‘All That We Loved’ Episodes 1 And 2 Recap & Ending: How Did Go Yoo And Joon Hee Become Friends?

Teenage is a time of new experiences, new emotions and friendships seem more important than anything else. In that age of carelessness, the time spent with friends makes for some of the most fond memories. All That We Loved, the new coming of age Korean drama is a nostalgic tale that centers around the teenage years of three close friends. The two of them namely, Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee met through a fateful incident and have been friends ever since. Nothing matters more to them than their friendship, but they get entangled in a love triangle when a third person named Han So Yeon transfers to their school.

Spoilers Ahead

What Are Joon Hee And So Yeon Doing In The Present?

Go Yoo and Joon Hee were in hospital clothes preparing for surgery and Go Yoo didn’t stop joking until they were put under anesthesia. Joon Hee seemed to be receiving an organ transplant and Go Yoo seemed to be the donor. Go Yoo laughed before the surgery not knowing it would be the last time he did. Complications arose and despite efforts from the doctors, Go Yoo stopped breathing. Joon Hee is still alive and sixteen years have passed since. He has grown up to become a reputed psychiatrist, but his personality hasn’t changed in years. He revisits fond memories when he finds a picture of himself with Go Yoo and So Yeon in high school. It was from 2006 when Go Yoo was a top basketball player at their school and Joon Hee was a top student. They were complete opposites in everything but best of friends. Joon Hee was the type to get bullied but thanks to Go Yoo, no one dared to bully him, at least in school. Both of them lived together with Joon Hee’s grandma which Go Yoo loved because both his parents- doctors- were never home. They didn’t even have time to get divorced. The whereabouts of Joon Hee’s parents are not known but his grandmother treats Go Yoo as her own grandchild because his mother had treated Joon Hee’s older brother and helped him live a little longer.

Joon Hee and Go Yoo met when Joon Hee’s older brother was Go Yoo’s mother’s patient. Go Yoo was a troublemaker back then too, and he became friends with Joon Hee and his brother at the hospital. Joon Hee lost his brother, unfortunately, but his brother had introduced him to Go Yoo as if he knew that he was leaving behind another brother for him. Go Yoo teased Joon Hee a lot but also took care of him and protected him like an older brother. Joon Hee had an anxiety disorder and that’s the reason he grew up to become a psychiatrist. He would get anxiety attacks frequently and that’s why Go Yoo also paid attention to him. Joon Hee was a quiet kid who was always reading books, but he started seeing a change in himself when he saw Han So Yeon for the first time. So Yeon had recently transferred to the school and was already popular for her angelic looks. She was as smart as Joon Hee and he was enchanted from the first moment he saw her. It was the first time that something apart from studies intrigued him. However, Go Yoo didn’t have a good impression of her as he thought she was rude and prideful. In the present, So Yeon has become an actress and visits Joon Hee for the first time since high school, but Joon Hee isn’t thrilled to see her.

Where Did Go Yoo And Joon Hee See So Yeon?

So Yeon confirms from Joon Hee that he doesn’t have a girlfriend or is married because she is going to be seeing him a lot. She prefers drinking alcohol with him but Joon Hee doesn’t drink. As they are speaking, we are taken back to the time in high school when he wandered around the town with Go Yoon and Soon Tak, their other friend, in search of alcohol. Joon Hee was quiet, but he had learned to be mischievous thanks to Go Yoo. They failed to get alcohol even with fake ID cards because rules were becoming stricter. However, while they went from one place to another, they encountered So Yeon twice. Once in a cafe where she worked part-time and for the second time, outside the convenience store where she managed to get the beer when they couldn’t. She was fascinating to them like a celebrity that they could only see from afar and never talk to. Even when they greeted her, she passed by and didn’t greet them back. Go Yoo didn’t like her attitude but Joon Hee was allured by her. 

Even though Go Yoo wasn’t impressed with So Yeon, he helped her once. He lent her his gym clothes and that was the moment their impression of each other started to change. So Yeon never smiled at anyone or anything, but she smiled when Go Yoo threw the ball in the basket perfectly and coolly. Go Yoo was a sportsman and lacked in studies, but his athletic skills were enough to showcase how talented he was. His gym teacher used to rest himself and would give the lead to Go Yoo. Go Yoo taught So Yeon how to play basketball and unknowingly, became her first friend in her new school. 

Go Yoo and Joon Hee were so close to each other as if they were soulmates. However, there seemed to be a different connection between them. Joon Hee was always a target of bullies and once, when they caught him alone at night, they attacked him. All That We Loved Episode 2 ends with Joon Hee getting beat up by bullies and Go Yoo feeling uneasy in his sleep as if he was getting beat up himself. Could Go Yoo feel Joon Hee’s feelings and that was the reason he always showed up whenever he was in trouble? If so, could there be a different reason why he died during the surgery and not Joon Hee? The end suggests an intriguing story to come up in addition to the feel-good nostalgic plot.

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