‘Ahsoka’ Episode 6 Review/Recap: Who Does Sabine Meet On The Planet Of Peridea?

The sixth episode of Disney’s Ahsoka picks up the much-needed pace after a rather dull fifth episode. In the previous episode, Ahsoka was revived by Hera after she met and fought her master Anakin Skywalker in the World Between Worlds, and then began her journey to Sabine’s location inside the mouth of a Purrgill, a space whale. Accompanying her is her trusted friend, Huyang. Audience were left to wonder, what became of Sabine, who left with Baylan Skoll after being promised to be reunited with Ezra Bridger?


Spoilers Ahead

What do Ahsoka and Huyang talk about?

The sixth episode opens with Ahsoka and Huyang comfortably sitting in their ship while a giant Purrgill whale glides through space to take them to a new destiny. Ahsoka shares with Huyang something she’d kept secret while conversing with Hera; she says that in her vision, Ahsoka saw Sabine go off with Baylan willingly. She regrets that she didn’t have enough time to train Sabine to be more decisive, but Huyang comforts her. On a happier note, he agrees to tell his co-passenger a story that any Star Wars fan will instantly recognize because it’s the story of a galaxy, “far, far, away.” Incidentally, this episode has the least amount of time dedicated to Ahsoka in the entire series, and the latter half of the episode is dominated by her Padawan.


Who do Morgan and Baylan meet on Peridea?

Inside Morgan Elsbeth’s Eye of Scion, Baylan Skoll peers into the handcuffed Sabine Wren as she growls and complains that they had a deal. Baylan walks away to unite with Morgan, but he doesn’t seem too keen to eliminate Sabine. As the Scion arrives at its destination, we get to see countless massive skeletons as Morgan provides the exposition that this is the planet of Peridea, where Purrgills come to end their lives. Hence, we’re made aware that this is where Ahsoka’s ship is headed, as the giant space whale she’s hitching a ride inside is traveling to Peridea. Before long, the Scion descends on the vast wasteland of a planet, and we’re introduced to the Nightsisters, three witches in dark red garb who are furious that an uninvited Jedi named Sabine has been brought along. The witches use their magic to bind Sabine and throw her into a cell, as the others await the arrival of the Grand Admiral.

What mission does Thrawn give Baylan?

In a brilliant show of strength, Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen, who also voiced the character in Rebels) arrives with a massive fleet of Nighttroopers, a seemingly more elite version of the regular Stormtroopers (hopefully with better aim). Thrawn is greeted by Morgan, but he too is dissatisfied to see Sabine in their midst. However, unlike Morgan, Thrawn decides to play along with Sabine’s quest to find her long-lost friend Ezra and asks his captain, Enoch, to help her. The leader of the troop with a gold mask takes Sabine to a chamber, returns her weapons and rations, and also gives her a ride, called a howler. It’s a large hyena-like creature that’s capable of traveling long distances. However, Enoch warns Sabine of the raiders and the bandits that patrol the wasteland as Sabine takes off in search of Ezra. Meanwhile, Thrawn alerts Baylan and his apprentice to secretly pursue Sabine until she reunites with Ezra, and then to eliminate them both.


What does Sabine encounter on her journey?

Not long after beginning her journey, Sabine is surrounded by bandits in red garb, who seem closer to Heian-era Samurais, and her ride fleas in fear, leaving her to fend off for herself. After being pushed behind a rock, Sabine unleashes her Lightsaber and quickly kills most of the bandits, while one runs away. Later, the howler returns, but Sabine chastises it for abandoning her. However, being unable to refuse its puppy-like squeals, Sabine agrees to take the creature along, and it leads her to a strange-looking rock. Upon closer inspection, the rock pops up into a snail-like creature standing on two feet, and it’s a Noti, a native of Peridea. What’s more surprising about the creature, though, is the rebel sign that it wears on its body, and it also recognizes a similar mark on Sabine’s shoulder guard. She requests the Noti to take her to the person who gave it the symbol, and soon, the entire area is filled with Notis, who were, until now, pretending to be rocks, and they’re deep in discussion. When they finally arrive at a conclusion, they decide to take Sabine somewhere.

Why is Thrawn Displeased?

Tracking Sabine’s path, Baylan investigates the dead bandits and realizes they’re on the right track. Shin asks him if he misses being a Jedi, and he agrees that he misses being a part of something, but not the weakness the Order brought. He then warns her that this planet is a land of ancient magic, and he doesn’t plan on being trapped in her for long. However, his employer Morgan has been alerted by then that a ship is arriving on the planet inside a space whale, and upon learning of the same, Thrawn is displeased, but he doesn’t recall who Ahsoka is. He demands to be made aware of every detail about her life now that she’s proven to have survived a fatal blow from Baylan. This further pollutes Thrawn’s mind against Baylan because he too belongs to the same Jedi order that Ahsoka is a part of. He commands Morgan to destroy any oncoming space whale without mercy and then requests the Nightsisters to help him with their magic, and the sisters happily comply.


Who Does Sabine Meet on the Planet of Peridea?

Sabine arrives in the dwelling place of the Notis, and she’s pleased to find the creatures living in a healthy, civilized manner. They’ve got food cooking in an oven, and they even offer her some, while a baby Noti peers at her curiously from a makeshift hammock. Sabine walks among the Notis that are going about their day, and she stands at the center, looking around, until she’s greeted by the purpose of her journey: Ezra Bridger. Unlike conventional reunions, there’s no sprint for hugs or teary-eyed gushing; it’s just two friends or siblings meeting after a long time as if they’d barely been apart. Ezra is excited to leave for home and asks Sabine about how she finally made it to the planet of Peridea, but she’s unable to divulge everything yet. But the way things are going, it seems that Ezra will find out for himself the troubles that Sabine has gone through to reunite with him.

How Does The Episode End?

Sabine Wren finally meets her long-lost Rebel partner, Ezra Bridger, on the planet Peridea, living among the native Notis. This hasn’t been an easy journey, and she’d have to endure enormous hardships and hurdles to get to where she is. However, the troubles haven’t ended yet, and Thrawn plans to eliminate both her and Ezra, and he has even sent Baylan and his apprentice to finish the job. The question on everyone’s minds right now is: will Baylan be able to bring himself to kill Sabine because, by now, we’ve realized he’s not as cold-blooded and heartless as Thrawn or any usual Sith Lord. Therefore, Baylan’s loyalty, which is already being questioned by Thrawn, might come under further suspicion if he hesitates to eliminate Sabine. But how his apprentice will take action against her master remains to be seen. In any case, the penultimate episode coming out next week will reveal what happens when Ahsoka arrives on the planet Peridea. Will she come face-to-face with Thrawn, or will Morgan’s arsenal prove supreme?


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The sixth episode of Disney’s Ahsoka picks up the much-needed pace after a rather dull fifth episode. 'Ahsoka' Episode 6 Review/Recap: Who Does Sabine Meet On The Planet Of Peridea?