‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Arisu Win The Game Of Osmosis?

The first episode of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 ended with confusion as Arisu discovered the new citizens of the game master’s world: Kyuma and his team were a part of this dimension, and they supported the game masters with the proceedings of the game. The second episode started with a flashback to Kyuma’s team. They spent their earlier days as a rock band and called themselves ‘The Sology.’ In this place, Kyuma is the leader, and he created this game along with his teammate, Shitara. This is a brand-new experience for them, and despite being a part of this world, Kyuma and his team have never appeared in games together. Kyuma claimed that by playing this face-card game, you’re competing against citizens fighting for their lives, and anyone who loses will be killed. Arisu and his team had to fight against Kyuma and the others. Even though they were a part of this world, Kyuma had to compete to survive as well. Soon, the game began, and Kyuma named it Osmosis. Speaking of the rules, the game lasts two hours, both teams will have to collect points, and the team with the highest total at the end of the game wins. Moreover, each team begins with 10,000 points. The players will have to divide these points amongst themselves before the game begins. The minimum amount is one hundred points. To earn the points, Kyuma listed three ways in this game, which included battle, items, and base.


Their bracelet displays the individual points, and a battle’s outcome depends entirely on the current points. To initiate one, the team members will have to touch their opponents. Having a battle is necessary to know the opponent’s score; until then, none of the team members will be enlightened about their outcomes, and to ensure a win, the team members can pair up with a teammate. Kyuma carefully explained the rules and moved on to the next level, which was finding items. The harbor had six different items hidden in different shipping containers. Moreover, touching an item will provide some points, and finally, the rules move up to the poles that are the bases. These are the essential parts of this game, and each team had two different poles. If any team manages to touch their opponent’s base, ten thousand points will be transferred to that particular team, making them the winner. 

But there’s a catch: if a player tries to touch the other team’s base and their goalie manages to touch him, he will lose ten thousand points, the player will be shot down, and the opposing team will gain ten thousand points. Once the game is completed, players will be out of commission, and during this time, their points will be frozen, making them immune. If they touch an opponent while they’re out of commission, their bracelets will give them an electric shock, which is enough to knock a person out. Once the player touches their base, their status will be reset, and they can resume playing! Now that it was time for the actual game to begin, Arisu and the team had multiple rules to follow. Arisu wanted to know if winning this game would take them back to their original world. But Kyuma claimed this dimension to be the real one. On the other hand, splitting up points is one of the most difficult tasks since dividing them equally won’t provide any benefit either.


The Battle Of Osmosis Between The King Team And The Player Team

The game began, and both teams split up in their directions. Arisu crafted the entire plan to divide the points, and according to his pattern, the fast runners would get fewer points while the slow runners would get more. The guard at the base gets the fewest number of points possible. The teams split up into pairs, with the fast runners pairing up with the slow runners. Arisu and Kuina decided to be the first teams, followed by Usagi and Mirage. Pairing up for battles has many advantages, but one of the biggest is that the opponents can only see their combined points. When Usagi and Niragi met their first opponent, Maki, they decided to attack him together, but for some reason, Shitara ran away. All this time, Arisu and Kuina searched for items to gain more points, and they managed to find one. Kuina gained two thousand points, and their total points were updated to twelve thousand. The moment Kuina and Arisu stepped out of the container, Kyuma was waiting for them.

They decided to team up with each other and battle Kyuma. He is extremely manipulative and tries his best to divert Arisu and Kuina’s attention from the game. But the moment Kyuma touched him, Arisu gained two thousand points, making Kyuma the loser. Back at Usagi’s place, Gokken followed them to battle, but Niragi and Usagi maintained a good streak, defeating Goken, which helped Usagi gain four thousand points. With Maki and Uta left, Kuina and Arisu cornered Shitara and managed to battle with him to gain two thousand points. Kyuma divided the points among all the team members equally, which was their biggest mistake. Arisu and his team returned to the base and touched it to view their points. Shitara and Kyuma changed the whole game completely and decided to attack Tatta at once, making the king team lead by four thousand points. Goken, Kyuma, and Maki touched the base, but Shitara couldn’t make it as Tatta touched him, causing Shitara to lose all his points and be instantly eliminated from the team.


Now, the player team had no choice but to split up again; battling was no longer an option, and items were the key to this game. So, they decided to secure all the items that would help them increase their points. All the players split up, and the king team began chasing the player team for more points. Goken gained five thousand five hundred points from Usagi. Now, Kuina was targeted by Maki, and they decided to battle, but Maki defeated her and took the points. Meanwhile, Arisu managed to find an item, but Uta claimed it before Arisu could touch it. Now he was cornered by Kyuma and Uta. Kyuma took Arisu’s points and challenged him to show his true skills since it is a game of life and death. With thirty minutes left, Arisu and the team had to come up with an extensive plan to win this as the King team was led by twelve thousand points. 

How Did Arisu Win The Game Of Osmosis Against Kyuma?

Arisu came up with a plan to attack Kyuma’s base. If two players managed to touch it, they would gain more than twenty thousand points. Even though it was risky, they decided to team up since this was the only option left. They decided to split up and provoke all the players. While Usagi distracted Goken, the other players continued to corner the King team’s base. Kyuma, Maki, and Uta touched the base, and they all secured ten thousand points. Now, the player team will have to be very careful since touching the king team might kill their players. The game intensified as Usagi managed to take Goken down and Kyuma touched Arisu, but they both received an electric shock because Arisu was out of commission. Niagi rushed towards Uta and distracted her, which helped him touch the base and gain ten thousand points. The moment this was done, he ran towards Maki and electrified him. Kuina took this opportunity to touch base, but Uta and Maki teamed up, and while one touched base, the other touched Kuina, making her lose three thousand points.


With twenty minutes left, Arisu couldn’t think of any other ways to claim the base. Usagi chose to fight back and find the items, whereas the other teammates lost all hope. Niragi didn’t have much time left; he spilled a lot of blood throughout the game. Meanwhile, Usagi managed to find an item within the final ten minutes, and the player team only needed 500 points to win, so Arisu decided to reach their base again. Niragi was on the verge of death, so he decided to turn against his team and attack Usagi. He banged her head on the ground, turning her unconscious. All the players claimed their positions, hoping to find hope, and the second episode of “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 ended with an ambiguous ending. Even though each player managed to remove their fear, winning became a difficult task since everyone failed to have faith in themselves. To defeat the king’s team, the player team will have to sacrifice everything they fear the most to secure their position in the game of life and death.

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