‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Kaito Kameyama?

The third episode of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 began with the jack of hearts game, and with each level, many participants lost their lives, with five of them left to compete. Episode four began with Chishiya’s efforts to communicate with one of the players named Matsushita to know his symbol as Chishiya lost his teammate Ippei. But Matsushita is associated with a serial killer named Sunato, who might be the jack of hearts. Chishiya wanted to believe him and eliminate Sunato since both of them were together as a team. Chishiya told him the truth about his symbol, whereas Matsushita lied to him. Sunato looks innocent, but he’s got no empathy for anyone else, and other members are sure that Sunato is the actual jack of hearts. Luckily, Chishiya asked another player named Kotoko about his symbol, but she didn’t speak to him and chose to ignore Chishiya instead. With two different pairs, Chishiya was left alone at this level. But he successfully managed to manipulate the other players, and they lied about their partner’s symbols. Finally, it was time to enter solitary confinement, and guess what? Chishiya decided to trust his intuition and chose a diamond as the answer. Matsushita stepped out of the confinement and laughed maniacally, believing he was the only one left. But Chishiya and Sunato made it out safely; even though Matsushita lied about their symbols, Chishiya and Sunato maintained a connection without Matsushita’s knowledge. 


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A Game Of Betrayal And Trust 

Soon, Yaba stepped out, too, Kotoko lied to him about his symbol, but he also maintained a connection with Sunato and figured out that Kotoko was manipulated by Matsushita. Indeed, he is the jack of hearts, and killing him would guarantee a winning streak for Sunato, Chishiya, and Yaba. Matsushita wanted things to work his way, so he had teamed up with Sunato for his own benefit. All this time, Sunato was manipulating Matsushita into believing that he trusted him. Every time Matsushita and Kotoko stepped into the cafeteria, they secretly communicated with each other and acted like they were under Yaba and Sunato’s control. There were four different flavors of a cookie, and Kotoko communicated with Matsushita using all the different flavors as a code. Yaba trusted Kotoko, but she betrayed him in the end; Chishiya, Sunato, and Yaba had started working with each other from the very beginning since this game was all about trust and betrayal. 


Yaba knew that communicating with Sunato and Chishiya was the best option. At first, Yaba believed that Sunato would never accept his thoughts, but they were very similar to each other. Sunato wanted to be a part of this world since he considered this place to be far better than reality, and Yaba followed the same belief. Trust is the most significant aspect of this game; the trio knew that Matsushita was the jack of hearts. Sunato and Yaba wanted to keep him alive to retrieve all the information related to this world. So, the duo tortured Matsushita to death and won the final round. Chishiya stepped out of prison, and the plane which carried the jack of hearts card burned down, signaling Matsushita’s defeat. All the players were extremely smart and coercive, but some of them couldn’t keep up with the fear of dying. But, Chishiya, Yaba, and Sunato managed to surpass that and become the winners. 

The Bridge Between Reality And Games 

“Alice in Borderland” Season 2, Episode 4 continues with a documentary made by a survivor named Kaito Kameyama. He recorded various people around the town and added pieces of their story to his documentary. Looking at this documentary, it was pretty clear that the world has become a habitable place for drug addicts, criminals, and con men. Many of them were happy to be a part of this world, claiming to have immense freedom and no rules to follow. They can kill anyone at any time and even steal to their heart’s content. Kaito continued to share his thoughts as he believed that the game masters had completely changed their life and deemed them useless. The story moves to Arisu and the others, where Arisu is still suffering from Tatta’s death. He figured out that there was no turning back, as all the normal people who once participated in these games were now creating them as well. Moreover, there was a high chance that they would not return to reality. 


There might still be a way to return, but to find out, the survivors will have to continue playing these games. The next morning, Kuina left to find Ann and Chishiya since she was worried about them. Moreover, Arisu and his team needed more friends to survive these games. Kuina assured Usagi and Arisu that they would meet again. Time passed by, and Arisu couldn’t accept Tatta’s death. Arisu reminisced about all the beautiful memories that he had with his friends Karube and Chota. When Arisu was at his lowest, they always motivated him to stay strong and choose the right path that was necessary to survive. With them, life was fun and carefree; now, Arisu had to view his life from a very different perspective. The cycle repeated once again; Usagi was trying her best to motivate Arisu, so she decided to take him along for hunting. At this point, plants weren’t necessary for them to survive, so they had to look for more options. 

What Happened To Kaito Kameyama? 

Arisu and Usagi managed to find a rabbit to survive the day! But the duo eventually enjoyed their time hunting with each other. It was a fun activity indeed. But things took an unexpected turn when Usagi and Arisu heard a thudding sound and decided to check. Multiple people had been killed, and Kaito Kameyama was one of them; before dying, he managed to talk to Arisu and told him about the film. Arisu couldn’t understand his words, but he checked his vanity van and found hundreds of film reels scattered around the van. Arisu and Usagi spotted a film reel lying loosely around a projector, so they placed it into the projector and decided to see the reel. Both of them got to see Kaito’s journey in this world and his documentation of all the little details around the city. Kaito captured Ann in his footage while she was checking the water level and plant growth in a nearby water body. Through the video, Arisu and Usagi understood that Ann was planning to leave Tokyo. 


Kaito decided to visit a community that was located in Setagaya, where he heard rumors about a person who remembered all the details about their arrival in this world. There was a woman who had a brain surgery in her childhood, but she still remembered all the details of the sudden change. The woman saw fireworks in the sky and random people, but according to her, they weren’t humans. The moment she could reveal any other detail, the king of spades arrived and massacred everyone in the community. Before Arisu and Usagi could escape, the king of spades spotted them and began firing. Suddenly, another man began firing from the other direction, but before Arisu could work it out, someone hit him in the face, and Arisu lost consciousness. When Arisu woke up, he was still in the jungle, and a random girl had saved him from the king of spades. But guess what? She talked about one of her teammates, and he was the one responsible for saving Arisu. Moreover, they also knew his name, so Arisu approached that man, and the fourth episode of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 ended with him addressing the stranger as ‘Aguni.’

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