‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does Money Matter More Than Life?

The fifth episode of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger as the Queen team managed to tag all the members of the challenger team except Arisu and Usagi. For some reason, the Queen of Spades wanted Arisu to be a part of her team. The members chased him down, but Usagi saved him right before the Queen attacked. Now, it was time for round thirteen, and only three minutes were remaining. Usagi and the Queen had a battle with each other, and Usagi was pushed down from the railings. She managed to save herself, but the Queen didn’t let her leave, as she wanted to defeat Usagi at all costs. The Queen wanted Usagi to die since no other member cared about saving the child. Soon, round 14 began, and it was time for the challenger team to attack. Well, Usagi managed to change three members of the Queen team. Usagi tried to convince the players that following the Queen would allow them to stay safe in this world forever, but this will prohibit all their chances of returning to reality. If the players manage to win all the face-card games, then there is a huge chance that the survivors will return to the real world. All the players have lost hope of going home, and they just want to survive in this gruesome world. Arisu stepped out and started motivating them and assuring them that all the individuals representing the face cards were normal human beings like them and they could be defeated. More members stepped out and revealed their hope for a return to reality. Everyone wanted their families back, living happily without any fear of trying to deal with everything together as one.


Now, it was time for round 15 and a final round for the Queen team. They have 14 members, leaving the challenger team with six members; they needed five more members to survive. On the other hand, the Queen of Spades was manipulating the existing members to capture Arisu. Usagi broke a gas pipe to distract the players, and Arisu escaped. But the Queen team cornered him using all her players. So, in the final 30 seconds of the round, Arisu jumped down from the railing, and Usagi helped him step down. Now that it was time for the challenger team’s final round, Usagi and Arisu had teamed up and changed the players’ symbols to blue. The challenger team had 19 members, and the Queen team was left with the Queen of Spades, making them the winners of this face card game. Arisu wanted to know whether winning all the face card games would take them back or not, but the Queen told him to win every level to find out more information. 

Arisu and Usagi had a heart-to-heart conversation, and they shared their interest in each other. Arisu wanted to go back to their world with Usagi, and from the very beginning, these games had completely changed their bond. Suddenly, Usagi and Arisu found a hot spring and decided to spend their time in the water. Things became even more interesting when they found elephants in the water. While things were getting better between Usagi and Arisu, the story moved to Ann and Kuina’s perspective. Kuina visited her mother’s hospital and found their picture together, while Ann reminisced about her past, where she worked as a criminal investigator. Once she had to deal with a child’s murder case, and the child had been brutally murdered, but despite all the fear, he had fought back to the end. Even though getting back to reality was difficult at this point, there was still some hope left. 


The King Of Diamonds 

Chishiya was a part of the next face card game, which was the King of Diamonds, and it was held in the Supreme Court. Moreover, this game is called “Beauty Contest.” Along with the other participants, Chishiya was assigned a tablet, and every participant had three minutes to select any number between zero and one hundred. Furthermore, these numbers would be multiplied by 0.8, and the person whose answer is closest to the correct answer would win the round. The players who didn’t get the right answer would lose the round and a point. If the player reaches a negative 10, that person will be eliminated from the game, and the last person who survives the round will be determined as the winner. But there’s a catch; winning is very difficult since every level will have a different rule to follow. Soon, the first round began, and everyone chose their numbers. The average of all the numbers was 32.08 and multiplying it by 0.8 gave the answer of 26.24. Kuzuryu chose 29, and he won the first round.

Suddenly, a liquid starts pouring into the scales, and the person who reaches a negative 10 points will be burned with acid. In the second round, 13.28 was the average of all the numbers, but again, Kuzuryu won the round since he had the closest number, which was 14. Well, Daimon won the third round, and everyone wondered about the right way to guess the answer. Soon, the winning streak was juggled between Kuzuryu, Chishiya, and Daimon. Now it was time for the tenth round. Math skills were extremely necessary for this game, and just like the other rounds, Kuzuryu won this one too. Two people from the team lost the game with negative 10 points, and they were instantly killed with acid. Now, two rules were added to the game, and according to the first rule, if the same numbers are chosen by two participants, they will be removed from the round and lose one point. The second rule was much more interesting: if the chosen number and the average were the same, all the other players would lose two points. 


With three participants left, the game became even trickier; all of them chose zero and were removed from the round, which also caused them to lose one point. Now, Chishiya had one more chance to survive; if he messed this up, the acid would burn him too. For the next round, Chishiya managed to choose the exact number, making him the winner since Kuzuryu and Daimon lost two points each. Daimon started accusing him of cheating, but Chishiya just predicted her moves since she wanted Kuzuryu and Chishiya to choose the same number, which would eliminate them from the round, killing Chishiya. Now, to make this possible, Daimon’s only choice was to select a number with a higher margin. This way, she was burned with acid, leaving Chishiya and Kuzuryu for the final round.

It was time for the new rule: if one participant chose zero, the other participant could win if they chose one hundred as an option. With Chishiya and Kuzuryu left, one of them has to pick a number that is similar to zero. Kuzuryu asked him a question, as he wanted to know if Chishiya would provide vaccines to poor people or rich ones. But people in this world never understood the true meaning of equality. They ran behind money, and it determined a person’s value. Well, it is revealed that Chishiya was a doctor in the past, and he resembled Kuzuryu’s feelings in that he wanted the same things to happen. Chishiya had wanted to save people, and this reminded him of his patient Hayato. Hayato needed an urgent transplant, and his condition was stable. But the director of the hospital changed the list and scheduled the transplant for a friend’s grandson. Hayato’s case was postponed, and the child lost his life.


Does Money Matter More Than Life? 

Chishiya was fascinated by Kuzuryu’s good deeds. Sitting across from each other, they were people who viewed life from different perspectives. Chishiya informed him that he would be choosing 100 as the answer this time, but Kuzuryu was surprised by his actions since he only had one more chance to survive. But Chishiya wanted him to decide whose life mattered the most. Kuzuryu reminisced about the time a young man saved his life in one of these games; now, he had to choose his fate, and Kuzuryu chose zero as the answer, making Chishiya the winner. In the next round, it was either Chishiya or Kuzuryu. In a way, Chishiya wanted to understand Kuzuryu’s final choice, and he chose 100 again. Kuzuryu chose to save Chishiya because his principles drove him to do so. Kuzuryu stood on the path of equality, he wanted every person to be treated equally, but humans failed to understand the importance of human life itself. As a lawyer, he tried to fix things his way, and his decisions were linked to his history. In the past, he approached an industrial company to stop producing and dumping harmful substances; this killed around twenty people in its vicinity, and the company was not ready to take responsibility.

Kuzuryu believed in economic growth, but all the rich people he dealt with wanted to boost modern society. His boss wanted him to fulfill his duties as a lawyer, where he had to stand by his client no matter what happened. Episode 6 of Alice in Borderland” Season 2 also depicted a conversation between Kuzuryu and Momoka, who chose to be a witch at “The Beach.” Kuzuryu knew it all along and even wanted to know why Momoka wanted to become the witch. But her decisions were entirely based on her principles; Momoka wanted the world to know that people would not kill each other to find the witch. She chose to die and determined her life’s value. Kuzuryu witnessed the same drive in Chishiya as well. So, he chose to save him. The sixth episode of Alice in Borderland” Season 2 ended on an inspiring note, where Akane left Aguni as he passed away fighting the king of spades; she chose to survive and walk forward with all knowledge that she carried from him. Meanwhile, Usagi and Arisu hoped for a better future and survival, and the episode ended with the same inspiration around Ann and Kuina’s new beginning to return to reality.


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