‘Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Qilla And Baskara Move Back To Jakarta?

Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah is the story of a child who has been blessed with the love of two mothers. The child could never understand the complexity and the pain these women endured, as one of them would have to give him up and make the ultimate sacrifice. Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah is an Indonesian family drama that covers the story of a woman who goes looking for her biological son who has been raised by another family as their own. The story of her journey to reconnect with her son forms the story and the subject of the article below.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Qilla Marry Arfan?

Qilla was a young college student studying fine arts. She was also the daughter of a rich businesswoman, but she did not seem to be worrying about the life she was leading. Qilla and Arfan, her collegemate, had been in love for a long time, as implied in the first scene of the movie. The couple spent a lot of time together and were serious about their future. She eventually married Arfan based only on the falling out she had with her mother. Arfan was a student and a painter who was glad to make Qilla his life partner.


What Was Qilla’s Relationship With Her Mother Like?

Qilla and her mother had a complicated relationship. As a young woman, she could not come to terms with her mother’s controlling nature. Her mother wanted Qilla to have a life surrounded by luxuries and riches, which was the reason she was against her daughter’s relationship with Arfan, who in her eyes was a nobody. She feared Qilla would eventually marry him. Qilla’s mother came from a generation that believed a man was supposed to provide a living for a woman and that love does not sustain itself over a long period of time. Qilla tried hard to make her mother understand that the relationship she shared with Arfan was honest, and as a woman of the current generation, she wasn’t keen on the money required to build a life with him. This led to a falling out, and Qilla eloped with Arfan to establish herself as independent.

What Was Qilla’s Life Post-Marriage?

Qilla and Arfan got married, and her living conditions were drastically different from the life she led with her mother. Arfan and Qilla lived in a tiny apartment but were very happy with their arrangements. Arfan was an employee with a fast-food outlet, while Qilla was planning to go back to college to finish her degree and get herself a job as well. Arfan never had any objection to the plans Qilla had made for their future, and he encouraged her to follow her dreams. Unfortunately, Arfan died in a freak bike accident when Qilla found out she was pregnant.


Did Qilla Come Back To Her Mother?

Qilla was in profound grief for a long time after Arfan’s death and never really headed outside of the apartment throughout the entire time of her pregnancy. It was in her last month; she had to move in with her mother to make sure she and the child received the best medical treatment. Qilla’s mother never expressed any resentment towards her daughter for abandoning her home and family. She accepted her with nothing but pure motherly love.

What Happened To Qilla’s Newborn Son?

A heavily pregnant Qilla arrived at her mother’s doorstep for help. She moved her daughter to one of the best hospitals in the country. A young Qilla gave birth to a son. The grandmother of the child decided to give the infant away to an employee of hers and his wife, who always wanted to have children. Aruf and Yumna were happy to be the chosen ones. They wholeheartedly took the kid home. Indonesian society was about two people getting married only for the sake of having children to carry on their legacy. Arif and Yumna were probably under a lot of societal and family pressure to have kids, which made it easy for them to accept the offer from Qilla’s mother. The couple were asked to move back to their hometown and never return to Jakarta. Qilla, on the other hand, was told her son had died.


How Did Qilla Come To Know Of Her Son’s Whereabouts?

Qilla was sent to the UK to study as she was moving on from the tragedy she went through. She lost her husband and her child in the span of one year, and moving on was the only solution. A while after her studies began, her mother asked her to come back to Jakarta to attend to her health emergency. The mother was suffering from cancer, and she had to dump all her regrets on her daughter. She found this time to be appropriate and let Qilla know about her son, who was still alive. 

The mother informed her of the person who adopted the child, and passed away soon after. Qilla was in a state of shock, as all her life up until now was based on a lie made up by her now-deceased mother. She was alone again but had to pick up the pieces of her life. Qilla was aware of the adopted parents, and her only aim was to meet her son, who was now six years old.

