‘All the Light We Cannot See’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Marie And Werner Finally Meet?

In the previous episode of All the Light We Cannot See, Werner just managed to save Marie from being killed by German soldiers thanks to the help of Etienne. After being locked in a basement by Etienne, who believes Werner is redeemable, Werner realizes Etienne is the professor by putting 2 and 2 together. He hopes to convince the whole resistance team the way he did Etienne, but alas, because he’s German, they’re unwilling to believe him. Etienne is supportive of Werner, though, and he confirms that he is in fact the professor. For Marie, just as one danger has ended, another has begun, and her last battle with Rumpel is about to take place because he’s found her home.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

On one side, Rumpel makes his way up the stairs in Marie’s house, and on the other, Werner wakes up in a daze, with Etienne terribly injured. Etienne gives Werner his last lesson from the professor, which is that when one’s soul is leaving the earth, they know it from within. Etienne asks Werner to protect Marie until the Americans arrive and give her the message that the “tiger” is happier dead than in a cage. According to Daniel, Etienne used to be a tiger, until the war left him trapped in a box. It was Marie who brought him out of it.


In the days after Daniel left for home, Madame Manec’s health worsened. London sends the message that the Americans are coming, and Etienne has no choice but to figure out how to get work done. Marie is also willing to help, and Madame Manec suggests she collect messages. There’s one task, though: to read ship names as they pass by for code. The next day, Etienne asks Marie to ask him again to step outside. She does, and he finally agrees. Madame Manec is overjoyed to see her brother back to normal after all this time. They head to the same bakery, where Etienne meets Marie later to assure her that he’s still alive. Right now, though, it is time to collect hidden messages in bread. Marie writes down everything Etienne is observing, and because she’s so good with sound, she knows exactly when soldiers are coming to check on them. She hides her typewriter, but the soldier sees some braille sheets, and Marie displays her great skills by pretending it’s a chapter from a novel when he asks her to read it out. Etienne is always impressed by her skills.

When they get back home, they find the house filled with smoke. Madame Manec has passed away, and Etienne realizes that she was only pushing herself to survive until he would be back to normal and take charge.


In the present day, Etienne says goodbye to Marie through Werner and passes away quietly. On the other hand, Rumpel has reached the top of the stairs, but Marie has blocked the door to the attic. Rumpel tells Marie that he has a hand grenade, but first he tells her the story of how he met her father. Rumpel tells Marie that her father’s plan failed quite early on because Rumpel was very good at his job. He tortured Daniel for hours, but he wouldn’t fold. All Daniel really ever cared about was Marie, and he knew she was in safe hands, so he really had nothing to lose. Ultimately, love won over pain for Daniel, but Rumpel got no answers, so he killed him. Marie has barely any time to grieve because Rumpel is going to use the grenade to get inside the attic now. Inside, Marie has a gun ready, and she’s been taught how to use it by Etienne. Daniel tells Marie that the grenade will make her go deaf too, so she should really open the door, but she puts on the radio headphones and waits.

All this time, Werner’s been running towards the house amidst a burning city. He shows up just as the grenade goes off and screams to her that Etienne sent him. He also mentions how Etienne was his professor too, even though he’s a German soldier, making a connection with her. Fortunately, Marie hears what he says and guides Werner to safety from Rumpel. Marie has used five bullets from her gun by now, which is why Rumpel thinks he should deal with Werner the traitor first. Marie tells Werner exactly where Rumpel is headed based on the sound of his footsteps. Werner prepares some wire to choke Rumpel (finally getting his hands on some). Just as he reaches the landing on the ground floor, Werner chokes Rumpel, but the older man is way too strong for the boy. They destroy the wooden map and Rumpel’s stone is lying right in front of him. As Rumpel is about to shoot Werner in the head, Marie shows up with her gun. Rumpel tries to turn around to see her, and she shoots him in the head, mentioning how his steps gave him away.


Werner sees the “Sea of Flames,” and Marie tells him not to touch it. She asks him how he knew Etienne, and Werner gives Marie his message. They’ve just reached the attic now, the place where it all began for Werner. Marie grieves the loss of both the most important people in her life, and Werner consoles her by talking about the most important light.

What Happens To Werner?

Werner sees Etienne’s broken radio and fixes it once again. He uses it to broadcast a message to his sister, Jutta, telling her that he’s alright and that he met the professor in person. Werner and Marie share a little dance and kiss to the classical song Etienne used to play back when they were kids. Finally, it’s time for Werner to leave because the Americans have arrived. Marie tells him to surrender because the Americans will protect him and give him food and shelter. Werner agrees, and as the streets are filled with joy and everyone is relieved, Werner steps out, waving a white flag. Before going out, he promises Marie that he’ll be listening to Shortwave 13.10, where they will meet again.

The rock still remains on the floor with the broken map, and Marie picks it up with a handkerchief, making sure she doesn’t touch it. She walks through the city, listening to the joy in people’s voices and the sound of freedom everywhere. She reaches the beach, and at the end of the episode, she throws the “Sea of Flames” into the sea, so it can never be found again. With the sound of the sea, she cries tears of joy and sadness simultaneously. Maybe it is Marie’s belief in the curse of “Sea of Flames” that made her throw it away; she doesn’t want to bring misfortune to anybody else, and neither does she want to be immortal. All we can do is hope that Werner is reunited with his sister Jutta and gets to listen to Marie, who will take the place of the professor, as she has already been doing for so long. In the end, Marie is left all alone, but she is finally free, just like her dad and uncle wanted.

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