‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens In Solitary Confinement Game?

The second episode of “Alice in Borderland,” Season 2 ended on a difficult note. With the king team leading, the player team had to secure five hundred points to win the game. But things became pretty difficult to overcome since Usagi was attacked by Niragi as he was about to die from blood loss. For some reason, Niragi vomited blood throughout the whole game, and he believed that his death was near, so he decided to avenge his death by killing the player team members. He blamed them for his burns since they were present at “The Beach.” The third episode of “Alice in Borderland,” Season 2 began with a flashback to Tatta’s life in the real world. Tatta motivates everyone with his positivity, but in reality, despite having a positive attitude, people belittle him for all the little things. Tatta wanted to escape his life as a mechanic; it was his only way to earn money, which would help him complete some courses that were necessary for his educational background. Tatta didn’t place the vehicle lifting jack properly, which caused the car to lose its balance and fall on his boss Kato. He severed his arm and decided to quit the job since his hand was completely useless. This time, Tatta didn’t want history to repeat itself, so he chose to help Arisu and the others. Meanwhile, Usagi lost consciousness since Naragi attacked her while trying to rape her. Luckily, Arisu arrived at the right moment and managed to take him down. Niragi mocked Arisu and compared his life with his. But he punched Naragi several times while the game had only nine minutes left.


Spoilers Ahead

An Unexpected Turn Of Events 

Arisu managed to take Usagi back to the base, and she apologized for losing. When Usagi opened up about her past, she wanted someone to listen, but Arisu decided to give her solutions, coercing her to follow his words, which created differences between them. But now things were fine, and Arisu accepted his mistake. With seven minutes remaining, Arisu had to think of a way to claim Kyuma’s base. Kyuma decided to take a walk, and Arisu met him along the way. The two men had a heart-to-heart conversation with each other. Arisu thanked Kyuma for all the advice he gave, and they decided to shake hands, and guess what? Kyuma’s points were transferred to Arisu, who provided his team with the winning score. The story bounces back to the flashback, where Arisu finds Tatta hurting himself with a container door to break the bracelet; Arisu stops him and demands an answer. Tatta wanted to remove this bracelet because one person can carry two wristbands, and the rules don’t state anything about the bands. Tatta mangled his hand and gave him the bracelet, which in turn gave him ten thousand points to Arisu since Tatta never left the base, and the King team couldn’t steal his points. 


Tatta thanked Arisu for his kind words because he was the only person who appreciated him for his kindness and positivity, whereas everyone doubted him for his actions. Shitara promised Kyuma to win the game since he lost his life protecting them and securing points for them. Well, the king’s team didn’t blame Kyuma for the loss and happily accepted their defeat. Kyuma, Maki, Goken, and Uta waited for the game to end, and back at the bay, Arisu thanked him again for choosing friendship over life and death. At every level, they kept on risking their lives to step closer as these games determined their return to the real world. But Arisu loved his friends as much as Kyuma loved his team. Everyone wanted to stop these games, but even if they won, nothing changed, and they’re still the citizens of Borderland. So, Arisu asked Kyuma the final question; he wanted to know if winning these games would take them back to the real world. Kyuma wanted Arisu to believe his intuition, but he didn’t provide her with a definite answer. Kyuma just wanted him to keep playing and decide his future since Arisu was the master of his own fate. The player team won, and the king team lost their lives.

Kyuma wanted Arisu to live his life without following someone else’s steps. Arisu wanted him to survive since he wanted to be friends with him, and Kyuma assured him that if they had met in the real world, they would’ve been great friends. Kyuma stood proudly and accepted his defeat. He claimed to have lived his life without any regrets, and as the laser passed through his body, killing him. Back at the base, Usagi woke up, and Kuina informed her about the victory. Arisu rushed back to Tatta and thanked him for his sacrifice. But Tatta lost his life due to blood loss, and Arisu bid him a final goodbye and buried his body near the ocean. Kuina, Arisu, and Usagi made an oath to fight and win the games for his sacrifice. Even Naragi was grateful for Tatta’s efforts. The game Osmosis took many lives but also provided multiple lessons to learn at once.


What Happens In Solitary Confinement Game?

The third episode of “Alice in Borderland,” Season 2, continues at the Teio Prison, where players are waiting for the game to commence, and guess what? Chishiya is a part of this game. All the players were ready with their collars on, and everyone waited in the central guard room for the game to begin. Soon, the game began, and it was called Solitary Confinement. Everyone had to correctly guess the card sign that will appear at the back of their respective collars, but they cannot view it on their own or on any reflective surface present in the vicinity. The players were allowed to roam freely for an hour until the final five minutes of the game. During this final countdown, the players will have to choose their own confinement to reveal the right answer to the computer that was operating the game. If the player gives the wrong answer, the collar will explode, killing the player on the spot. This process will continue for the rest of the match, and the symbols will change in every round. In each round, the pliers would be at risk of dying and losing the game, so they had to be extra cautious. To win, players will have to identify and kill the jack of hearts.

The twist of the game is that the players will have to find out the jack of hearts as soon as possible or they will be stuck in prison forever; there is enough food and water provided to spend their whole lives there, and they can only move outside if the jack of hearts is eliminated. People had already started making groups to find out each other’s symbols, and Chishiya joined them too. Players choose their preferred confinement to provide the right answer, and everyone makes it out safely. Among the whole group, a man bullied other players to know the answer, so they decided to lie to him, and the bully lost his life in the second round. Gradually, everyone started turning against each other, and the whole group decided to turn against the person who killed the bully. They lied about his symbol, and he was eliminated from the next round. Soon, round four began, and people started dying one by one. The girl who created the group to know everyone’s symbol started manipulating her teammates to give out wrong answers to kill them. With round nine on the line, only ten participants were left. Each one of them turned against the other, and now the rounds continued with six members left. The players were drowning in fear, and once players started dying, everyone lost trust in each other, and all the groups were separated. Chishiya and his teammate Ippei shared their answers, but he decided to quit the game. Now, with five members left, Chishiya had no choice but to trust his intuition.


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