‘Ahsoka’ Episode 3 Review/Recap: What’s Next For Ahsoka And Sabine Wren?

The third episode of Disney’s Ahsoka was released today, and it features the Jedi and her young Padawan traveling through hyperspace while chasing an escaped ship when faced with hurdles. In the previous episode, Hera Syndulla put a tracker on a suspicious ship leaving a New Republic shipyard, while Ahsoka battled an inquisitor named Marrok. Today, Ahsoka and Sabine face a number of new threats as fans make some interesting discoveries about the series.

Spoilers Ahead

What Does Ahsoka Teach Sabine?

Ahsoka walks into one of the rooms inside the ship they’re traveling in to find Sabine training with the human-turned-droid, Huyang. The Jedi takes the lead and asks Sabine to put on a visor that blocks her vision completely, as Ahsoka plans to train her in the Zatochi method. Relying just on her peripheral senses, the Mandalorian Sabine needs to detect any incoming attacks from her master, but her temper and frustration over her recent failures make her impatient. Ahsoka quickly lays Sabine out on her back and then corrects Huyang’s assumption that Sabine can’t use the Force. Ahsoka reminds them that all living beings can channel the Force, and it’s up to the user to hone it to the level of a Jedi.

What Happens at the Senate?

Leaving Sabine to try awakening her Jedi abilities, Ahsoka mentions to Huyang that she doesn’t expect her Padawan to become a Jedi but only hopes that Sabine can just be herself. Meanwhile, in the New Republic Senate, Hera arrives with hopes of asking for backup so that she can go after Admiral Thrawn. The initial conversation with Chancellor Mon Mothma is pleasant, but when Hera mentions her target, a low murmur begins in the Senate. Senator Xiorno offers the harshest criticism of Hera’s pleas for support, firmly adamant that Thrawn is dead and also questioning the real intentions of Hera’s plans. The pilot retorts that the senator knows nothing of wars and hence shouldn’t interject when matters of war are being discussed, but despite her best efforts, the pleas for backup are rejected by the Senate. The Star Wars lore is never complete without politics; in fact, it forms a central part of the whole saga. Hence, it’s not surprising that the ones in power will wield it negatively to deny assistance when that’s obviously the need of the hour.

What Happens In The Denab System?

As Hera transmits the bad news to Ahsoka’s ship, the Jedi enter the Denab system, which is the playground for evildoers in the galaxy. Soon, the transmission with Hera is disconnected as Huyang picks up bogies tailing them. Led by Shin Hati, the apprentice of Baylan Skoll and Marrok, a bunch of ships start firing at Ahsoka’s ship. With the Jedi at the wheel and the droid put to work scanning the quickest way out, Sabine heads to the guns. She destroys a few bogies before Ahsoka calls her back to man the wheel as she heads outside. Standing on top of the ship in outer space with her lightsabers, Ahsoka slices an incoming attacker while Sabine has to fix the system. That’s because right in front of Ahsoka’s ship is the Eye of Sion, a vessel being created by Morgan Elsbeth, who plans to use it as a transporter that can warp her to Thrawn’s location. Ahsoka’s ship is damaged by Morgan’s attacks, and Huyang is taken out, but Sabine fixes the ship in the nick of time. The Jedi take the lead, and they enter the Seatos planet atmosphere, with Shin, Marrok, and the rest still in hot pursuit.

What’s next for Ahsoka and Sabine?

To the amazement of the heroes as well as the audience watching at home, the ship suddenly encounters a group of Purrgil, or the gigantic space whales that have been shown in The Mandalorian previously. However, Ahsoka and Sabine don’t have much time to take in the magnanimity of these majestic creatures, as Shin is still firing at them. For the moment, Ahsoka dives into the clouds and escapes to seek refuge in the deep forests of Seatos, as Shin loses track of her targets because of the Purrgils obstructing her view. She has to return dejected, but she makes sure to give Morgan a piece of her mind, passive-aggressively blaming her for failing to destroy the ship. Not one to take insults quietly, Morgan backhandedly chides Shin for losing track of Ahsoka. In the final scene, we find a massive group of hunters beginning a scouting operation of the forests in Seatos, with Baylan Skoll leading the operation. With him at the helm of the operation, Ahsoka and Sabine’s ship might be discovered very soon unless the Jedi can come up with a plan at the earliest.

How Does The Episode End?

After their ship is badly damaged in the pursuit by Shin Hati, Ahsoka, and Sabine seek refuge in the forests of Seatos. The ship might not be in any condition to fly for a while and needs detailed repair, but with Baylan’s hunters closing in, the heroes may need to abandon the ship. Even so, they may not be able to go very far on foot because of the massive crew that Baylan has organized. The only way Ahsoka and her Padawan can escape is if Hera brings her ship to their location to help them flee, but with the communications destroyed, whether Hera is aware of their current location or not is put into question.

However, Ahsoka Episode 3 shows the growing bond between the master and her trainee as Ahsoka starts trusting Sabine more than before. Only by having faith in Sabine can Ahsoka expect her Padawan to reach her fullest potential. By trusting her to fix the ship while the Jedi went out into space, Ahsoka let Sabine know that she believed in her abilities. Hopefully, the two can be as strong a team as Baylan and Shin in the coming episode.

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Ahsoka Episode 3 shows the growing bond between the master and her trainee as Ahsoka starts trusting Sabine more than before. 'Ahsoka' Episode 3 Review/Recap: What's Next For Ahsoka And Sabine Wren?