Alexis In ‘The Brothers Sun’: Will Alexis Kong And Charles End Up Together?

The Brothers Sun, a Netflix action thriller, has every necessary kind of spice in it. Action, a mysterious antagonist, family drama, comedy, heart-pounding action sequences, and a little bit of romance. The protagonist of the story, Charles, aka Chairleg Sun, surprisingly met his childhood sweetheart, Alexis, in LA, but neither of them had the privilege to date each other. The two of them had chosen different paths in their lives; while Charles became a fierce assassin, Alexis was working as a prosecutor in the US. However, in The Brothers Sun season 1, the two of them got a little close to each other, only to drift apart in the end. Let’s see how their love story unfolded this season and what its future might look like.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Alexis Trying To Date Charles?

Alexis and Charles met at Bruce’s school after a long time. While Charles tried to hide from the cops, he was very happy to see Alexis, but the circumstances weren’t in his favor, so he had to run away. Alexis wasn’t a typical lover or a very genuine friend; rather, she was more focused on her work and aimed to be promoted to become DA. Therefore, by any means necessary, she wanted to excel in her criminal cases and help the authorities prosecute one of the most notorious gangs in Taipei, the Triads. To achieve that, Alexis needed to get close to Charles, so she started hanging out with him and going on dates. Most of the time, they talked about their childhood days and how much Charles’ mother used to like Alexis, but initially, nothing had much effect on her. Alexis was looking for an opportunity to plant a tracking device on Charles so that she could keep an eye on him, and she finally grabbed the chance when Charles came to her place for shelter after a huge explosion took place in a spa, claiming Sleepy Chan’s life. Alexis stood by his side, giving him some comfort, and also handed him a flip phone, as his previous cell phone was destroyed in the explosion.


Did Alexis Betray Charles?

Alexis and Charles shared a romantic night together, getting mentally and physically intimate, but the moment Charles realized that Alexis was taking advantage of this intimacy to her own benefit, he became disappointed. Alexis became desperate to learn more about the Triads from Charles and kept on asking him about them, which raised his suspicions. Charles realized that Alexis wanted to extract information from him so she could help the cops. Enraged and frustrated, Charles stormed out of Alexis’ place, cutting all ties with her, but neither of them could shake off the feeling that they were emotionally attached to each other. However, Alexis, being a focused and dedicated prosecutor, moved past that lingering feeling of heartbreak and focused on her investigation. We saw that Alexis didn’t fail in her attempt to track Charles, thanks to the flip phone that she had given him. This flip phone had a tracker installed in it, which helped notify Alexis  of every location Charles was going. However, it was already very late when Charles came to know about the betrayal.

When, in the meeting set up by the Triads, the Boxers as well as the cops intervened and orchestrated an attack, Charles found out the truth. Bruce had made it clear that he was responsible for the Boxers being informed about the meeting, but no one could explain how the cops knew about the place. It finally clicked inside Charles’ mind, and he quickly realized that it was the flip phone that was to blame. He was even more infuriated and disgusted at Alexis than he was already, but before he could do anything, Alexis had him arrested. Alexis had already arrested Frank Ma, the sole survivor from the Triads, after the Boxers killed them all. As Frank Ma demanded to have Big Sun arrested in exchange for speaking out about their illegal dealings, Alexis interrogated Charles and pressed him to reveal the truth, but Charles didn’t utter a single word. Instead, he begged her to set him free so that he could protect his mother and Bruce. Alexis didn’t grant his wish, but she let Bruce have a private conversation with his brother. Bruce became an absolute game changer when both his mother’s and his brother’s hands were tied. Bruce shot Big Sun in the stomach and put him in an ER so that the cops would be alerted about him. Alexis was finally happy to finally get a hold of Big Sun but she couldn’t put him in prison because of the injured state he was in. Therefore, the authorities needed to wait until Big Sun recovered.


Will They End Up Together In Season 2?

The chances of Big Sun’s recovery were slim, as Eileen had made sure that her husband would have a slow death due to high doses of insulin running through his veins, but anything could change at any time in this series. As we’ve already talked about the post-credit scene, featuring Yuan talking to a cop and seemingly hatching a scheme to kill Frank Ma, we may anticipate Big Sun’s return in the upcoming season of The Brothers Sun. If that’s the case, then neither the cops nor Alexis would be able to put Big Sun behind bars. However, up until now, Alexis might have a bright future ahead. She would probably be promoted to DA, and in the upcoming season, we may expect her to continue her investigation into the Triads and their emerging leader, Eileen. Probably, in the upcoming episode, Alexis would once again have a confrontation with Charles, and keeping all the feelings aside, they’d once again fight against each other. Or, events may unfold differently if Alexis tries to keep her professional life aside and aims to pursue her relationship with Charles. Although the chances of them being together are slim, let’s see in the upcoming episode if Alexis and Charles will ever end up in a relationship.

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