unfortunately, the pictures could not be retrieved, and they would be uploaded to social media. However, Sohal and the other police officers promised Eddie that it wasn’t his fault and vowed to do everything possible to catch the offender. They assured him that once the photos were uploaded, they would track down the perpetrator and bring him to justice. 

Why Did Ajeet Sohal Not Want To Be Under House Arrest? 

Max, Constable Sohal’s lawyer, has been trying everything to get her father, Ajeet Sohal, out of prison, because people have bound him there through false accusations. They started calling his philanthropic work “fraternizing with radicals.” All the while, his race and religion make it seem as if he was born in some Indian village in a distant land, when he was actually born in Canada. He regularly donated to schools with high-risk students, aiming to improve their lives through education. This does not imply that these schools are breeding grounds for radicals. The opposing lawyers have been trying to impose the idea that he has been involved in industrial sabotage with a mining company, painting Ajeet Sohal as someone trying to ruin Canadian lives despite being Canadian himself. This is heartbreaking to see, as he endures torment in prison, which he doesn’t deserve. Thus, the best thing Max proposes is to grant Ajeet Sohal house arrest pending trial. But Max gets to know that Ajeet Sohal is not willing to accept house arrest because he doesn’t want to take advantage of his position. He insists on remaining in jail until his innocence is proven. Hearing this makes Sabrina anxious, and she decides to meet her father. Sabrina tries to convince her father to come home after visiting him in prison, but he refuses, saying it wouldn’t speak well of his character because he wants to be in the same position as marginalized racial men who are still in prison. However, Sabrina insists he should come home to prove his innocence, to fight for those who deserve justice, and also for the sake of his children. But he remains adamant, which breaks her heart.


At the end of Allegiance episode 4, it is evident that Sabrina is exhausted from her work pressure and the weight of her personal life, particularly concerning her father. She feels that no matter what she does, it won’t make a difference. Thus, she decides to unwind by going out with her friends for some fun. However, she receives a message from her brother urging her to contact him immediately regarding their father. Perhaps there is a possibility that he has found something that could aid in their father’s quest for justice, or maybe he has discovered the identity of the individual from the IOH (Eye of Hurricane) group responsible for their father’s arrest, Ajeet Sohal. This is what we are about to find out in the upcoming episodes of Allegiance.

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