‘All That We Loved’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending: Is Go Yoo Still Alive?

Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee became friends after Joon Hee’s older brother, Joon Young, was hospitalized when they were still kids. All That We Loved shows the past through the eyes of Joon Hee, who has grown up to become a renowned psychologist. Joon Hee had been the introverted friend of Go Yoo, the extrovert, who always had Joon Hee’s back. They were more brothers than friends, and their brotherhood was so strong that Go Yoo could even donate his kidney to Joon Hee. However, they fell for the same girl in high school, Han So Yeon.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Joon Hee’s Grandmother Grateful To Go Yoo?

Joon Hee had always been a target of bullies, and one night they found him alone when he was returning from the library. They left him alone in the alley after beating him up, and the police had to take him to the hospital. While he was being examined for injuries, the doctor, who also happened to be Go Yoo’s mother, found out that Joon Hee’s kidney was on the verge of dysfunction. He needed immediate dialysis and was put on the waiting list for a kidney. Go Yoo couldn’t believe what his mother tried to tell him, and he continued to stay in the hospital with Joon Hee while skipping classes. Joon Hee’s grandmother had just found out that he was taking some medication without letting her know about him being sick, and then she found out the heartbreaking news. She had raised Joon Hee with care, as they were the only family each other had. Go Yoo also felt scared of losing him because he had seen his older brother, Joon Young, die after battling his illness for a long time. They were still kids and didn’t have to carry the weight of the world. They still didn’t stop teasing and playing, even when Joon Hee was hospitalized. However, after Joon Hee’s condition worsened, Go Yoo made a big decision.


Go Yoo decided to donate his kidney to Joon Hee, but not only his mother but also Joon Hee’s grandmother opposed his decision. Joon Hee’s grandmother could not see two of her grandsons in the operating room together. She had always been grateful to Go Yoo for giving her and Joon Hee a reason to survive. Right after Joon Young passed away, Joon Hee lost his parents in a car accident. Joon Hee was traumatized and would not eat or talk to anyone. He only slept in a room while staring at the pictures of his lost family. His grandmother felt hopeless and thought about ending their lives as well. However, when they were at their lowest, Go Yoo appeared in their lives again. He was friends with Joon Young and understood Joon Hee’s pain. Because of him, Joon Hee started eating and talking again. Since then, Go Yoo has been living together with Joon Hee and his grandmother, as he would always feel alone at home due to his busy parents. Go Yoo wouldn’t change his decision even after his mother told him about all the disadvantages. Moreover, their kidneys matched the percentage likelihood of a blood-related brother. There were complications during the transplant surgery, and Go Yoo almost died, but thankfully, both of them survived. However, in the present timeline, Joon Hee and Go Yoo are not in touch anymore, and Joon Hee has even hired a private detective to track down Go Yoo.

How Did So Yeon Become Friends With Go Yoo And Joon Hee?

After a month of recovery, Go Yoo and Joon Hee joined school again, and on their first day back, they saw Han So Yeon getting bullied. Joon Hee and Go Yoo became So Yeon’s only friends in school from that day on. Go Yoo could easily express his feelings, but it wasn’t the same for Joon Hee. He was just as infatuated with So Yeon as Go Yoo, but he couldn’t express it. Moreover, he could see that his best friend already liked So Yeon. Go Yoo would take care of Joon Hee’s meals and sleeping schedule because he wanted him to get healthier quickly. Go Yoo himself had been facing problems playing basketball, but his mother had already warned him about it. Nevertheless, he was confident that he would be back to normal soon. Meanwhile, Joon Hee had started seeing unusual behavioral changes. He was a left-handed person, but suddenly he could write with his right hand as well. However, that was not as strange as when he suddenly started getting scared of pigeons. He could never understand why Go Yoo was scared of a bird like a pigeon, but now he himself had started getting scared of it. Han So Yeon has come back into Joon Hee’s life after many years, but she still remembers his fear of pigeons.


Joon Hee’s grandmother used to work hard to provide a comfortable life for him. She was a florist who took huge orders, and when some of them were returned for any reason, she used to sell them on the street or at restaurants and markets. Once, when a huge order of roses was returned, Joon Hee, Go Yoo, and Soon Tak decided to help the grandmother sell the flowers, as she couldn’t possibly sell all those by herself. Han So Yeon used to do a part-time job back then and buy roses to help her classmates. That’s when Go Yoo asked her to join them for an adventure night. Some of the students in Go Yoo’s class used to bribe a rice wine maker to make the drink for them at the school in secret. Back when there were barely any security cameras or high-tech security systems, the kids used to sneak into the school at night once a month to drink the rice wine. When Go Yoo took So Yeon to wine night, it turned out to be a memorable event in her high school life. She had no friends and would only study at school, but because of Go Yoo, she had fun and could also show Go Yoo a side of herself that she didn’t show anyone. She wasn’t sure if she liked him, but she found him amusing.

Joon Hee had eyes on So Yeon the whole time during the wine night, and that’s why he also noticed that she had something going on with Go Yoo. He knew he should have stopped right there, but he didn’t. All That We Loved Episode 4 ends with Joon Hee running away with So Yeon while Go Yoo stays back to help Soon Tak escape from the sight of the guards as they are about to get caught. Joon Hee and So Yeon hid behind a wall, and Joon Hee looked like he was about to confess his feelings to So Yeon. In the present timeline, Joon Hee and Go Yoo aren’t friends anymore. Could this love triangle be the reason for it? Moreover, Joon Hee had strangely started picking up Go Yoo’s personality traits after the transplant. What could be the reason behind it, and would that have affected their friendship? We’ll only find out in the upcoming episodes.


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