‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did They Defeat The Queen Of Spades?

At the end of “Alice in Borderland,” Season 2, Episode 4, Arisu is attacked by the King of Spades, but luckily, he is saved by a stranger, who was none other than Aguni. He sacrificed himself at the Beach massacre to save Arisu and the others present in the hotel. Arisu was delighted to have him back, but part of him wanted to look for Usagi. Meanwhile, Usagi was roaming around the forest for Arisu as they got separated when the King of Spades attacked Arisu. Well, Aguni never wanted to survive the Beach fire, but now his main purpose is to kill the King of Spades, and he even asked for Arisu’s help. Arisu didn’t want to die yet, and Aguni was surprised by his response. He wanted to know about Arisu’s driving force, to which Arisu replied that he didn’t have to find different reasons to live his life and that nothing made a difference. He had to survive, no matter what happened. Aguni had no reason to live; he had lost all hope, and for now, he just wanted to eliminate the game masters to ensure an easier life in this world. Even though Aguni was supposed to die on the battlefield, he managed to survive the outcomes. Now, he teamed up with a girl named Akane, who helped Aguni save Arisu from the King of Spades. Akane was a normal high school girl; free of all worry, she often spent time with her friends. But the day everything changed, even Akane spotted fireworks in the sky, and these fireworks changed everything for the world!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Akane Survive The Seven Of Spades? 

The fifth episode of “Alice in Borderland,” Season 2 showed all the little details about Akane’s history. After the fireworks happened, she arrived in this dimension and understood that survival depended on games. Akane’s first game was the Seven of Spades, and the game was known as Boiling Death; she had to escape the arena before it was destroyed completely. Suddenly, the ground beneath her started shaking, and the entire arena was filled with boiling water. She woke up and found a piece of metal pierced through her leg; Akane didn’t have much time left since the collapse made it difficult for her to escape. But she didn’t give up; Akane managed to push the metal out and crawl through a vent next to her. The vent was the only way left for her to escape the arena. In this process, Akane survived all the other games but lost her leg. She knew that she hadn’t been the best person in her previous life; Akane bullied people around her and often belittled them. This dimension set up a nightmare in her life, and that turned her even stronger than before. 


Now, she worked alongside Aguni to eliminate the King of Spades. Even though Akane didn’t lose a person close to her, she lost a very important piece of her identity, and that was her leg. She suffered from severe gangrene, and to escape this, Akane had to remove the leg surgically. Akane was the only survivor in the first game, and she managed to reach a hospital. There was a doctor who found her and promised to help her, but he wanted Akane to sleep with him as compensation. Akane had to live for the sacrifices her past self-made to keep her alive. Akane believed in herself, and she was sure about her survival; even if she didn’t return to reality, Akane had the strength to survive in this world.

How Did Aguni, Arisu, And Akane Team Up To Kill The King Of Spades? 

Aguni reminisced about Hatter and had conversations with his illusion. Well, this time, Hatter used hurtful words and demotivated Aguni for standing up against the King of Spades. A part of Aguni wanted to die, but he created illusions in which Hatter forced him to die. The next morning, Arisu wanted to look for Usagi, but Aguni didn’t allow him to travel alone and took Arisu along with them. The King of Spades will attack as soon as Arisu is spotted in the vicinity. Moreover, they’ve got tracking devices and other gadgets to find the players as well. Aguni listed out certain strategies, and one of them included the mountains. Once the King of Spades followed them into the mountains, Aguni, Akane, and Arisu could attack him from there. They needed to find the right spot to confuse him enough that might lend them enough chances to trap the King of Spades. Aguni managed to find the right location for the King of Spades and set up traps everywhere, which would alert them immediately.


The day went by, and Arisu couldn’t sleep the whole night; he guarded himself with the help of Aguni’s rifle. Suddenly, rustling noises emerged from the bushes, and Arisu aimed his rifle in its direction. In the dark, a cloaked man slowly approached him. Arisu was falling asleep, and he aimed his gun at him. Luckily, Akane spotted him and threw a smoke bomb to distract his attention, and Aguni took this opportunity to shoot the King of Spades, but he didn’t die. The King of Spades attacked with his rifle again, and his body was covered with a bulletproof vest. So, Aguni explained all the plans to Arisu, and they decided to cover each other until Aguni took him to the cliff. Arisu decided to distract him, but the King of Spades threw a grenade at him; the blast caused him to fall into the water, while Aguni had no choice but to lead the mission, but Aguni lost his balance, suffering a head injury that caused him to lose consciousness. Meanwhile, Akane managed to hide both of them around the bushes, and the King of Spades left. 

The End Of Queen Of Spades 

The next morning, the water took Arisu to an entirely different place. He tried to find Usagi, but it was of no use. Meanwhile, Episode 5 of “Alice in Borderland,” Season 2 gave us little insight into the whereabouts of all the other players as well. Kuina was competing for more games to extend her visa while Ann was looking for answers, and she used her compass to note down directions. On the other hand, Usagi found a young girl and a child in a house where she was looking for food. The child didn’t have much time left, and he didn’t want to appear in games since he had lost his parents. Usagi took him along with her; the child was not ready to play, but Usagi managed to convince him. But the other participants started blaming Usagi for bringing a child in. Things take a different turn when Arisu arrives at the game as well. He managed to find her and tried to support her with the game. Both of them were glad to have each other back, and now it was time for the game to begin!


This is the Queen of Spades game, and it is called Checkmate. To begin with, there were two teams: the Queen team and the Challenger team. Both teams had to battle against each other. Through the projection screen, the four members of the Queen team introduced themselves. Moreover, there are sixteen members on the Challenger team. The Queen of Spades chose to be the leader of her team, whereas she appointed the child as the leader of the Challenger team. There were sixteen rounds in the game, and each team had to take its position with every passing round. When it’s time for the Queen team to approach, they will follow the members of the Challenger team and touch any member they like. Every player has a button attached to their back, and once the opposing team touches the button, that member will become a part of that team. Only the leader of both teams will get to stay, except everyone else. The game will end when one team out of both has the most members marking them the winner.

‘Did Arisu And Usagi Find More Members For The Challenger Team?

Once they wore the buttons, the Queen team headed vigorously toward the challenger team. Usagi and Arisu left the child at the starting point and ran to stay away from the Queen team. One by one, the Queen team managed to secure each member from the challenger team. The Queen of Spades was extremely good with her combat skills, and she easily chased people to make them part of her team. Now that it was time for the challenger team’s turn, the members of the Queen team stopped them from tagging anyone. The rules didn’t mention any details about fighting, so both teams can use any measures to stop their opponent. Every round lasted for five minutes, and the challenger team failed to secure a single person in the second round. Usagi and Arisu decided to split up for the third round and promised to check on each other after every round. Moreover, once the button turns red, it burns the skin of all the players, making them scream in pain. 

The Queen team secured ten players from the challenger team, and there were six left now; by this time, the members of the challenger team who joined the Queen team refrained from joining the team back. They believed that their team was weak, and the Queen team could take them down anytime. The challenger team will be eliminated if they don’t find enough players. Moreover, the players were bribed with the hope of surviving. The members of the Queen team can survive for as long as they want. If the players went back to the challenger team, they would have to play more games to extend their visas. With three members left, the tension increased since all the members of the challenger team started following the Queen’s orders. But the Queen of Spades was not satisfied; she wanted Arisu to be specifically a part of her team. Arisu was cornered by all the members until Usagi showed up to save him. The Queen rushed to attack her, and the fifth episode of “Alice in Borderland,” Season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger. 

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