‘All That We Loved’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending: What Change Did Joon Hee Notice In Himself?

Joon Hee had kidney failure and Go Yoo made the brave decision to donate his kidney to his best friend. All That We Loved so far has shown us that the two best friends have drifted apart in the present, and that Joon Hee has been searching for Go Yoo. Joon Hee has no idea whether Go Yoo is alive or dead. Han So Yeon has returned to his life for the first time since high school, which only reminds him more of his friend. After the kidney transplant, Joon Hee started seeing unusual changes in himself, and he wasn’t able to figure out the reason behind them.


Spoilers Ahead

What Habit of So Yeon Gets Her Into Trouble?

Go Yoo and So Yeon were getting closer to each other as time passed, but Go Yoo understood that Joon Hee had also started liking So Yeon. It was odd because Go Yoo and Joon Hee’s choices were completely opposite of each other. Go Yoo had been outspoken and didn’t like to keep things hanging. He asked Joon Hee if he really liked So Yeon and Joon Hee knew what to say. He couldn’t be the one to break their friendship, so he denied it. He had different concerns than their teenage love. He had already started using his right hand instead of his left hand as his primary hand, and suddenly, his eyesight got better. He could see clearly without his glasses. Moreover, he suddenly started talking like Go Yoo without even realizing it and got scared. He had never been scared of birds before and never felt confident enough to stand up to his bullies. However, he shook in fear after seeing birds and seeing his bullies bully someone made him want to beat them up. It wasn’t his personality, but it was very similar to Go Yoo’s personality. He tried to talk to his doctor, but it was difficult for him to explain why his personality was changing.


After Joon Hee said he didn’t like So Yeon, Go Yoo became more comfortable spending time with So Yeon, and So Yeon changed, too, thanks to Go Yoo. She had started socializing in school instead of just studying. Everybody could see that So Yeon and Go Yoo were a thing now. Go Yoo would even help So Yeon cheat in her athletics exams because she wasn’t good at any sport and would get the lowest grades in them. However, all of this was soon to fall apart as Go Yoo found out So Yeon’s secret. Go Yoo caught So Yeon stealing an MP3 player, and he found more stolen things in her bag, including Joon Hee’s grandmother’s lost necklace. It is a secret Joon Hee never knew, but the grown-up So Yeon has to tell him the truth because she never grew out of that habit. Currently, she is under fire by the people, as her name is on the news for stealing a luxury wallet from a store despite being a rich actress.

What Condition Does So Yeon Have?

So Yeon has pathological impulse disorder, because of which she can’t control herself from stealing things when she has menses. She has tried getting treatment, but nothing she tried gave her a permanent solution. She couldn’t explain her situation to Go Yoo back then because Go Yoo had concluded that she was a thief even before she could speak. She always felt guilty and miserable because of her condition, as she had to transfer schools many times after getting caught stealing. She had just started to get along with her classmates at her new school, but now she was back to being a recluse. Go Yoo didn’t hang out with her anymore, and everyone noticed it, but Go Yoo kept So Yeon’s secret to himself. Later, Go Yoo even gives her a chance to explain herself, but So Yeon is upset that he called her a thief without listening to her first. She just let him believe that she was indeed a thief.


Joon Hee was busy trying to figure out his changes. As the days passed by, he started becoming more like Go Yoo. He started calling his own grandmother ‘Madam,’ and he was getting aggressive. His urge to beat up the bullies was only increasing every time he looked at them. While he was lost in his own problems, he caught So Yeon red-handed one day. After her fight with Go Yoo, So Yeon tries to steal from a convenience store, and even though Joon Hee tries to stop her, she still runs away with a box of candies. However, he didn’t call her a thief, so So Yeon didn’t have to tell him that it was her habit. Joon Hee believed it was a one-time thing done out of impulse after So Yeon fought with Go Yoo.

Joon Hee wasn’t interested in the people around him and barely talked with anyone—not even his grandmother or Go Yoo. However, he had changed. He chased So Yeon to find out what was going on with her. He wouldn’t have dared to do so if he were the same Joon Hee as before. He was really becoming more like Go Yoo. He gave in to his urges and attacked the bullies when he saw them bullying a kid on the street. It reminded him of all the times he was bullied on the streets when Go Yoo wasn’t there to help him. He had courage, but he was no match for the bullies. Even though he tried to beat them up, they ganged up on him. They had found a great time to take revenge for all the times Go Yoo beat them up for him. At the end of All That We Loved Episode 6, Joon Hee is a transformed person, but only with his personality; his strength is still the same. If it weren’t for Go Yoo, who always came to his rescue, he would have been severely injured. However, both Go Yoo and So Yeon saw Joon Hee’s erratic behavior, and he needed to answer their questions, especially Go Yoo’s, because he had never seen him behave like this since he knew him.


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