‘All That We Loved’ Ending, Explained: Did Go Yoo Meet Joon Hee Again? What To Expect In Season 2?

About high school friendships, love, and an unusual incident, All That We Loved is narrated by Go Yoo, who reminisces about his past when So Yeon suddenly showed up again in his life for the first time since high school. Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee had been best friends since they were kids and could easily pass as real brothers. When Joon Hee was on the brink of death, Go Yoo donated a kidney to him, but it became the reason the two later drifted apart. After the transplant, Joon Hee started behaving unusually like Go Yoo.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Joon Hee beat Up Go Yoo?

Go Yoo saved Joon Hee from the bullies one more time, but only later did Joon Hee tell Go Yoo that he attacked them first this time. Go Yoo got worried and told Joon Hee not to act stupid again. Joon Hee changed the topic quickly and asked Go Yoo not to be so tough on So Yeon because she must have had a reason behind what she did. Go Yoo didn’t want to believe anything other than the fact that So Yeon was a thief. Go Yoo had noticed that Joon Hee had changed, but he only became curious after he came across Joon Hee’s journal. He read that Joon Hee wrote about his behavior patterns like he was trying to decipher something. That’s when it hit Go Yoo that there could really be an issue. Earlier, Joon Hee had asked him about cell memory, so Go Yoo asked his mother about it. Cell memory is a rare condition seen in transplant patients where the receiver adapts to the donor’s habits. Go Yoo didn’t know if he should believe it, so he confronted Joon Hee and asked him if he liked So Yeon because of the cell memory.


Joon Hee knew he had been going through this condition of cell memory, but he was sure that he didn’t like So Yeon because of it. He liked So Yeon from the first moment he saw her, just like Go Yoo. Go Yoo believed him but asked him not to like her anymore because she was a thief. Joon Hee defended So Yeon and asked Go Yoo to mind his own business. This was the first time the two best friends had argued seriously over something. Go Yoo had lost his trust in So Yeon, and every time he heard about someone losing something in the class, he looked at her in suspicion. One day, rumors spread that So Yeon was a thief, and Joon Hee thought Go Yoo was the one behind it. He confronted Go Yoo, but Go Yoo had had enough of Joon Hee defending So Yeon and announced in the hallway of the school that it was not a rumor but a fact that So Yeon was a thief. Joon Hee got enraged and started beating up Go Yoo, and everyone in the school started gossiping that So Yeon caused two best friends to fight.

Why Did So Yeon Drop Out Of School?

Joon Hee’s grandmother had to go to school in the middle of work because she got a complaint from their teacher about the fight. She took responsibility for Go Yoo, too, as his parents were too busy to go to school. Go Yoo and Joon Hee wouldn’t talk to each other, so Joon Hee’s grandmother invited Go Yoo home to have a meal with Joon Hee, which he refused. The grandmother wanted to feed Go Yoo his favorite food, but he told her he would come the next day. However, the day never came, and he never got to eat his favorite dish cooked by her again. On that day, Joon Hee’s grandmother collapsed due to a brain hemorrhage, and even after undergoing surgery, she didn’t wake up again. Joon Hee and Go Yoo skipped school for days to tend to her, but on the day when Joon Hee alone went to school, Go Yoo called him with the bad news. Joon Hee lost his very last family member, but thankfully, he had Go Yoo and his parents, who were no less than family to him. Go Yoo cried the most at Joon Hee’s older brother’s funeral, making everyone think that he was his real brother, and now, when Joon Hee’s grandmother died, Go Yoo again cried more than Joon Hee. She was also family to him because she had raised him more than his parents. He regretted not having had the last meal with her.


So Yeon had had enough of being called a thief, so she decided to drop out of school to study abroad and only informed Joon Hee. Right after that, Joon Hee also disappeared. Go Yoo and his parents were worried that he wouldn’t return home but Go Yoo found a note written by Joon Hee saying he was going on a trip. However, since that day, Go Yoo hasn’t seen Joon Hee again. Go Yoo and Soon Tak have both become psychiatrists and have been working together. Go Yoo is still searching for Joon Hee, and surprisingly, two of his friends come back into his life at the same time. He has just reunited with So Yeon, and at the end of All That We Loved Episode 8, So Yeon reunites the two long-lost best friends. So Yeon takes Go Yoo to a park, and there is Joon Hee waiting for him after all these years.

What Can We Expect From Season 2?

Joon Hee has returned, but we don’t know where he went or what he did. Go Yoo must have changed after Joon Hee’s disappearance, seeing how he gave up on basketball and became a psychiatrist. The cell memory incident must have bothered him as much as it bothered Joon Hee. This can be counted as a possible reason why Joon Hee disappeared. Before his grandmother passed away, Joon Hee had mentioned that he saw Go Yoo’s recurring nightmares as well and wished he could take them away. All That We Loved Season 1 ended with so many confusing questions.


Go Yoo in the present is completely different than he was in the past. His behavior is more like that of Joon Hee, and when Joon Hee appears, his confident stance immediately reminds one of Go Yoo. The cell memory theory isn’t discussed in detail, and we can expect more explanation of it in All That We Loved season 2. Also, how did So Yeon find Joon Hee when Go Yoo couldn’t do it, even with help from a private detective? Even though the story was executed poorly in this season, which almost makes you not anticipate the next season, one can still hope to get some answers if there will ever be a sequel to this confusing story.

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