‘Ahsoka’ Episode 5 Review/Recap: Where Are Ahsoka And Huyang Headed?

Disney released the latest episode of Ahsoka today, and it continues the guest appearance from Hayden Christensen, reprising his role as the infamous Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader. In the previous episode, Baylan Skoll and Morgan Elsbeth left for Admiral Thrawn’s location with Ahsoka’s trainee Sabine with them, as Ahsoka fell off the cliff after a fight with Baylan. She’d found herself in the World Between Worlds and was greeted by her former master, Anakin.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Hera Start Looking For Ahsoka?

The fifth episode witnesses Hera and her son Jacen descend from her ship, the Ghost, onto the raised island where the previous week’s fighting took place. As the mother-son duo looked around, Hera was alerted to someone’s presence but was quickly reassured to learn it was just Huyang mourning the apparent deaths of Ahsoka and her Padawan, Sabine. As Hera and Carson Teva start looking for the women on the island, Jacen stands near the edge of the island and calls his mother to tell her about the whispers he’s hearing from the ocean. Initially refuting the kid’s comments, when Hera does listen intently, she can indeed hear the sound of lightsabers coming from the sea. She quickly instructs Teva to take their ships and start scanning the sea for any sign of Ahsoka or Sabine.


What Does Ahsoka Experience?

Ahsoka opens her eyes and finds herself in the World Between Worlds. As soon as she wakes up, she is greeted as Snip, the name her master used to call her, and sure enough, she finds Anakin Darth Vader Skywalker standing right in-front of her. Anakin challenges her to a duel because her training is apparently not complete, and he manages to goad her into fighting him with the simple reminder that she lost a battle. The master and the padawan battle with their lightsabres until Anakin slashes the ground beneath him, and Ahsoka falls into a memory of her past. She’s now the child she was during the animated series “Clone Wars,” and she witnesses so much death and destruction around her. With dying and critically injured Stormtroopers and Mandalorians all around her, Ahsoka is disillusioned with war and the purpose of all that the two sides in the galaxy fight about. The Siege of Mandalore plays out in front of her, and she starts wondering if their lives matter more than just being tools for fighting and winning wars. She watches the back of Anakin as he charges into the fight, with her master’s shape morphing into that of Vader. As the fight continues, Ahsoka requests to be done with all this chaos, and her master attacks her, his eyes now reddish from the Sith power.

How Is Ahsoka Rescued?

What follows isn’t a friendly duel between a master and his padawan but between two opposing sides, as the Sith Vader charges blindly at the Jedi Ahsoka. However, the student of Anakin doesn’t lose her mind in this situation and manages to place her lightsaber inches away from her master’s throat as Vader’s glowing eyes slowly recede into the blue of Anakin. The Padawan says it’s her choice to continue living and not accept the fact that she died in the battle against Baylan Skoll in the previous episode. This brings her journey in the World Between Worlds to an end, and she’s pushed out, which causes her limp body to descend into the dark waters around her.


Thankfully, Jacen had alerted his mother to look closer to the surface of the water, and Hera spots the presence of life just as Ahsoka is thrown out of the world in between. Ahsoka’s body is fished out by a crew member of Hera, and she spends one rotation recuperating from the impact. When she wakes up, she heads outside to find Hera trying to make sense of the map that Baylan had severed before leaving for Admiral Thrawn’s location. Taking it in her hand, Ahsoka can sense the memories the map holds and understand that Sabine had gone with Baylan and Shin willingly because, in her mind, reuniting with and retrieving Ezra Bridger mattered more than anything else. However, with the only direction guide sliced in half, there was no way to chart the path that Morgan Elsbeth’s Eye of Scion had taken. So how would Ahsoka rescue her Padawan?

Where Are Ahsoka And Huyang Headed?

Meanwhile, the New Republic Senate demanded that Hera return along with Carson and all the other pilots she’d taken to rescue Ahsoka because it was an unauthorized mission. However, Carson was able to come up with a story that kept the Republic occupied for a bit as Ahsoka looked for a way to go after Sabine. All she had to do was look up, and she spotted the massive space whales, aka purrgills, floating through the sky. In an unconventional plan, Ahsoka and the others flew to the sky and started going in the opposite direction of the purrgills until they came across a rather massive example of their species. Ahsoka stood on the wing of her ship and used the force to make the purrgill open its mouth so that Ahsoka’s ship could safely nest inside as the whales warped into hyperspace. The Purrgills were especially adapted creatures with the ability to jump into hyperspace, which is why Ahsoka chose one of these unique creatures. Even though the destination of the whales was unknown, at least they’d be going somewhere instead of being stranded in the forests of Seatos. With Hera and Carson wishing them luck, Ahsoka and Huyang hitched a ride inside the mouth of a purrgill into an unknown location, to be revealed in the next episode.


How Does The Episode End?

The fifth episode of Ahsoka features a live-action adaptation of the Clone Wars, where Ahsoka first became a relevant character in the Star Wars franchise. Here, we see the doubts and questions that clouded young Ahsoka’s mind as she witnessed the war, as well as how she managed to calm her rage and anger when faced with her former master, now a Sith Lord. Not only does Ahsoka climb out of the World Between Worlds, but she also leaves with the blessings of Anakin Skywalker, who trusts that his Padawan is ready to move on to the next phase of her journey. The duel she had with her master trained her to be a better fighter for the next time she faced Baylan or Shin, as well as cleared her mind as to what she wanted. Ahsoka clarified that she wishes to keep living because there are a lot of things she’s yet to achieve, with rescuing Sabine being the primary of her objectives.

Secondly, Ahsoka is now ready to move ahead in her goal to rescue Sabine, and she chooses an unorthodox way to jump into hyperspace using a floating space whale. Although her plan seems haphazard, there’s a certainty that she’ll land closer to Thrawn’s location than she was at Seatos. The question on everyone’s mind for the next episode will be what becomes of Sabine once Morgan and Baylan reach Thrawn and whether they decide they no longer require her. However, Baylan has been shown to be different than the usual power-hungry Sith Lords, so there’s a chance he might not immediately try offending her. He’d had the chance to do so in Seatos itself, but he decided against it, so the audience will be curious to find out how the situation develops between the Siths and Ahsoka’s Padawan, Sabine.


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Disney released the latest episode of Ahsoka today, and it continues the guest appearance from Hayden Christensen,  reprising his role as the infamous Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader. 'Ahsoka' Episode 5 Review/Recap: Where Are Ahsoka And Huyang Headed?