‘Ahsoka’ Episode 4 Review/Recap: Is Ahsoka Dead? 

The fourth episode of Disney’s Ahsoka is certainly one of the most special episodes in the series. Not only does it feature some very interesting fights, but it also brings back an enormously famous Star Wars character towards the end. In the previous episode, chased by Shin Hati and a few other New Empire fighters, Ahsoka and Sabine’s ship crashed into the forests of Seatos, with their craft badly damaged. Now, they need to escape the situation before the hunters catch up to them and also retrieve the map with which Morgan Elsbeth plans to visit Admiral Thrawn. Here’s everything that happens in the fourth episode of Disney’s Ahsoka.


 Who attacks Sabine and Ahsoka?

The fourth episode opens with Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang fast at work as they try to fix their ship to the point that it can escape the forests of Seatos. However, trouble is looming nearby, as unbeknownst to the three of them, a scout spots the ship, as well as Huyang, who is the only one outside the ship. When reported to Baylan Skoll, he sends hunters to attack the Jedi and her team, while Morgan Elsbeth charts a path to locate Admiral Thrawn. There’s help on the way, however, for Ahsoka, as she’s been able to contact Hera Syndulla and a few other New Republic pilots, including the genial Carson Teva. With the ships heading towards Seatos, all that’s needed is for Ahsoka and Sabine to sit tight until Hera can bring in the cavalry, but the hunters are faster.

When the power inside the ship suddenly goes off, Sabine thinks it’s Huyang being careless, but Ahsoka immediately knows something is up. Ahsoka sprints outside, followed by Sabine in Mandalorian gear, to find Huyang being attacked by a hunter. The master and apprentice make quick work of the small fry near the ship before heading off to find any more of the attackers. Huyang calls out to them, pleading with the women to stick together because that’s when they’re at their strongest. Soon, a real threat makes itself known, as the two women are faced by Shin Hati and the Inquisitor, whom they had fought in Episode 2. As Ahsoka takes on the inquisitor, Sabine decides to settle the old score with Shin. Meanwhile, Morgan is charting the path to Thrawn’s location and has commanded her driver droid to warm up the Eye of Scion so that they can jump into hyperspace.


What happens to Ahsoka?

The fight between Ahsoka and the Inquisitor is visually amazing, with the red and white lightsabers clashing repeatedly, leaving a streak of dizzying colors. In the end, her experience and mastery over the Force came into play, and Ahsoka managed to slice the villain’s body, making it collapse into the ground. Sabine pleads with her master to head to the location where Morgan is firing up the ship to stop them from fleeing, while promising to take care of Shin. With Ahsoka going off, the two trainees begin fighting, although Shin’s skills with the lightsaber render Sabine unarmed, and she needs to fall back on her Mandalorian weapons to counter. However, that’s not enough to keep Shin down, and she manages to knock out Sabine once more before heading to where her master is.

At the prime location, the ship is almost ready to take off, with the map finishing the final charting to Thrawn’s location, when Ahsoka runs in and throws the map away, thereby singing her hand. Baylan Skoll understands his duty to defeat the Jedi so that they can achieve the ‘greater good,’ even though it’d mean launching a war. Being a veteran of many battles, Baylan knew he couldn’t take Ahsoka lightly, and the two started fighting. She started gaining on him until Shin arrived, making the Jedi think her apprentice didn’t make it. Using the Force to knock Shin out, Ahsoka delayed for too long, leading to Baylan throwing her off the cliffs, leaving her fate unknown. Soon afterward, Sabine returned and held the map in her hand, determined to blast it to bits. It came down to Baylan to convince the Mandalorian to not only hand over the map but also come with them willingly to Thrawn’s location.


How does Baylan manipulate Sabine?

Baylan appealed to Sabine to think of her friend, Ezra Bridger, and that he’d be able to take her to him because he’d given her his word. He added that, unlike her previous master, he aimed to keep it. With his reassuring voice and the face of an old soldier who was too jaded to lie, Sabine gingerly handed the map to Baylan, and he immediately placed it in the stand to restart its charting. Shin had come to her senses and started choking Sabine, but her master asked her to let go because he’d promised to take her with them. With the charting complete, it was time for the Eye of Scion to take flight. By that time, Hera and her team had spotted Morgan’s ship, but before they could approach it, the Scion jumped into hyperspace, and the resulting pressure led to two of Hera’s teammates crashing down. Sabine had been taken captive into the Scion as a prisoner, but she knew that had it been anyone else but Baylan, she’d be long dead by now.

Is Ahsoka dead?

Ahsoka came to, but she wasn’t in the waters below the cliff from where she’d been thrown. Instead, she found herself on a translucent pathway that seemed to go on for all eternity and heard a familiar voice. Standing before Ahsoka was her master, the Jedi who made her into the fighter she’d become. It was none other than Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, who looked as young as he had before he’d turned to the Dark Side. The question that’s now on everyone’s mind is whether Ahsoka died and went into the NetherRealm, which is why she can see her master. However, this is just the world between worlds, and even living beings can come into this place, as per “Star Wars” lore. What we don’t know is how Ahsoka got into this world, where she met her master, and what she will need to do to escape this place. In any case, she’s very much alive, and we can thank Baylan for that. Had he wanted, he could’ve run his lightsaber through Ahsoka’s guts and killed her instantly. But being a Jedi veteran, he knew the value of keeping someone alive who knew how to use the Force, and he could be responsible for where Ahsoka has ended up at the moment.


How Does Episode End?

The fourth episode ends with Ahsoka reuniting with Anakin Skywalker, and this is their first meeting after he fought her at Star Wars: Rebels. In this world, he doesn’t seem to possess any of the evil that Darth Vader was about and instead looks like the fresh-faced young Jedi he once was. One thing that many might question is why Sabine decided to go with Baylan. Earlier in the episode, Ahsoka had suggested a possibility where they might abandon the search for Ezra if it meant stopping Morgan from reaching Thrawn. Sabine hadn’t liked the idea one bit but couldn’t retort against her master, so when Baylan offered her a chance to meet her brother, she hesitantly accepted. While her heart was worried for her master, the need to see her brother was stronger, so she went with Baylan and his people. However, whether Sabine comes to her senses and realizes that Morgan, Shin, and the other New Empire loyalists are pure evil or she stays with them for good, only the next episodes will tell.

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The fourth episode of Disney's Ahsoka is certainly one of the most special episodes in the series. Not only does it feature some very interesting fights, but it also brings back an enormously famous Star Wars character towards the end.'Ahsoka' Episode 4 Review/Recap: Is Ahsoka Dead?