‘Alhamour H.A.’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Hamed Come Out Of Prison?

Directed by Abdulelah Alqurashi, Alhamour H.A. is based on the true story of a Saudi Arabian security guard turning into a swindler. Alhamour H.A. follows the fictional retelling of the story of Hamed, a security guard, who came up with a Ponzi scheme to become a successful businessman, which led to his ultimate downfall. In this film, Hamed is an ambitious individual who never wanted to lead an ordinary life, but even without his greedy and ambitious nature, he lost every loved one in his life because of his authoritative and patriarchal mindset.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Hamed, a newly married security guard, had rented a small apartment where he lived with his wife, Fatima, who had been chosen by none other than Hamed’s mother. Even though Hamed was able to serve his family, he didn’t want to end being a security guard for the rest of his life. From the very beginning, Hamed had the skills to manipulate people to buy anything from him. So, keeping that in mind, Hamed wanted to become a businessman, but he was not sure what exactly he would be selling. One day, an argument with his employer led Hamed to resign from his job as a security guard. After that, Hamed talked to his family, and with the help of his brother-in-law, he got into sales and started working from a call center to sell TV channel packages over the phone. However, Hamed was still not satisfied with the salary, so he decided to look for a side hustle. He contacted his old friend Silly, a phone shopkeeper, with whom Hamed decided to sell camera phones, which were banned in the country. Gradually, Hamed shifted his focus to selling other different products, like banned film CDs and many more, until one day he got his hands on prepaid cards at a friend named Abo Azza’s house. Hamed made a savings group with all his colleagues, Rakan, Suliman, and Abo Mohammed, at the call center, and after successfully selling a bunch of prepaid  cards, he paid all of them back along with some extra cash. Thus, Hamed managed to win the trust of his colleagues, who decided to back him in his business. Hamed and his employees resigned from their jobs in the call center and started working to sell prepaid  cards. However, Hamed and his colleagues soon started manipulating their card investors into dubious investments, which soon made him a billionaire.


Why Did Fatima Leave Hamed?

The more money came his way, the greedier Hamed became. Soon Hamed’s old life began to bore him, as his attention completely shifted from his family to other beautiful women. Hamed went to a business meeting with a man named Faisal who wanted to partner up with him, but after taking drugs and falling for a beautiful woman named Jihan at first sight, Hamed completely forgot about the meeting and dismissed the partnership, saying that he had come to the party only for fun. The next morning, Hamed had clarity that he shouldn’t cheat on his wife, Fatima, so to stop himself from getting distracted, he asked Fatima to dye her hair blonde. But even though Fatima dyed her hair, Hamed couldn’t help but meet with Jihan secretly. Fatima, however, found out about Hamed’s affair with Jihan and decided to give the man a divorce immediately for cheating upon her. After Fatima took off with their kids, Hamed was left alone and free to continue his relationship with Jihan, but Jihan wasn’t as subservient as Fatima, which became a concern for Hamed.

Why Didn’t Jihan And Hamed’s Marriage Work?

Hamed had a typical backward mindset, as a woman making her own independent choices in life was not his cup of tea. He couldn’t stand the fact that Jihan had past relationships, which led to some severe arguments between him and Jihan. Jihan was free-spirited, so, despite falling in love with a controlling man like Hamed, she tried to fix him. However, Hamed believed that Jihan wanted to be with him only because of his money, even though Jihan’s father was wealthier than Hamed. After they reconciled, Jihan expressed her desire to marry Hamed, who agreed to make their relationship official. But right after the wedding, Jihan realized how much of a controlling and misogynistic personality Hamed had. Hamed repeatedly stood in Jihan’s way to socialize with her friends and even asked her not to wear revealing clothes. But one day, at a wedding, Hamed crossed all the boundaries. After getting high, Hamed spotted Jihan talking to a guy, which infuriated him. Hamed created a huge scene and finally broke Jihan’s heart into pieces. Jihan decided not to continue the marriage with Hamed anymore, so she left the house. Meanwhile, while Hamed’s family life started crumbling, his business was about to face a catastrophe.


What Happened To Hamed, His Coworkers And Friends?

Hamed and his colleagues manipulated their customers to invest in prepaid cards, which would double their money, but gradually the investors found out that it was nothing but a scam. One after another, investors came into their office to look for Hamed and ask for their money, but Hamed’s employees kicked them out of the office by humiliating and insulting them. Having no other option left, one of the investors went straight to the police and complained about Hamed’s company. However, Hamed, backed by his legal advisor, Abu Mohammed, managed to get out of the situation by completely denying their involvement in these prepaid card investments. But eventually, Hamed had to face the consequences of his wrongdoing. One of his employees, Mansour, who was an impulsive idiot, thought of bringing their successful business into the spotlight, so he ended up contacting the media and telling them that Hamed was a rising card shark. Hamed found his picture with the leaked news about his business on a magazine cover and came to know that Mansour was the enemy within. Wasting no time, Hamed rushed back to his mansion and got all his black money and gold bullion out. He went to a distant deserted land and buried a suitcase full of money and gold underground. He made a map of this location to find the wealth later if he managed to evade the authority. Fear crept in as he realized that police could arrest him anytime soon. He went to reconcile with Jihan, but she was determined to give him a divorce. Even though Jihan wanted to leave peacefully, the egotistical Hamed badmouthed her, calling her a gold digger.

Having no other way out of this trouble, Hamed sought help from someone affluent. He went back to Faisal, who had wanted to partner with him previously but got rejected. Faisal not only refused to help him, but he humiliated Hamed in front of his men. Hamed bowed down to him, on his knees, and begged for mercy, but Faisal remained unbothered.


Eventually, Hamed realized that he even lost his friends and coworkers who were by his side all along. Hamed was ultimately arrested and brought into custody, where he found himself all alone, as all of his coworkers had taken off, leaving Hamed to face all the charges alone. Hamed spent 20 years in prison, and after serving his time, we saw him come out of the prison with that map in his hand. He arrived at the location where he buried his money, but he found out that this place was not deserted land anymore, as sprawling architecture had been built upon that ground.

Alhamour H.A. ended with Hamed having no remorse for his actions, but he proudly proclaimed himself as a businessman, not a thief. Hamed’s mother died two years into his imprisonment, while Fatima moved on from her marriage and married a blind man. She is now living with her two kids peacefully. Hamed’s colleague, Mansour, returned to his old job, while Rakan, who managed to evade the law, opened a specialty coffee chain, and Abo Mohammed became a TV series producer. Meanwhile, Abo Azza remained elusive, and the police were still searching for him. Hamed probably never got back the bag full of money he had buried, or perhaps he managed to find it, but at the end of the film, his mysterious smile suggested that he probably smiled at his fate, realizing that his overwhelming greed and hunger for power robbed him of his wealth and left him with nothing.

Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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