‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Arisu Kill The King Of Spades?

The sixth episode of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 ended with the death of Kuzuryu, the King of diamonds. He hoped for a better world where people believed in humanity and values. This world has been a better place for those who need to understand this aspect, but people like Niragi will never change. The seventh episode began with Niragi roaming around the city looking for someone to bully. Meanwhile, Ann and Kuina found each other as they were competing in a game together. The penultimate episode of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 gave a small glimpse at all the face card games, which included the Jack of Clubs, Jack of Diamonds, and the King of Hearts and included games like poker, rope climbing, and throwball; the trickiest one of them was a tunnel filled with people who were being followed by a deadly animal. Ann and Kuina won the games and stepped out of the arena confidently. Now, it was time for the King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts. There are only two games left. Arisu moved around the city looking for weapons, and amidst this, he met Chishiya on the way. They started talking to each other as all the players started gathering at Shibuya. But suddenly, Chishiya was shot down by Niragi. Luckily, he missed his vital organs and didn’t cause any serious injuries to him. Niragi wanted to fight with them, as he didn’t have much time left to live. Chishiya chose to fight back and avenge everything that happened at “The Beach.”

Niragi wanted to kill them; he believed that Arisu and Chishiya had always wanted to save themselves and not the others. But Arisu will never give up and act weak. Things were starting to settle down until Usagi showed up. Niragi lost control and started shooting at her. Chishiya chose to save Usagi and stood in front of her while Arisu shot Niragi, and Chishiya took the bullet meant for Usagi. Chishiya was happy with his decision and chose to die to save Usagi and Arisu. Even though Niragi wanted to kill them, he wasn’t the bad guy. All his life, he was bullied despite his good nature. People considered him to be weak, so Niragi chose to hurt those who couldn’t stand strong in front of him. The people who suffered gave him happiness and a kind of fulfillment since he had been through a lot when nobody saved Niragi from his misery. 

The King Of Spades

Suddenly, a huge blimp displaying the King of Spades’ flag moved through Shibuya, and gunshots began ringing out from a distance. People started reacting frantically, and the King killed everyone who stood in his way. Usagi and Arisu hid behind a car and spotted Kuina and Ann. Finally, the team was reunited. Kuina asked about Chishiya’s whereabouts, but the latter didn’t tell her anything about Chishiya’s death. Moreover, the four of them decided to take the King down together. At a distance, a cloaked man approached them, killing every survivor along the way. Moreover, the King attacked Ann, but Kuina managed to distract him. Ann took this opportunity to escape him, but now the King was following Kuina. Suddenly, a man emerged from a distance and tried to run over the King with his car; the car caught on fire, but the King was completely fine. He removed his cloak and mask to reveal his face. The King continued to attack Arisu and Usagi while Akane shot him with her arrow. Things took a different turn when Akane realized that Aguni was alive all this time. He followed her to Shibuya to kill the King.

Now, the whole team fought together, and with Aguni by their side, things would become even easier to deal with. Aguni was sure that the King would run out of ammo soon, and that would be the only time available to kill him. Kuina carried Chishiya’s ANFO bomb, which can be used to distract the King. Arisu spotted a drug store nearby and decided to place the bomb in the drug store, which would cause the bomb to create a huge explosion that could easily kill the King. Now, one of them had to lure King into the drugstore until Arisu set the bomb. Meanwhile, this explosion can be deadly for Arisu as well, but he still chooses to do it to save others and win this level. But Aguni decided to step ahead and lure him in instead of Arisu, and Usagi suggested commencing the plan together. The King resupplied himself from the blimp, so the team decided to lure him into a different passage, where he wouldn’t find a way to get his ammunition.

While the entire team distracted him, Arisu filled the drugstore with gas. Well, things were working out according to their plan. They all managed to corner him and attack him one by one, but the King was strong. Aguni was about to be killed by the King, but Akane saved him and took all the bullets before they could hit him. Ann tried to save her, but she was shot as well. Moreover, Aguni attacked him again and tried to shoot him, but the King choked him instead. Kuina overpowered him, but she had to deal with multiple stab wounds at once. At the same time, Usagi held him down, but before he could shoot her, Aguni found a bullet and shot him, but the King got in his first strike, killing Aguni. Everyone was severely injured except for Aguni, who lost his life as he took a bullet straight to his head. Now, their only hope was Arisu; he had to lure him into the drugstore as it was the only way to kill him now. 

Did Arisu Kill The King Of Spades?

The King followed Arisu to the drugstore and prepared for an attack. At the same time, Arisu stood there with the bomb. But there’s a catch; Aguni missed death and attacked the King from the back. He pushed him to the ground and signaled Arisu to throw the bomb. But Arisu chose to take Aguni, and the duo jumped out of the window while Arisu threw the bomb in the King’s direction, and Aguni shot it. The drugstore was destroyed, severely injuring the King of Spades. Luckily, Aguni and Arisu made it out safely, and Aguni was alive as the bullet only scratched a part of his head. The King handed over a gun to Aguni, and he killed the King. Both of them had flashbacks of their past where they faced similar situations, as both of them had had to kill their best friends. The King and Aguni apologized for their actions but somehow freed each other from all the pain.

Aguni decided to kill himself, but Hatter’s illusion stopped him from doing so. Episode 7 of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 was indeed an emotional one; all the characters lost their lives, leaving Usagi and Arisu. Ann and Kuina were alive, but in their final breaths, they promised to be friends again. Kuina witnessed her death but couldn’t do anything to protect her. Now it was time for the final round, which was the Queen of Hearts. As they moved closer to the arena, Arisu and Usagi found out that Chishiya and Niragi were still alive. Even though Arisu and Usagi were hurt, they made it to the final round, but this time they were prepared for the worst. The episode ended on an ambiguous note, where Usagi and Arisu encountered the Queen of Hearts, Mira, again.

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