Why Were Arif And Yumna Not Keen On Letting Baskar Meet His Qilla?

The infant that Arif and Yumna took in was named Baskara. They hid his real identity from Arif’s mother and the maidservant at home. They raised Baskara as their own for six years, and Arif’s mother never suspected the parentage of the child. Arif spotted Qilla at his office, where he was working under another name. He and Yumna never wanted Qilla to come look for her kid. Qilla’s presence in his hometown caused an alarming situation that sent him and Yumna into panic mode.

The couple believed Qilla would take her biological son back. The couple was attached to the child, and Baskara was a part of their family. Arif and Yumna had to reveal Baskara’s real identity to the grandmother, and she was in a lot of agony upon hearing the truth, but she refused to part ways if Qilla came by. They have been a family for six years, and an outside force could not disrupt them. Arif and Yumna feared that Qilla might bring a barrage of a legal team to take Baskara away, which is why they stalled every move of hers to make sure she did not see the kid.


Why Did Yumna And Arif Change Their Minds?

Qilla begged Arif to let her meet Baskara. She believed she had the right to see the child, and she assured she had no intention of mistreating or manipulating him. Arif had a change of mind upon hearing her agony as a mother who could not glance at her infant at birth. Yumna, too, as a mother who raised Baskara, wanted to give Qilla a chance to have a bond with her biological son. Yumna was familiar with the pain she faced from not having a child of her own. She was not keen on depriving Qilla of that joy, which made her decide to let Baskara meet his biological mother. The child referred to Qilla as mama as well, and he enjoyed her company.

Qilla slowly started taking advantage of their leniency and asked for more time with Baskara. Qilla wanted to spend as much time as she could with her son to compensate for the time she missed. She claimed to have missed every milestone because of one lie. Her only aim was to allow Baskara to get to know her presence in his life.


The man and wife feared Qilla’s growing closeness and the fact that she had the manpower and money to take the kid away. The couple was criticized for letting Qilla into their lives. As the days went by, Arif and Yumna were scared and livid at Qilla’s taking advantage of their hospitality, but slowly they were coming to terms with the fact that Baskara might want to live with this biological mother.

Did Qilla And Baskara Move Back To Jakarta?

After a lengthy discussion with each other, the couple and Arif’s family come to terms with parting ways with Baskara. They spent one day with Qilla, taking Baskara along with them and dropping hints about his move to Jakarta. Arif and Yumna were the guardians and the decision-makers for Baskara’s life, and they were sure Jakarta and being around Qilla would be the right environment for a six-year-old son. Qilla was more than happy to head back home with her son.


Baskara reminded her of her husband, and having him could be an extension of the man she was married to. Qilla did not object to Arif and Yumna’s plan to send Baskara with her because she was willing to do anything to spend as much time as she could with her only son. Baskara was more attached to Arif and initially refused to part with him. The kid was probably under the impression his parents would be joining them on the trip, but he quickly concluded there might be more to what was told to him. Baskara burst out crying on parting with Arif and Yumna, but the kid was forcefully taken away by Qilla at Arif and Yumna’s behest. They wanted what was best for Baskara, and they believed living in the city with his real family would be the right call.

Baskara came back to his mother and father, much to everyone’s shock. Qilla was wracked with guilt for taking Baskara away from his actual family, who spent time on his upbringing. She could never take the claim for his foundation. Qilla had believed she could take over Yumna’s job, but thankfully, she was quick to understand that Baskara would always want a mother like Yumna by his side, and it was unfair to snatch that privilege away from the married woman.


Baskara was back, and Qilla went back with a trunk full of memories of her only child and no regrets in her heart. The movie ends with a grown-up Baskara coming to Jakarta to meet Qilla. It is assumed that a young Baskara was probably informed about his adoption and the whereabouts of his biological mother. Qilla was happy to have her son come to meet her after years, something she may have anticipated from Arif and Yumna, who did their job right.

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