Albert In ‘Merry Christmas’ Explained: Did Albert Get Arrested In The End?

Sriram Raghavan’s 2024 neo-noir film, Merry Christmas, tells the tale of a fateful Christmas night when two strangers, Albert and Maria, meet together under strange circumstances. Maria’s date for the night leaves without informing her, and the messenger of such news is none other than Albert. It has been quite suggestive since the very beginning of the film that Albert is infatuated by Maria’s charm and simplicity. He wants to spend the rest of the night with her, but what happens next shakes him up. At Maria’s house, Albert stumbles upon Maria’s husband Jerome’s body, leaving him wondering whether it was murder or suicide. From hereon, Sriram Raghavan’s film builds an intense atmosphere for these two characters, where we come across various hidden truths about Albert’s past lives. So, without further ado, let’s explore those secrets and find out if Albert eventually helps a stranger get away with a murder.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Albert Lie About His Relationship With Maria? 

Some 7 years ago, Albert asked his girlfriend, Rosie, to marry him, but she didn’t want to because of her past marriage problems and issues with her ex-husband. Even though Albert loved her and wanted to start a family with her, Rosie refused. Thus, in a fit of rage, Albert killed her, striking her in the head with a frying pan. After spending seven years in jail, Albert returned home. He told everyone he had been working as an architect in Dubai all these years, hiding the fact that he had gone to jail for killing his girlfriend. When he talked to Maria about his past relationship, he didn’t tell her the truth. Instead, he made up a story about Rosie. He said Rosie was his boss’s wife and that his mother didn’t like her. He told Maria that they went to Goa for two months, but Rosie went back to her husband when her husband sent her divorce papers, leaving Albert heartbroken. He kept Rosie’s engagement ring in his pocket, saying he would get rid of it when he forgot about her. But he won’t be able to marry her because she is dead now. However, Albert kept in mind that he was the one who murdered her. He didn’t want Maria to know about his past as a murderer, as he wanted to make a good first impression. Later in the movie, Albert’s anger issues resurface when a drunk man accidentally opens the door of a taxi in his face. Albert gets very angry and almost chokes the man to death, but he apologizes later on.


What Was The First Interaction Between Maria And Albert Like? 

When Albert saw Maria in the restaurant with her daughter Annie, it was an unusual situation. While he was in the bathroom, he discovered that the man who had come to the restaurant to meet Maria was trying to leave in a hurry, seeing that Maria had brought her daughter to the date. He asked Albert to inform Maria that he had urgent business and needed to leave. Realizing that this would hurt Maria, Albert repeatedly assured her that the man genuinely had important matters to attend to, hoping to spare her feelings. However, Maria was disturbed by this and showed her frustration to her daughter Annie, telling her not to make a mess in the restaurant. Albert tried to cheer Annie up by crafting paper swans for her. This shows how compassionate and thoughtful he is. Later, they coincidentally met again at the movie theater. During the film, Maria attempted to leave with Annie and her teddy bear but met Albert outside. He kindly offered to accompany them home, recognizing that it would be difficult for Maria to carry both Annie and the teddy bear alone. This demonstrates his consideration and willingness to help others, indicating his kindness.

Why Did Albert Become Suspicious Of Maria? 

When Albert and Maria returned from Albert’s house, they had grown closer after spending time talking and getting to know each other throughout the night. However, their newfound intimacy was shattered when they discovered Jerome’s lifeless body in Maria’s apartment. Albert, concealing his recent release from prison, eventually confessed, fearing the police might suspect him of conspiring with Maria. Little did Albert know that Maria was the real murderer, but she remained silent about her involvement. Albert, in a panic, began meticulously wiping away any traces of his presence to avoid suspicion. He gets suspicious when he notices the missing chirping bird ornament on the Christmas tree that he brought with him, but he gets out of the apartment anyway. But as Albert was having tea to calm himself down outside of the apartment, he spotted Maria and Annie heading to Christmas Mass at the church, who seemed unaffected by the grim discovery.


Despite Maria’s reluctance to acknowledge him, Albert sensed danger when she sought assistance from a stranger named Robbie at the church. Fueled by a protective instinct, he decided to accompany them, unwilling to leave Maria and Annie alone with the man. Driving them to Maria’s house, Albert played along, pretending it was his first visit. However, as Maria invites Robbie over in the same way she did with Albert when he first came to her apartment, Albert grows increasingly suspicious as there is no dead body in sight. As they went back to the church with Robbie to find her missing watch, he discovered the apartment below, decorated identically to Maria’s, and found Jerome’s dead body there, leading him to suspect her involvement in Jerome’s murder. Determined to confront Maria and uncover the truth, Albert hid in Annie’s room.

How Did Albert Help Maria Hide The Murder? 

When Albert learned about Maria’s reasons for killing her husband—how she endured mental torture through accusations of infidelity and doubts about Annie’s paternity, which eventually drove Annie mute—Albert empathized deeply. He shared his own remorseful tale, admitting to a past act of rage that led to the death of his girlfriend, a burden he carries every day. Albert promised to support Maria and reassured her that protecting Annie was the right thing to do, even if it led to the murder, and sometimes violence is the only option to feel safe. Together, they destroyed all evidence in the apartment, leaving only Robbie’s purse, which he intentionally left so he could meet Maria again. Albert thought of leaving it in the church’s lost and found. His nonjudgmental support and empathy for Maria were truly remarkable.


At the end, despite matching alibis for Maria, Robbie, and Albert, and the police leaning towards Jerome’s death being a suicide, Annie spoke for the first time in a long while, calling Albert “Santa,” revealing her trust in him. To spare Maria and allow her to be with her daughter, Albert fabricated a story at the police station. He claimed he took Robbie’s purse when he went to kill Jerome because he loved Maria and wanted to marry her, thus wanting her husband out of the picture. He gave Maria the engagement ring he used to carry with him as a token of his love, using his past wrongdoing of murdering his girlfriend to make the story believable to the police. Sacrificing himself for his newfound love felt like the right thing to do for Albert, as he was driven by compassion for Maria and Annie. Having no one left in his family, Albert handed himself over to the police to save Maria without hesitation. 

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